Virtual Reality

“Virtual Reality”, in my meaning is the imagining of doing something before you actually do it, so, sexual excitement is one of those things.

This post is here despite a lot of distractions. I have a toy in the room making a robot no (*) ise every few seconds, and a Spanish-language broadcast which, despite being in Spanish, contains the odd sound, that sounds like a word (“balls” “bitch”), plus the ubiquitous phrase, ‘Spiritu Santo’, which I hate, and, I know what means. (*)

This post is done to include a physicist among dead physicists whose deaths were somehow associated with them going to the other side in order to conduct experiments in metaphysics. Those would be Bohm and Everette. There is something very strange about these people in the particulars of their lives, as if these items have been tampered with in order to carry a message. (*) There is no way they can be tampered with, unless perhaps this entire world is sort of imaginary.

This one’s name is Dancoff.  He died when I was born.  Also, Pauli had previously been the subject of the book already.  My typographical errors are now more than neutral.  You do not want to go around doing what the voices say to do, or you kill somebody, right?

“The voices told me to kill.”

“But we do not have any recent killings attributed to you, Steve.”

“Oh.  Forget it, then.  You’ll let me go?”

“Ah, nah.  Nah, nah , nah.  Cain’t dew thet, son. (*).  We gotcha naow, yew son-of-a-bitch.”

Coastal—huh.  I can’t think of a sentence that starts with “coastal”.  One of two is the ESP is coming from a superior being which does not depend upon virtual reality.  It is an observer which occupies a certain place or places we cannot occupy ourselves, and, since we only occupy the merest hint of some place, it vastly outnumbers us.  In these places it sits, and, even if there was nothing there, these are just the places which must exist.  Two of two is to introduce the levels at which human observer(*)s may operate.  These are ESP observers.  I can’t think of any, but what if you think something, then get up and go across the room and think something?  We do not even do that.  I don’t think we believe it makes any difference.  What do we know?  Yeah.  I will read the last sentence when I am done, then , get up, no.  I will memorize it, then say it from memory, then get up and go ten feet away, and think it again.  No one will know.  It will be covert.


Wolfgang Pauli: Encyclopedia II – Wolfgang Pauli – Personality and reputationThe Pauli Effect was named after his bizarre ability to break experimental equipment simply by being in the vicinity. Pauli himself was aware of his reputation, and delighted whenever the Pauli Effect manifested. Regarding physics, Pauli was famously perfectionist. This extended not just to his own work, but also to the work of his colleagues. As a result, he became known within the physics community as the “conscience of physics”, the critic to whom his colleagues were accountable. He could be scathing in his dismissal of any theory he found lacking, often labelling it ganz falsch, utterly false. Famo .


That’s a little bit about him.  I know, he seems to be more important than Dancoff.  But, hey.  He wasn’t sent to the other side.  He sent guys.  Anyway, Pauli is the originator of the Pauli Exclusion Principle.  Trust me, it has something to do with the number two.  So, other workers with work out there involving the number two, must also be known about.  Those would be Kronecker and Heaviside, plus I guess, Dirac (“delta function”).

See, Pauli was not named Paul but, you would have a hard time because it would seem like somebody name of Paul was around.  When you turned around and scanned the room, they would all deny it, and you would get a reputation for being the only crazy one.  In practice, they were all under the umbrella of either crazy or stupid.  WP could still do things involving papers, such as create a filing system.  He wasn’t all thumbs, it’s just that nuclear physics equipment tends to magnify errors.  You should read about what happens at CERN, but Discover makes you buy the magazine.  Exxentially, the vacuum chamber was opened by an electric arc and covered with soot, and the helium leaked out.


I am appreciative that his heavy book fell off my dresser and missed my foot.


I add one.  Iglis.

Pauli seemed so psychic that he could communicate here during his life, not “from the other side”; he had well-known personality events.  It is extremely fatiguing to do psi work, I must say, so, the language suffers.  My brain parts I am on is the seat of short-term memory, and the midbrain on covert attention, unless these change (Kurzweil); they are current as of today’s subscriptions.

My own posts of Dec 14 (I just find out now that Pauli dies on that day), so, at the end of the first one, the words “258”, meaning, To SB’ or, “back to 1958”, when he dies, then the second post, at the end it is only 255 words, but it says “poly—” in the line just above; it also says, “whoa”.  that’s just scary, as if the spirit is trying to get me to sayPauli, and I am already saying ‘polyacetylene’.  I’m spent.  I feel electroweak.


The workers can’t mess around with the words.


I was born at 9:31.


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