The Tay Swings Wide

Just—well, …


The economy has crashed, but, this computer just crashed, too.  You can’t leave a .gif file sitting there in a minimized browser window and upload the same file I guess, or whatever, but, it works now.  Computers do not melt down so readily, you know.  I also, come to think about it, go ahead and ease on in to the post, just in case it fails.  I was up to, “Look.”  So, what you see above is completely reconstructed out of the sole source of merely my own memory, ruined as that is by the drugs.  I don’t know how I keep pushing the .gif down; I want to kind of comment alongside.

It’s a bad one, is it not?  There are 38 pages of these on http://www.JJAM.  This is on pg. 19.  It doesn’t say, “kid” anything in the title.  I thought it was going to be all right.  Just some juggling, like a magic show.  My kid broke a piece of his magic set he got for Christmas.  He likes to build bridges out of the furniture.  He came down on it.  All it was was a plastic square tube, not even a box.  I like this size kid.  An older kid was in the movie I was watching, Fearless, with Jeff Bridges.  “Jeff Bridges lip scar” was one of the 38 tabs I just now lose.  I can’t write all the time, and, I have a generalization in my head about the size of a blog post, so, I am going to put the comments for this little moving picture.  I often forget the part of the methamphetamine and any other story which contains the punchline, but not this time.  All I can mention in this whole post is that we lose some information in the writing, some more in the reading, so, without ESP my style will always come across as some mere rant.  But, I made dope without me, so, so can you.  You’ll be able to make it fine.  Don’t expect to get clean away, though, and you will be all right.  Say to the pigs that, according to them, they were not able to prevent the tragedy of you cooking, and let it go at that.  I am going to go now, after I comment on my title.  I have a life.  I must cut-and-paste these comments.  They are a riot.  You can have the cameraderie of your fellow viewers.  But, keep in mind: Either I put the vid first, or I put it last.  If I put it last, I lose the whole post (maybe).  So, there it sits, in front of you while you’re trying to read.  Better you than me.  My glasses are half-frames.

The title is visible in the earliest book ever printed, by William Caxton, 1474, England.  The word, “Boze” is in the first line.  None of their words are currently in use.  The “tay” is the “tail”, such that, a bull strikes you when you appear to escape its charge.  You have to be high to see it.  I looked at it, let it get blurry, let some words crystallize out of the blur, and remembered those words.  Some people read Middle English.  The Beatles sing English in songs which are purported to be German-language versions (antler).  The Dickies do that also.  Stuck in a Pagoda with Tritia Toyota.  Take it away, Other People.


Becoming a vegetable in a bowling alley ‘O_O’

Posted by Joem (guest) on Sat Nov 29 10:19:20 2008

Three things that are going through my mind right now..

1. Is this real?

2. Sauceplz.

3. Fuckin’ OW.

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 10:47:45 2008


fuckin’ kid throws a gutter ball even with the bumper rails.

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 10:55:01 2008

Hey man! Nice shot!

Posted by ANDROLOMA (guest) on Sat Nov 29 11:48:56 2008

I hope this is fake. That looks like a kid.

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 12:12:12 2008

Good Lord

Thats the most awful thing ive seen in a while. She looks like she just got knocked out, hope she was ok. Always sucks to see things happen to kids..

Posted by Einen (guest) on Sat Nov 29 12:54:45 2008

wow that’s really coOH MY GOD THAT POOR KID!

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 15:45:35 2008

xDDD Lawl it really did throw a gutter with teh bumpers out! That ball just saved that kid a whole lotta rejection from sports teams!

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 16:25:19 2008


i found the fuckin sauce she isnt dead

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 17:50:29 2008

POWNED SO FUCKING POWNED. What the fuck was this kid doing running near some retard juggling bowling balls. If his parents are to stupid to stop him I guess he deserves to die cuz that stupidity should not be allowed to reproduce.

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 17:55:00 2008

After seeing this I went looking and found a vid showing the kid moving around after it,

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 20:30:06 2008

For one thing this is super old. For another thing its fake. I remember it was debunked some years ago. It was a sketch made to look real from some site.

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 20:55:01 2008

Some guy is getting mega sued! And maybe shot. I would KO the guy if he bowling balled my kid in the head.

Posted by Guest on Sat Nov 29 21:14:53 2008

I have seen a lot of fucked up shit on this site. But, this one disturbs me the most. I really hope that kid is alright.

Posted by Guest on Sun Nov 30 00:16:04 2008

My favourite bit

is when he realises what he’s done and he tries to get away and stumbles. Yeah, you’re fucked pal, accident or not, you are fucked.

Posted by Guest on Sun Nov 30 02:00:28 2008

thats how they roll in russia

Posted by Guest on Sun Nov 30 03:25:31 2008

Oh my god…

i lulz so epic hard…..I could not breath for like 3 minutes

Posted by King Of All Blacks (guest) on Sun Nov 30 18:34:31 2008

lol @ all the butthurt cryfags commenting

Posted by Guest on Sun Nov 30 23:32:18 2008


They should have shown this guy getting his fuckin ass beat down.

Posted by Guest on Tue Dec 2 05:37:49 2008

BAAWWW, its the kids own fucking fault for not noticing some jackass juggling bowling balls. Why the fuck would you go near him. One less retarded child to worry about now.

Posted by Guest on Tue Dec 2 21:04:54 2008

“They should have shown this guy getting his fuckin ass beat down.”

I know! Stupid kid ruined a perfectly good juggling routine.

Posted by Guest on Wed Dec 3 02:14:19 2008

that’s a gutterball and her feet went over the line.

Posted by Guest on Wed Dec 10 05:52:13 2008

thats a gutter ball

i lol’d at that comment

Posted by the kid man bandit banjo manker (guest) on Wed Dec 10 21:37:44 2008


Kids need to learn what pain is at a Younger age. it gives them more of a chance at Matureing more. even if it causes death.

Posted by Black Friday (guest) on Sat Dec 20 05:32:41 2008


i really hope this isn’t real. after staring at the video because i cant believe it. it looks like it doesnt cut out. that poor kid was trying to bowl and the idot kills him! wtf! i hope that guy get shanked in prison

Posted by jamie (guest) on Thu Oct 22 17:11:13 2009

the bowling ball bounces pretty high, i hope that means this is fake. I know bowling balls can bounce but after hitting the kid to slow down it doesn’t seem right that it bounces so high

Posted by Guest on Thu Nov 26 18:47:49 2009



First book ever printed.  kind of like, “boze’; just for my own personal use in recollecting. Fourth line, last word.  Easier and less frustrating.  I do not have to bcom mad as  a March hare.  It looks like the one; checks out.  Dude is older than Leonardo Da Vinci.  Here’s what he says.  I could say the same to my critics, such.

In challenging the wisdom of his critics, Caxton announced: “If tis wrong I do, then tis a fine and noble wrong”.[citation needed]



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