The title here is an attempt to trick.  Anything like this, where a normal use of a word will bypass these sorts of non-words, I need to have written.  Similarly, mathematical calculations are also frequently written before being discussed, to prove what they are.

It is not actually an attempt “to trick (you)”, as such.  It is written once on paper to examine, and one more time here.  Things like cars can be built trick, and then run, but they diverge from jokes and riddles.  Jokes, riddles and tricks form a triple in literature.

Literature and furniture, to me, initiate a sequence of words which sound to me like “at your”, for, “at your convenience”.  “Fire at will”, and “By your leave”, carry the cadence of these words.  They impose a mood of military discipline.  Military discipline is exemplified by, “I like the cut of your jib.”

I could change the title now to, Don’t make Fun of Furn.  I am not.  I am adding a tag of, “cliche on the inside”.  It is not being used as the title; it’s not found as the last line, it’s just, you know, in here somewhere.

Paragraph #3 bifurcates to the military style of methamphetamine usage which may mirror the paramilitary operations of the police.  Works are called “artillery”, and works are just the set of which some detritus is the syringe itself.

This trick is going to spring from ‘intractable’; I just pick it now, quoting

9 o’clock the next day
And I’m ready to go
I got six hundred miles to ride
To do one more show, oh no
Can I get you a taxi home
It sure was grand
When I come back here next year
I wanna see you again

What was your name, little girl?
What’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl?
Well there ain’t no shame
What was your name, little girl?
What’s your name?
Shootin’ you straight, little girl?
Won’t you do the same?


I wish to leave that here.  I almost blew it out the stack.  Now quoting for ‘intractable’,

1. not easily controlled or directed; not docile or manageable; stubborn; obstinate: an intractable disposition. 2. (of things) hard to shape or work with.

we have thus a proper usage of ‘in’, the prefix negating the root, which is a bit nancy. It is the one used to make ‘inflammable’ out of ‘flammable’. They mean the same thing so it’s gay. “Independability” could be made from just “Independent”. It is still not good, for nothing nonstandard can be good. If not prescribed, but used, it can never be put to use by good people to accomplish good. The use of something to create insanity or chaos is never good. It happens, and this usage by whatever entity often escalates conflict to a fatal level. That’s why the deaths of human beings sometimes tap out a warning like Morse code.

Hmm. My sister-in-law just calls, for my wife. I am changing the track here rapidly.

This will have to wait. My dentist just calls for me. I forgot my appointment.

I will have to wrap this up. My point is that the even keel approach to mental health may get upset if it is only human nature to blame others for initiating situations we are not equipped to handle. The alternate view is that an entire set of regular duties performed by all is a reasonable expectation, secured by the pronouncement (by a nigger, Mike Muckleroy, who is also a fag (I find male porn in his room)), “I flow with the rattlesnake.” If he said that, why, Blain Pulatto would also, by the same token say, “Slippin’ into darkness:” now, that is a song, but does not constitute proof.

The song I do quote has that last line about doing the same. The whole apparatus causing me to turn on the radio at that particular time, when not only that song but that exact line played, means to me that in human nature, it is considered within the bounds of proper behavior to do what comes naturally. As a disinterested third party, I can easily see myself in the place of the actor.

“If I had not had a divorce going, I would not be out here on the street backing my car off the curb in this neighborhood. It is bad for my suspension and this is all her fault.”

Hey hey hey hey, or, shorthand, 8888. People are getting killed and tragically killing others, which may or may not bother them. We generally fry them in the electric chair to make sure they get the point.


We have CPT symmetry as inviolable, but that dates from approx. SS-433 (astron.); we may have more grounding in one or the other side discrete/field dispute (current), of that, …

I just notice how to restore the blogging: title, post a line, publish, then edit. In the edit screen, it’s the same as it was when I liked it, all crisp. Ten foot and glassy, nobody out.

But, ESP still violates CPT; it must, or the physicists would not be so dead set against it. If we could have had CP cemetery do its thing, we would have, but a woman discovers nonconservation of parity.

The observer/observed fulfilling a dual role makes ESP impossible to prove. The time-reversibility violation occurs since, in a first-order approximation, this is not Frankenstein. That’s a joke. He comes into a restaurant and eats the waitresses. IRL, the signposts for the emergent property ESP are not the same as for the ennervated gravity/inertia sense living things possess.

In ESP, you can move by another way besides getting going in one of the three dimensions to build up speed over there while we here are stuck with our head in a bucket, apropos relativity. In this way, if you can tell the beginning from the end, time wise, we will let you take the middle. Seeing that, then the end/beginning, then the beginning/end, can you orient those in your memory and exceed randomness?

John von Newman first uses a random number generator, and he lets it be pseudorandom, keeping in mind that all he needs it to do is explode the atomic bomb.

Next time you toast Hiroshima, John, do it with champagne.


I have yet to crack The nature of Physical law, or, that book on time. The only dual survivor of Hiroshima/Nagasaki just dies at 92. 92 is getting to be a touchstone. there were 92 taken to the hospital in Kingston, Jamaica on a plank rash.

I need to paint the names I do not want Googled by using the kidnapper’s ransom-note method.

Richard Widmark dies at 92. That was a message to me.

It’s as a long time. It’s a long time. It’s as long a time as _____.
It’s the metal atomic number of U.

1945 was a hell of a year.


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