Home Away from Home

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1. The above “search term” is one thing.

2. Insanity, if it exists in a person, affects all aspects of the person’s life.  No other topic is possible.  You can’t get them for being off-topic.

3. Insane people as opinion-makers are the ones whose opinions contain a lie.

4.  “Normal”, and especially, “normality”, cannot be some sort of canonical noun.  You can’t canonize it.  It is only an adjective.  You can’t start with a “way of life”, say it’s normal, and go from there.  You can have normal driving, which means driving on dry roads in the sunshine.  “Wet-weather driving” is abnormal.


5.  “Abnormal” reminded me of where the lab assistant from Young Frankenstein gets the brain; he thought it was normal, but named “Abbie Normal”, but, it’s abnormaL

6.  I got Marty Feldman for that*, I got John Malkovich, hang tight.  I got a guy who sounds like John  Malkovich, named Peter Sarsgaard, and I got Kiefer Sutherland, who also sounds this way, IMHO.  Since I have four images, they are best put in at once; that’s a ‘gallery’.  I can’t put them in where I am talking about them, which is a better teaching tool.

7.  I have a home away from home, but if you are familiar with the term, you will agree that you do not pay for that.  I have to pay for it, I will have two homes for six months, not one home for a year, and, I am not there.  I am just titling from my stored titles.  Stored in my head.  So I can keep thinking.  Thinking driven by caffeine.  While my wife is out.  Walking my son to the bus stop.  I didn’t get to say goodbye. a) Couldn’t risk it.  b)I hate goodbyes.

*8.  Asterisk is on the 8 key, so, I saved it.  “For that” is a kind of revenge statement.  I had a pure aspect, but “that” introduces drama, and there is no legitimate way to do that.  The author must remain blameless.  The world is abnormal today due to a shooting of eight by a 39-year old gunman in Virginia.

9.  Other topics which scatter and gather back together do include logic, truth, economy, but if the set goes through ESP, forget about making sense.

10.  Not talking about making speed, too, forget about making sense.  I think what Uncle Fester may need to hear is “High-Dilution Conditions”, if there is some procedure in which something doesn’t dissolve, there’s a way.  It goes with, “Continuous Product Removal”, in my mind.  Maybe I learned about them at the same time.  Another one in the same vein springs to mind, “Phase-Transfer Catalysis.”  I believe that is going to be within “Heterogeneous Catalysis”, so, by now, I am talking about things that, just to observe them once is an accomplishment.  The guys want to make ephedrine/pseudoephedrine as a mix out of phenylalanine and react it.

11.  Don’t you think that whoever you are talking to is just about as insane as you are?


12 not even.  I’m not wearing glasses.  I am leaning back in the chair like if I was watching strippers in Durham, NC.  I am at the “Y”, interspersing with a workout on Nautilus eqpt.  A punishing workout, it pinches my shoulder nerve on the one next to the tricep extend.

12.  This would be how, and I know, talking to, I know (it won’t italicize (problematic); it just won’t),…is, …the same in ESP.  So, “dead” and “alive” don’t mean the opposite thing.

13.  As a death-warranted individual, any day (like this), in which the likelihood that the last one killed was one of y’all, and not one of us, has a separate character.

14.  “Don’t drive like crazy in this rain”.  Well, that’s the radio.  It should have been playing workout music.  One of my allies may pick up what I am saying, but, they do the explosives.  The radio or any other job is fear-based, but, that’s not paranoia.  “Like crazy” needs the modifier, because, it ain’t crazy.  the world ain’t “crazy” and also big.

15.  “Hatred” is a pre-requisite for committing murder, but, this hatred is often the result of the dissonance between what you are told, and the truth, with respect to that particular source.

16. The sum of drug-related social conglomerates with respect to others with human rights making civil rights moot is moot.  Drugs are not only a medical problem, they are a problem of the actual brain, in which insanity or drug-induced insanity requires a delicate time-dependent analysis with mass murder a theoretical underpinning.  Was I nice enough not to keep it under wraps?  Is methamphetamine stronger than alcohol?  Can we legalize drugs?  Well, ponder these questions and perhaps make spam  legal and then make crack illegal again.  Just to see who makes money off this insanity now.  Hurry or else we will be doing robotic dementia surgery to cure drug addiction.  It’ll be covered by most insurance, if that is a good thing.

Let’s see if “talk” can apply to the voices in my head:


Web definitions for talk

exchange thoughts; talk with; “We often talk business”; “Actions talk louder than words”
wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn – Definition in context

Search Results

  1. talkdefinition of talk by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus

    To articulate (words): The baby is talking sentences now. 2. To give expression to in words: talk treason. 3. To speak of or discuss (something): talk music
  2. 17.  Still alive.  Not stuck on bold.  I better make it short and sweet.  I don’t know this computer.  I am not one of you.  You are my computer wizard, I am telling you.  Patents are not the to-die-for repository.  Stanford or Berkeley are.  I want the leading reference to selective hydride reducing agents and access to ScienceDirect, top get Science Citation Index.  Then, I want J Pharm sci 56, 1979, and a look at the deprotection of the phenylalanine thing.  Oh, and whatever the hell alkabori means. akabori.  I can’t spell.  Nobody can.
  3. 18.

articulatedefinition of articulate by the Free Online

ar·tic·u·late (är-t k y -l t). adj. 1. Endowed with the power of speech. 2. Composed of distinct, meaningful syllables or words, as human speech.
Yeah, I have two times the power of speech, not two languages, mind you, lower in the brain stem than that.  I need a new one of those with only one, doc.
1044 (10-4 for schizophrenics)

What did you get at Wal-Mart?
I got a seven-bar value pack for three bucks. Except, when I am shopping, it comes out, “I gotta sebm-bar val-yew paik f’three-buck.”

I got a coarse grade of bar soap marked $2.96.
It was Irish Spring. I couldn’t hang.
I got a $4.88 big package with a dollar-off sticker, but then, I navigated my cart back over there (Aisle 24), because something in my head slipped a cog—I couldn’t feel it—at the price. We were in the 3-dollar range, I knew that. I turned around. I ended up with Ivory, of course, at $1.07. You’d be glad to get that in jail.

One song with dialect is, Walking in L.A.. I try to discount it and I always fail. That dialect is done way back in the throat. “‘Cause he’s” kills; it is, “cuzzes.” It could even go like, “culz-zes”. I do a thousand down to, “thalsand”, leaving my mouth wide open. A towel is just a, “tal”. Look at all the extra space we’d have.

Your Unbelievable
INXS (In excess; add one reagent in excess and the other will be the limiting reagent)

You burden me with your questions
You’d have me tell no lies
You’re always asking what it’s all about
But don’t listen to my replies
You say to me I don’t talk enough
But when I do I’m a fool
These times I’ve spent, I’ve realized
I’m going to shoot through
And leave you

The things, you say
Your purple prose just gives you away
The things, you say
You’re unbelievable

I had mentioned a computer guy, but, it is just that if automated P2P files could be given to you from this website, I could start uploading music that wasn’t trash. I don’t care.

Wal-Mart says, “For our valued customers, because we care”, on a motorized shopping cart cum golf cart. You never really are sure whether they care, though, are you? It’s a risk. Should be:

For Our Valued Readers
Because I Could Care

19. That kid is “driving” me crazy. No. Your decrepit appearance and low-rent lifestyle is why your kid is crazy. They get it from you, not you from them. Similar: Amphetamine-“fueled”, computer “driven”. Insanity isn’t powered. You have it or you don’t.



It’s been nine years since I published Parasite Rex, but it just got a very cool honor. Amazon has named it one of their highest-rated science books. The criteria are a little squirrely, but I won’t turn it down.

January 22, 2009 1:41 PM.

It’s 2:59 PM now, January 20, 2010.  This book I can use because I was in Wal-Mart taking careful note of how crazy I was, whether I was going crazier (porque why?  Misery, amigos.).  Prepare to strike that and here comes the correct number: 1600 Scientific St.  wtf?  I have to watch the cursor on this one.  I’m at my third computer today.  “I lied”?  or “Don’t go crazy”?  The translation, like, put some information down but don’t overdo it; leave room, these stations are close together.

20.  Sooo, in ESP, I hesitate to do certain things like limit what is driving that, but, with parasitic behavior, you do not have to say something thinks.  Parasites leave you alive to infect others, when they could just as easily kill you.  They are using a survival strategy and do not even have brains to do so.  As a potential victim, something came after my mind to make me expand my search zone until I ran into the little girl with a cold.  I had to get bungee cords.  It is not related to the bungee cords.  It’s related to the crossroads there, where the n strategies intersect.


“This isn’t sane.  It’s insane.”


Yeah, even without a job, and, especially for someone of limited means, the risk of being brutalized in one form or another on account of your situation is significant.  There’s the onus on the instigator or the aggressor, but no one is keeping track.

21.  Without a job to keep one busy, you do not want to be constantly seeking out drugs with your time.

But that doesn’t have anything to do with insanity, except that you cannot defend the impetus to use.  You don’t have the basic necessities of life.

If I get bitched out, my cooperation ends there.  Without a good job to offer, the rich/poor relationship, or the male/female relationship, must be akin to leaving, not to the point of violence.  We need to set an upper limit for mass murders.  It is not a million incidents per year just because a million workers are outcast.  If the economy continues to look bleaker and bleaker, the term, “mass murder” will be relegated to a bygone era.


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