We Got Our Nooses

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So many of us are your prisoners that you don’t speak to us. You abide by the agreement some alcoholics made: “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This is now cowering in enclaves fingering the button which will end the world. You talk to yourselves. It’s a meaningless message above the signatures of dead men.

Can I talk about this now?
1. It’s really, “you don’t speak for us (and there’s the Tyrannosaurus to prove it). It is about the courts, and about the hardship of being taken from your “houses, persons, papers and effects”, of the Fourth Amendment (not to mention the First Amendment, such that this blog upon being charged with a crime (Domestic Violence), well, it turns into a chilling of free speech because of needing to answer to a court); I am saying these courts have no right. I might need to bring in supporting evidence. I will, at the end of my prepared remarks.

2. You (government) are signatory not “abiding”; that’s the tie-in to the end, and the end, although to end a story the advice is, “kill all the characters”, I am in ESP. That doesn’t hear the shorter-lived occurrences. It’s smarter than you (maybe it’s all you put together), sotheydon’t die. The clock merely records the exact time for some of them. The exact time has information we use; it has to come in figures and we are numerologists, bloggers, etc.). The end went into my frustration so I stopped. I woke up in another new location six hours ahead of pryme.

That’s it.

ESP: The people you put their name down, and their defensible space is reactive. So, before or instead of any telepathic battle, you receive an immediate slap.

That’s just a belief. In order to “prove” ESP (I mean, take ‘proven’: “innocent until proven guilty”. Is it like saying a 90 year old is a woman, a virgin, and not post-menopause until it’s proven?). Y’have to unnerstand that brain science and American Literature are two forks in the road to proof showing different philosophies of the problem. The scientists are plugged into machines. Machines keep them going. They don’t want to be “free” of expensive laboratories. The literate observers are keeping pace with the world, mining ot great literary accomplishments, and the two “observers” are different. One is observing what is there; the other is establishing the keenness of ther observations. I really think so.

The two, literature and science, or arts and sciences? No. I’d say science and technology (and a modicum of victims to impart the sense a jolt in stir gives unto, so they get the message we give out & not the one they’d find on their own—miss me with that). Well, these two are signing something. It takes me 23 letters. I have 23 chromosome pairs, so me and a cat (19), a cat named Jeffrey S _ _ _ Bostwick, …then they’d be the same (I’m not showing up on JSB’s results page on a Google search). That would be in there somewhere.

ESP: You only get to move up a level when you get a coincidence in another level (My God! an Eagle Scout and a year behind me in school, and soooo many tragic rulings).


538 (see also “SEB”, “5EB”, “S3B”, 5E8″, … the set). pasting

Consider the horrific case of Andrea Yates. In March 2002, a panel of Texas jurors debated her fate. A devoted mother with a history of postpartum psychosis, hallucinations, and two suicide attempts, Yates admitted to drowning her five children in a bathtub. Prosecutors conceded that Yates was mentally ill but knew right from wrong and so was not legally insane at the time of the murders.

Read more: http://social.jrank.org/pages/1358/Legal-System-Getting-Away-With-Murder.html#ixzz0Uln9peJG


On Thursday, a judge issued a ruling in their divorce case that ordered him to pay double the original child support based on income records.


Police say Benedict, a U.S. Naval Academy graduate doing doctoral work in particle physics, walked up behind Rebecca as she headed toward the parking lot and fired several shots with a handgun, hitting her at least once.


IRVINE — A UCI graduate student has been charged with murder after police say he shot his ex-wife during an on-campus argument over custody of the couple’s four-year-old son.

The hero. Focus the “usually” from memory and take note, if you will: (we are saying the Framers and the science of journalism on a par work per diem and get a few days alternant language off an “allege” and a “rain” to a “clear”, and from “killer” to “we better not say milk we best milk, say milk, and that’s milking it for all it is worth, because hey”. Yeah “Hey”. (I thought you wanted this). The caption’s the date: September 15. You kill her what, Friday? Well, they say Thursday. I’m just asking. They say Thursday since they write newspapers

(recast title from ITPITP)

meaning “Thursday last”. Meaning, some event precipiated another event, seemingly. As the vocation of writing assumes the ESP (it’s just too close in; it gets all the jyacks on pick up, ..cat can’t beat it. A cat’s brain is fine but the paws don’t write. They don’t do storm watch (afraid of gettin’ wet)).

end quotes

everything better be an event in this column — it has numbers and that means time and time ticks off events only — it doesn’t just run. If it’s running it is ahead and going fractal.


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