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MC ESCHER _X_M_A_S_$_ Tue 13 August 2013 18:43:10

Tue 13 August
2013 18:43:10

Okay, I got past the title and the “Post Tags” with now some four posts with cliches. Those hurdles are capable of delaying me living my life. You know, the ordinary concept of getting out of bed. I am still in bed. I washed somebody else’s dishes. You have to do that according to the honesty level. At my age, I have accepted that the vocalizations of others bear little in the way of reality. The evidence of “the markets (I picked up the Wall Street Journal off the lawn, so I read that)”, will never convince anyone of what is happening. Graphs could be upside-down?
Hmm, so, and this will be a good time to speculate, while I have an example; the level of honesty, or anything taken as a message, be that as it may, but I am psychicaly sensitive and do not talk about others without feeling their replies. and, the good reply always sits within the brain case of the model. You can’t think, you can’t do until you think, and and you can’t be until you can parse out your identity as separate. phone
My spouse has a client with Alzheimer’s, so, her office is the one to take orders from. It is anyway. It is not my job so, to me, it is a sign of the times. My lawyer has it, but I did something, too. I thought a black pen was a t least like mine, if not mine and, if it was mine, the cap was gone. I took it away from her. But, I don’t know. People who know one disease or another, like schizophrenia, will key on simplistic signs “proving” it. If you really want to know, without all the diagrams, basically question my sanity and I’ll kill you.
Stuff happens, but I do not think that time bumps into time. Matter does that, so, spaces do that. As scientists, we turn our mental focus onto something in order to see, but enjoy having happenstance take over as to what events occur. The spaces and dimensions we are particularly good at. So, staying alive per cubic mile or cubic centimeter is easier than it becomes to use your ignorance for your own benefit. Should you neglect many frame set path dependent logic viable …you will saw off the limb you’re on.
Look at this statement and go from there:
“Put everything in at least one place.”
You can’t use choice for that. There’s no way to do anything but. If you act on that, that won’t work. what wil work will be something else. We are excluding the possibility of waste. To do that, just remember one policeman to another: “I’m going to waste this guy.”
“What “guy”? You mean that clowny-ass bastard over there? Fine, let me take cover. Let fly with the lead, Holmes.”
“No, I’m just going to erase this happy face I drew on the blackboard. He does look kind of cute, though.”
“Oh, you must have said, “erase”.
“Yeah. I’m going to erase this.”
You can’t erase this. It’s time. You can’t even waste it.
You—the courts—have taken something we set up and are now using it to talk all kinds of nonsense. We are going to take it back.
liar paradox


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