A Tisket A Tasket

A tisket, a tasket
A green and yellow basket,
I wrote a letter to my love,
And on the way I dropped it,
I dropped it,
I dropped it,
And on the way I dropped it


The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics

I have not been missing anything, like, the earthquake in  Haiti.  I like to go back in my notes after such an event and see what I actually said prior to it, since in the light of it, everything is affected and you can no longer say anything as if you did not know.






On “green and yellow”, I usually think of Jupiter.  I know, there is a lot of salmon in it.


It is one hundred million miles to Earth, and five hundred million to Jupiter.


I sat here for more than a few minutes with a couple of 33s to it (isn’t there a 33 above this?  And, another one in the seconds.  Okay, I’ll continue anyway), which are good, because I am curious and so may extend over into paranoia, manifested as a fastidious interest in numbers.  And, I pondered as follows: “Why an earthquake in Haiti, of all places?”  What could I have had to do with that?  Well, not all my posting is here online, or, but, well, that’s wrong.  Not all of it is here in this blog.  Sometimes, I just rip someone a new one, because of their comment.  They can be standing about my height and I will clock them.  I did this with respect to drug smuggling.  Now, I like the idea of tons of methamphetamine being produced in Mexico.  I guess I get off on anything that would cause so much consternation.  So, I get tired of people in my country not waking up to the other border.  That one is with Canada.  The main source country of heroin is Afghanistan IMO.  We have destabilized it, and eight CIA were just offed over there.  I happen to believe that it is possible for CIA to fund secret operations by shaking down dealers.  Then, as a sophisticated operation, you line up an entry point to the USA however looks good to you.  Capitalists do not get into markets which are hot.  They get in before that.  I calculated that Montreal was full of frogs, Marseilles was full of frogs, and frogs deal heroin.  Presto!  Haiti’s full of frogs.


quatre cent deux


It is inexplicable why.  I am merely reporting what it says.  I’m not going back.  It said deux.  Now it is trois?


Aw, now I really stepped in it. You see, in 1994, it really bothered me when Kurt Cobain was rushed to the hospital on an overdose; that was on the news. It was because I was a user. I would have been using heavily at that time. Soon, he committed suicide. You feel bad because your cohorts are dropping like flies. What you are doing is bad. I am not like Cobain. Kurt Cobain is not like anybody. His name almost says, “cocaine”.

Today, I would find the song on a playlist, but, I will not tolerate a commercial, so, it is possible I switched from Jack FM when I heard, All Apologies. This is the earthquake time. He has the phrase, “opposy from shame”, and, I know, that is not a word, but, if “being in opposition to everything”, could be a nihilistic life style mood, it would be real. In the song, he makes it, “aqua seafoam shame”, but, in there he also writes, “what else could I write?”, and, I agree. You can’t write that. I thought it was, “ashes of a renegade”, but, it’s “ashes of her enemy”. However, Cobain works lyrics on sound, not as poetry. Therefore, whatever I say it is can still be valid, in the Triumverate in which there is an old you, a young you, and the Supreme Court, so you are too wise to goof up. Now I have hit on these colors again, and once you start on colors and theories about the mind, you can never draw any intelligent sounding conclusions.


six hundred ninety


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