People Blown Up in Iraq

I go, “Boom.  Seven more CIA bite the dust, but four DEA bit the dust also, last time I hear.”  It was me by then; I am on “Rush rushed to hospital”; then it takes me to “heroin-soaked”  Afghanistan.  I am really onto “life after the oil crash.”  I want to know what to do next, after unemployment.

A new one, and, they are going to put the prettiest one of the eight, gives me deja vu.  See if it gives you deja vu.

So, you get that.  Do you also get how, on the internet, someone else’s poor attribution cannot be cleared up?  So, we get this 21-year old.  My daughter’s 21.  But, she has an interview with Sasha.  Anyway, she’s not a chemist, but he is.  That’s on her MySpace page, but, to trace it, all I have to do is post.  I can’t message.  I will click once, after that it’s a scam.  I’m not signing up to MySpace in order to message someone.  I don’t know whether she conducted the interview.  She’s a Raver.  She is from Texas, and it mentions Texas, so, it seems like she did.  But, mainly, history didn’t start within the past twenty-one years.  You don’t get to loop around to saying how the world works as you see it, as if the history of what you call “ecstasy” goes back to anything you people lived through or laws you break.  That’s to compare a dozen CIA/DEA killed with your losses of a couple million wasted youth as we speak.  They’re winning, kickstand.

But, my main ESP realization is that if I have to have priority to predict, how come things before my birth are still colored by my existence?  I get a feeling when I am experiencing something informative with something under the surface, times a kazillion.

My earliest ESP is from 1966; I don’t know if Kimberley Dozier’s birth was involved, but Kimberley I and this 21-year old, call her Kimberly II, they are the unseen bank, and the dead bank is the Dozier part.  No.  I am just working them both being, for a slight spelling, named Kimberley Dozier.  Not the two up there.  How are you going to have red hair the same and them both named the same?  Ain’t going to happen.  This is about lines in history forming under people.  KDI got blown up and did not die.  The new one, her double, did.  Why?  Well, as you go on in science, notice that a science of causing yourself to survive while others die is a little less kosher than the commonly-understood impersonal, and objective, scientific realm.

See, if I had, then, oh,  that’s had. Do I still have, and I can tell you I do not have to (do shit).  You’d daft too.

The Stranger (1946), is, I find out today, the film of the same name as my first short story.  My hero is Harry Mund.  He’s not in there.  The closest thing to nothing is aklways what I put into my assignments, and this one is just a “tall dark stranger”, which is what you see when you piss on a wall.  Put a hat on it and it’s a detective.


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