Supposing my friend Jeff gives me his birthday, what difference in the world is this going to make?  Well, there are larger cycles than lifetimes.  We should specify one: 500 years.  If it is a “cycle,” it looks to us like a circle.  Where are we in it?

Oedipus Rex

Where is zero?  Science is about finding out a few things due to the fact that people seem to make the same mistakes now that people always have.  They may not even look like they belong in the same class, these mistakes, but mistakes have happened.  If a bluebird flies into a radio tower, is that a mistake?  Well, if the cycles are made large (the chemicals (Cs atom) are the only clocks we know of), then the “mistakes” are superhuman (supernatural as accessible).  They won’t even look like what we can identify with.

Anyway, I said “we”.  Can I myself really take the brunt of dying?  Or, is it likely without study at the personal level that runaway forces will soon make the existing young adults rather stuck in an artificial world with ritualized rites (terrible English) of passage to something which can’t exist?

It’s important for me to find out if and why my world is the last world, and, it’d be important for everyone, the ingrates.  How did I arise?  And yes, know that and I know something about the Pharaohs.  I mean, how’d I come up, how do I go down, got money for a cigarette and the FBI, and yes you’ll suffer the world.

I don’t know the real world?  Au contraire.  I know things I don’t even know how i know ’em.  Who is a prisoner, and what famous celebrities died?  Do they matter?  No.  Who are these people?  I matter, and I dated this.  Piecel of rat-maze paper.  Violence doesn’t lead to war?  Atheism doesn’t lead to cruelty?  What leads to this?  What holds it open?


Well, first thing is that,…I see what this says (John 15:7 out of Joyce Major, or “mayor” as my wife says.  She was a victim of incest; p[art of Oedipus the King is incest, and patricide is the other part, but hey, oracles are not even questioned.  Greeks their maxim’s don’t call a dude fortunate until he’s dead.), “Gig” is chosen to add one more to my three-letter titles, and to gig is to stab with a trident.  You work it upon a frog.  But, one night two-three days ago it was really something reading license plates, and the last one before I got home said ‘gig’, but it was not a simple gig.  gig itself is 7-9-7, but the ability to reconstruct the license plate from the mnemonic might not be practical.  I know I see 3396, and that is immediately factorizable to 1123, but fLT 253 (terrizz), is 11 x 23, so it isn’t prime, but neither did it crash.  Their butts got clear.  Now what do you do with the math of how a number, composite, contains the factors in a row of the other number?  Well, it is apparantly contained in pseudorandom number generation by John Von Neuman (dead at 53), the middle squares or another one.  Anyhow, the letter translation of a number is not unique, so, on a set of ones that are, what can we say with that part of the alphabet?  The letter equivalent of a license plate can be more 7unique, since it can start with zero.  Zeroes in the middle I usually made Os, O.  Oh!  #15.  Fifteenth.  See, you don’t see something going 01020304, just 1234, so the choice of  ABCD is one species of stretch.  Now I am working on Kent R. Wilson.  Very difficult to ever work with people in life or death, since they have synergistic false historians and inverse swiftboating.  This professor at the very least was addicted to fist pussy.

My collaborator speaks of the purple helmet.


One Response to “Gig”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    I was surfing the ‘net to the extent that I can’t back up the path as to why I believe what I believe, and, now I am here. I ordinarily conjoin my mind with the internet, for example in order to think one thing, then immediately verify, “Well, that’s true.”

    What I’m doing here, in “Gig”, is out of hitting the “random post” function. I was busy thinking, but the formulation of my thoughts only went so far as to insist that I am a Stephen, and the influence of being Stephen causes all Stephens to be similar in that the example of the writing coming from one Stephen will be matched by something in the writings of all Stephens, or at least me wrt S. Colbert.

    Do I find anything in this post like Stephen Colbert would write? Yes, but the thoughts in this post are not edited into jokes. Of course, SC is called an IRL troll, so that trolling finds its epitome in him. Yet, I write a blog on how to make meth, so, if that isn’t trolling, what is? Still, is this my only blog? Yes, so it is not cherry-picked, it is me. But I went to the random post function, so, randomness always integrates into ESP. Humans are too large a whole object to have anything random to them.

    What in particular about this post seems like SC would write it? Well, I don’t have to go through it with a fine-tooth comb. Some examples of ESP are extremely on-the-fly. We have to ask that about the initial: Is Gig and ESP-slash-Colbert-slash-Stephen even word? Yeah, to be gigged is to be pulled up short due to the leash you are on as an employee. Every management employee can expect to be gigged right and left over things that come along with the job that they didn’t even really do. Colbert is an employee of some TV network. He’s not sayng anything, and, he believes the staus quo should continue. He protects society’s proclivities. He’s just a court jester. I’ll gig him good. Maybe I’ll go there and stab him. Nothing’s controversial with Assange on the map. He’s king. I am going to find a way to contribute five bucks to WikiLeaks.

    It is Dec. 28, 2010. This post is 363 days old, out of 365, that’s pretty good ESP. I don’t have to check whether my ESP works. Well, what someone believes and some other person believes or believed, if ESP exists, must be processed using the guidelines of a third element, the day it happens, the day of the characteristic, since people do change their beliefs du jour. Are you kidding, they’re chameleons.

    They are Kalikula? They are Caligula? Are they Caligula or are they Coleco, a primitive computer to be made into a joke.

    Point: Colbert calls Iowa gays corn packers, but no midwest humor is complete without meth these days. We need food addiction, drug addiction, shopping addiction, and a straight dick addiction is cutting into the time. Time? 9:18 am.

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