Legitimate Way to Make Meth

There is no legitimate way to make meth. Ephedrine is not even considered an alkaloid, and is thus not a proper subject for study leading to the PhD. Pluto is not considered a planet. Maybe it can’t sweep everything out of its way. Similarly, ephedrine is too simple. It is an amino alcohol. The simplest amino acid—alanine; it does not even have a benzene ring (the “benzenoid moiety”). Phenylalanine makes meth. I will be uploading the work of Gordon H. Alles from the 1930s in which he may be talking about the nitro keto alchohol, as an asshole. Regardless, I am an asshole and this has my face and my degree and the way I write so you can tell that I am, and worse.




There is only a legitimate way to show how to make meth. Pretty soon, we will declare Mexico a narco-state and then Mexico won’t be a legitimate country. They make it there.

Figure out a way to make the correct stereochemical antipode of meth uncontaminated by by-products and I’ll see to it you get the Nobel Prize!


You can run but you can’t hide.

Amphetamine is already sold optically pure in order to carry out the separation of enantiomers. This is done by reversibly binding the amphetamine as, say, dexedrine, with a racemate. And, the S,S will then be shaped much more curly than the S,R and won’t dissolve in the same shit.

Proprietary labs with numbers instead of chemical identities on the labels, to hold trade secrets, violate the basic OSHA notion of a safe workplace. You can’t work with poison and not be told, and, in general, we don’t. “Nickel brightener” is saccharine. If you get purple spots on your skin or smell garlic, you’re fucked. Definitely. We have consistently picked the ones that get you high whenever there was a choice. Of course, ninhydrin for fingerprints in the crime lab has caused all old criminologists to have to have their balls cut off. They are now doing methyl methacrylate(“Superglue”), and packaging it up like Dog the Bounty Hunter does economy-size Pepper Spray in a windshield cleaner bottle. It’s part of good laboratory practice. We run a small sample for identification and dump that sample in a special place and recover the material, snorting it for a good buzz. I like to shuffle through papers while my head is clearing from a hellacious rush. Never trust chloroform just because you’ve done ether. You’ll fall to the floor, but it won’t be on your breath.

Note to self: What is it I need to add to the “amines that make meth”? I know one I left out is amm. formate. I put in N-methyl formamide. That’s better for X I think, in a Leukart/Wallach. I don’t think formaldoxime is anything, except to make a liquid into a solid form so it can be handled easier or purified. The formation of a protected amine, which is not an amine (one might be an amide), just so a legitimate chemical species not on the DEA Watch List is the item of commerce, is an old trick (see a book called Blow for an excellent method of adulteration which will kill your customers while makng you money, if you wish to try following the novelist in the interfacing of fiction with new political ideas such as freedom of speech).

I can’t find my notes I made in jail. Amm. formate was one. I found a note:

April 11, 1318


My son is swimming in the Rennaisance and won’t be able to attend the Medieval Assembly.


(I don’t know what it means. Don’t even check the spelling)

The fuckin “bisulfite addition product” is readily made once you get a source of P2P, but, come to find out that making that doesn’t reduce the smell.


636 and imagine fixing a 572 out of it.

WordPress! You fucking bastards; I’m putting you on notice with this ‘png’ shit. These pictures better upload. I need chemicals to make a point. You and “wiki commons” better solve your little problem and LIGHT THIS CANDLE fucks.

set for assembler, not reader

set for assembler, not reader

No prob; they saw me coming (hope not). png is an accetable file extension. This is going to be acrylic acid, an olefin, vinyl chloride, allyl choride, chlorinated olefins—sure you want to work with these small molecules? Here:




Allyl chloride; they make tons of it in the kind of chemical plants which are the same size as a small oil refinery. They give it away for free through the Sample Department; you are in Applied Chemistry trying to develop new consumer products. It makes P2. The other ingredient is benzene, the world’s #2 or #3 chemical after polyethylene and sulfuric acid. The catalyst is iron-based. I’d do it if I was also sweeping everybody off the streets in O.B. and concentrating them:

no pith<


Acrylic-acid-2D-skeletal LT_RT READER

Just starting to list over. It is just as easy for you. Don’t pay attention. Just try it and it’ll be real easy, ’cause you won’t have to be old.


852 midcentury



enamine   azeotroic removal of water




lithium enolate

One thing is the same thing turned around, “acrylic” is on the left, “acid” is on the right, and it is acrylic acid, and that is good, like putting yor finger under the word you are reading. Turned the other way, with rather than what type of acid it is but what carbon fragment is being shoved into the thing on the right, it works (and is only 2D). The last one is toxicker than vinyl chloride monomer, but living in the shadow of a chemical plant means this escaping monomer gas will be the cause of death (or as I like to call it, “that”).



The legitimate way is to put “hydriodic acid” in a song. Bruce Springsteen does that.

“Sinalo Cartayo”

Bob Seeger’s just as jingoistic: “Bomp de bomp American storm yay”.



ca46-7070d-1952 not alles


2 Responses to “Legitimate Way to Make Meth”

  1. John Vermeer Says:

    S Billinghurst: re. your comments on Clusterfuck this morning.

    Some advice. Having been down Restraining Order Road myself, and with hindsight in perfect 20/20 view, may I offer a sop, perhaps a balm to your soul? Just walk away. Fuck it.
    You’ll only take yourself down, as you yourself admit, by fighting back.

    Just. Let. Go.

    Let the crazy bastards have whatever they want, they’ll get it in the end anyway. (In my case it was my kids.)

    What it is that’s tearing you apart, isn’t worth it. You’re obsessing over the impossible. Nothing’s rational any longer involving this situation. I
    can tell. I’ve been here. Trust me.


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