Quantum Physics Exams and Solutions

So you can read it, think about how to do it, see how its done, look at the problem again, come up with how to start writing the solution because you just saw it, get done with one, see if you know how to do it if they change one thing, and so on.  I did not have these before, but I kept my ears open and some news story carried how M.I.T. is going to put coursework online, called an “open university”.  So here is this amount.

I could have also returned to an earlier post of mine like an angel from God with all the answers, but that makes my ESP experiments hinky.  People might not believe you, but, if your proof is beyond your own ability to recover, like, how do you reconstruct everything?  I mean, if you open a post back up and keep adding material, it stops looking neat like a post from a guy.  It looks a little spongy, with extra asterisked plangettes to qualify what went on, not “I wrote this down before.  The disaster happens after.”  It looks like a committee wrote it, and there are no psychic committees.  I might do it anyway.  I can have my own style.  I just need to establish the consequences.  I don’t like Mondays, and, I don’t like liquids, ever since I spill a bottle of shampoo on a stack of comic books.  It always happens.  I move and the little bottles of liquids go everywhere.  Soap.  Drat!  I can even fart and the great surround knows about it.  EHG says “egg”, doesn’t it?  And, doesn’t an egg transmit the message of a fart?  You can’t see that?  No?  Okay, okay.  I am going back to get a demon so rough that his skin will remind you of an avocado.

Oh, where was I?  I was going deep.  I need a moment to pile some notes out of Steve Irwin in here.  Let’s see, I said Monday.  Does he die on a Monday?  Man, way over in Australia.  I don’t know if it works.  Me and Steve shared a love of crocodillians.

  • Don’t worry, they usually don’t swim backwards.
    • Who: Steve Irwin A.K.A The Crocodile Hunter
    • Context: Said when he was examining a Stingray in the Great Barrier Reef. It did, however, swim backwards and the tail pierced his chest. He died of bloodloss later.
    • Hey, look.  I can continue the bullets!
    • Uh oh.  Now what do I say?
    • These bullets are habit-forming.
    • Machine intelligence courtesy of the Manhattan Project.
    • That’s rough. 09/04/2006. “That day happens to be a Monday”, but, that is just the website. I don’t think it calculated Australia in there. Don’t just take it on faith. I happened to select Monday because I always say Mondays when I say “I don’t like.” It is what you don’t like, okay? Listen to the song. Whenever I get around to adding audio, I am going to do a couple tunes from The Departed, but, I don’t hunger for that term. I use, depatoo, the Japanese word for Department. “Street Department” I can see as “Street Invasion”. No, okay, “Street Division”, just because I don’t see so good (with my eyes closed).Popsicle.


      I like my initials. They say to me, “Stop!” Nah. Why?


      Ah, I see my social security number coming out. Stop now? Oh, I see why. I C Y. I’ll keep it brief. This is how you do last words: Open your mouth, okay, speak.

      O . N . T . E . Y . U . O . N . T
      W . O . R . S . U . A . S . W . I
      R . Y . T . L . L . Y . M . B . A

      k . w . D . a . r . H . d . s . D
      O . N . T . E . Y . U . O . N . T
      W . O . R . S . U . A . S . W . I
      R . Y . T . L . L . Y . M . B . A


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