The False Picture

“That computer has to be disconnected. I want that computer out. That way you don’t, …just, …”

the false picture is one of preservation. The actual picture is of devastation.


I am not saying this based upon a notion that we must, “be prepared”; no. That would be (a). Is (a) about you? It is not. Oh, I suppose that it could be. You could be twenty yet.

This is about you. Your picture of yourself probably does not account for changes which have taken place in either you or your chances.

Also, this post must be read with the major news event of Haiti’s earthquake in mind; this was devastating. Well, not to the Klan.

To capitalize upon the mistakes or misfortune of others is the nature of capitalism the economic system. Thus, capitalists we see at such a time; I see Clinton, Bill, inform us that we do not stand a chance of matching that level of preservation of all that was dear to Bill. He doesn’t say that, but his appearance is likely to defraud us into thinking that we are like him, and, he is doing pretty good.

The fate of the inhabitants of the mainland USA is going to make that of those who live in Port-au-Prince seem better. They have independence from colonialism any way. It is a city. Once you take away all the people from cities, you are left with the population that the earth can support. That’s what is shaping up to happen, so, events such as Haiti cannot come soon enough for those who capitalize on not dealing with socioeconomic headwinds.


How’s Sek?

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