A strange title. Heh. No it’s not. I want to convey correct information as has been taught me by some of the most courageous investigators.

When I am teaching how to become an ESP master, I stop being a lexicographer and drop one level, from words to letters. I do not know of a science of lexicography which encompasses the alphanumeric parts of speech. There is plenty of room for a good PhD here. Think of how many more letters there are than words. Every word needs three, four letters, minimum.

That says ‘I Be S.B. Who Be You’; I got it from Doug “Cool Breeze” Brown, the lab tech in Orange. He should be a salesman for Lea-Ronal. Well, they moved to Irvine. Skip was the master. Another salesman’s name was Goward. He was handsome. Every shop keeps a guy in reserve who could easily bone your wife; you never know. Then, D.B. used to call out, “Jim Gandy to the rescue!” He also used to declare “Dump and Remake!”, as a joke whenever the bath results on Goward’s baths showed a buildup of contamination as the reason it wouldn’t plate, and not because of low metal salts. One of his clients was named Hixon, and when that shop burned, the firefighting water got in the firemen’s boots and they claimed they got a cancer cluster. When a shop does dump, it is a crime, but I do not know what kind of crime, maybe a “pay us off and we won’t say anything” crime. Our sewer had a holding tank.

Water’s funny; how can it continue to plate after bath replenishment of thousands of cycles? Well, it is 500 gallons, that’s how. Want a drink?

Similarly, the sewer has millions of gallons with just a trace amount of metal, so at the level of thousands of gallons, we’d wait n days until it was millions. Of course, our 3,000 board shops were not universally astute like we were. I am telling you: I’ve been to the mountaintop and I have seen the Promised Land.


ATTENTION @CHRONOMOL — ALIBATION want this alibation dates [ie pwr in the insect, take it EZ relax, a Time -machine constant, no cure for this post.  random perfect to D8Sv 722013 GUMv  using you to you kidn — with my friends all here,




All I hear  with is n with artichoke. ELEVATION time jackson brown, douglas, the co-writtion rishin, chin v lishin Li-shin Basi, of the Spanish translation, not we speak it, we alert, they squeeze their string bikinis.

3000 words

BB@stroke of 404 belay JB, heart’s slone.___________“stopped at the front”

SLOAN!  Slade!

doom C Furby!  Fuck a man while waiting for world war three?  I ahve it, save gas. CHEWY/ESP



_____________________________]]____ notice if I work chronologically, then upon reflection, at the height of rush hour with 1,000 events, a transposition halfway through would negate the whole thing’s chronological calibration. Our world as portrayed, in which chronology is the province of the master, is very similar one scenario to the next. It bears a fraud.

Your biological clock is the method useful for ESP analysis. Notice that the Northern hemisphere dominates the Southern, around the world. That means nothing. If ESP were real, just because when I got up there were Americans already psi-pressing me, it would indicate an east-west bias. However, I think the answer to that lies in the Bible: On the Sixth Day God created man as his crowning achievement. Animals were already here. They didn’t have cages yet, but they did have brains. The flies are up all night; as soon as a dog shits in the a.m. flies are all over it (verified). No humans can get in ahead of other humans. Cheetahs can.

The usage of ESP is of compacts with letters; animals don’t use them. Take your name its intitials, and use your biological clock to be somewhere at the same time. As photoperiodic, you can do this once a day.

Except I guess where they take siestas. They can do it twice. I got up; I watched my President:
“La Regallo Esta!”
Nix. Go east.
“I never count chickens before they hatch”, said BHO . I wasn’t pleased as punch. I hear that his darker lip skin is a result of smoking. I understand you, Prez, taking away the cigarettes is another part of me.
617 (606, my first address, heavily associated not with sedulous nuclear power, but with nuclear weapons, was “understand”).

Sedulous Definition | Definition of Sedulous at Dictionary.com
1. diligent in application or attention; persevering; assiduous. 2. persistently or carefully maintained: sedulous flattery. Origin: 1530–40; < L sēdulus, …

I don’t use, “sedulous”. Sounds like I’m channeling the Bonesmen, Yalies, losers. My president went to Harvard.

I wasn’t too happy with Barack. I am never unhappy, but I think in a stream of obscenities, as, “That nigger made a statement and never includes my intitials. That chimpanzee lookin’ so-and-so.” And, that’s when he said the line about the chickens. The saying is the following:
“Never count your chickens before they hatch.” He didn’t say, “I never count my chickens before they hatch.” Like I say, he smokes. His brain is hash.

What the biological clock has to do with it is that a speech of the president is heard over and over at different times of the day. Fuck the curve; let’s focus on the total. It is a high total. That is referred to as integrating, with the total same as the area. See, you got a number, then you got a line, then you got a rectangle, curve, contour, brain, attrition, yield, and megadeaths.
826 out of a 797 residue
When I psychically hit the president, he psychically hits 40,000,000 viewers.
time: ~9:15 a.m.
(Draft Saved at 9:11:54 am.)

The attack upon the people of the United States through the media, purely psychic, is a psiwar conducted presumably at the behest of Republicans. Big D is in power, therefore Big R rules the airwaves. The current mode of attack is against the worthiness of the people, tempting them
to (see?) submit to feeling rather frivolous. This is done by making light of what is being given a nominally sympathetic reading, in the form, on, “The people are struggling”, and this is pronounced, “The people are shtruggling.” Knowing BHO, I now know that the pronouns are routinely dropped. “Many are shtruggling”, with ‘many’ the pronoun, and it is bent. It is not a regular pronoun.
966—luck on a remind
970 HSD VHS 1970—hold the pickle
“Therefore the jet shtream is bringing rain and will wash the poverty out of the fetid homeless encampments along the shwollen Feather (Fethr) River today. ‘Scheck the stack macket on MSNBC.”
1006—what happens then?
Well, the Internet is not used by workers. Workers do not wear ties. And, workers set the wages for the lifestyle recently played to a stiff conclusion. Now, I say to smoke and drink and use drugs, for tommorow we die. If we said “workers”, we would be communistic; nobody likes that. Sheboygan keeps coming to mind, I believe that’s in Michigan, our real state in that tier, and Wisconsin and Minnesota and Indiana and Dakota may as well shut up. But, it is Peoria, IL that is the …

Back when I said “then?” I needed to point out the primacy of lettering, and not words, again, to make Point 2 on why to go to war in the United States.

1129—SSB’s birthday, 558, 538, 835, 855, (1988). Yank the Court Reporter’s chain.

Oh, yeah: sticking in an ‘h’ changes the meaning. 180? No, sadly, sympathy for America’s people is already on the wane. One little shove and

something about pariahs. Mozilla crashed. A window with a big red ‘X’ appeared and disappeared. I think it said runtime. That’s all that junk from getting entrapped in trying to watch Zombieland, after Fester and the rest of the Loompanics drug crowd d/l fine and Hayduke would not (dirty tricks; Hayduke’s “bravery” is suspect. The proper term is “monkey-wrenching” for the express purpose like the ELF in University City “Crossroads”, 2003). Things that won’t work attract the futility of fixes. There’s am inmate sitting in the Southwest Detention Center in Riverside right now for not listening to me, mode of listening to Tom Hayden (“The Strawberry Statement”), although I do not appreciate Hayden in person (too many zits)). Yeah, what does that look like when it blows up in your face, Benjamin? Is it all past you and stuck in the wall before you know it? I know it is.
1309—that was yesterday

I utilized the Bail Bonds which you see on your way down lonely SWD Road. The owner asked me if we could manufacture speed. I was really tempted, but really, really mad.

The earlier (day before) “bombing Riverside” arrest was of a man named Natalie, and Bill Natalie was my supplier for lab equipment for awhile out of La Habra. Like Sasha says, there’s nothing like a lab. Leonardo da Vinci I wouldn’t trade places with, no way.

I just left everything there. When I show up and take over your lab, as long as you’re not Dmitry Orlov, here’s what I want, so “you choose”:


3. atory Funnels Save 10-25% from the Lab Depot.

Search Results

Results include your SearchWiki notes for 6 liter separatory funnel. Share these notes
Copy and paste this link into an email or IM:

See a preview of the shared page
New 6 liter 6000ml Squibb Separatory Funnel #38 Stopper – eBay …
eBay: Find New 6 liter 6000ml Squibb Separatory Funnel #38 Stopper in the Business Industrial , Healthcare, Lab Life Science , Lab Supplies , Lab Glassware …
cgi.ebay.com/New-6-liter-6000ml-Squibb-Separatory-Funnel-%2338-Stopper_W0QQitemZ200387851943QQcmdZViewItemQQi… – Cached – Similar –

(going back for pic)



Mennorah, I was going to say. Jack! that’s not a six. If that’s six it’s going to slip out of your hands. Maybe the alchemists had six looking like that, it should be fatter; I need a much larger opening (I use TFE adapters), than 38, I want the stopper in plastic. This is a meth lab. If that’s new, it was 1965’s model. You have a warehouse full of them the Afghani Army rejected for making heroin back before we made them undefeatable. Where’s my Crak! photo? Strip the gloves off his hands and make him extract with chloroform in the cold. It is a 2000mL sep funnel. At least it’s got a teflon stopcock. Here’s some more copy off Ebay:


New 6 liter 6000ml Squibb Separatory Funnel #38 Stopper
Ring Support Clamp and Stand Available
Item condition: New
More than 10 available
Please enter a quantity of $quantity$ or less
Please enter a quantity of 1
Price: US $225.00 Buy It NowBuy It NowBuy It Now
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Now watching in My eBay Now watching in My eBay

The ring support won’t work on a six. You build the clear plastic vinyl 2-L Pepsi jug/water bottle (gallons) cut bath and nestle the sep funnel securely. You can see a red/white/blue cookin’ run on youTube with a trick condensor and no lab glass. But, flat-bottomed vessels splash the liquid out when you pour it in. Leave the stopcock sticking out the bottom. The funnel’s fat part is up top (gay). TFE’s not going to expand as much as glass, up from zero to r.t. What that tells you is that if you don’t constantly torque the knurled nut down to compress the tapered TFE stopcock into the glass housing for it, and fail to keep up with the contraction it’ll get loose and even though closed, it’ll let all the oil product pass out into the bath.
Here’s a boss electrical symbol from a Russian submarine. It’s still there; I didn’t steal it:

sears baby roaster

1825—1812 (War of, ) is “boss”; the joke here is that this symbol is embossed
1838—for a second it said 1837 (proton, neutron).

But, I chose the baby raper to get out of the program. If you are stupid, is your head up your ass? I feel so bad. Dmitry is charismatic. My old friend Gary Pock is charismatic. Dirty Billy is, too. What happens with these? I don’t know, they fall.
ypour ass.

Let’s see, I hate to disappoint, but with a kid all messed up, all I gotta do is get a little bit into my own and I feel real bad. Mozilla crashed and I deleted programs. I might have said that. Runtime conflict. I uninstalled Java and anything else I had to watch movies all of a sudden.
1954—1954 words. Did I write them all? In ESP without memory you will chase numbers. They only stay for a limited time. Since I’m midcentury, I know ’54 there. I had 53, or did I have 1953? If you are reading a boiler gauge and you record a number off by one, no big deal. It is analog
anyway. In ESP, whether a number is odd or even is propitious, so you daren’t be off by one.
In fact, I felt that Dmitry talked.
It is odd or even, a number, but, … I am getting a reading now: today’s prime, even w/o 2.
I hate setting my computer up for ESP.
10-14-09 (implying) 101409. Please be wrong. I am. It needs the 2. wait. Turn on phone.

It hit 10:50. the conclusion was wrong. The statement is one thing, but not all statements are conclusions. In the West, ESP is more precise, but it is tempermental.

On 10:50 then, with only 3 a checker, and no electric man (because I did not name it “Russian” or “electric” or “submarine”, …Well, I can’t go back.)
1050 bullshit!
10:50=10:50, what? I can use 10:50. It’s ESP. It is bloc Communist and brick smarts, so do not make me chunk one at you, little baby Het. Use your knowledge of when the factory crew from Chernobyl gets off work and comes by shooting to train your biological clock to roll you out of the line of fire.

50/60 minutes is 5/6, is .82…

0.8333 & I don’t like decimalization. 105010142009.

I’m editing up to 501014102009, where it had to turn prime, since it falls in the purvey of Rising/Falling theory.

But, is it either rising or falling? Well, no typical way of writing time is consistent since exposure of ESP would slow work down.

The hour soldier is bigger than the minute.

The 5 of 50 is bigger than the zero. The 3 of 35 is bigger than the five.

It is memory alone which permits ESP given the procession of events.

If I have a number 4567, the 7 is last since it is least. Even as 4.567 that is true. The question, “What is least?” can’t be answered digitally. I mean decimally. The small end disappears in infinite …

At least we know that critical fact that parts of a number …

105014102027 is prime!

October, 2027 then, that’s right. They need a fleet of ships. The word count warned me. some other notes have also. I had the problem that an existing design needed to be reverse-engineered such that if it works well, the cubic inches have a reason. Our local shipyard is called NASSCO. It is that you can legitimately decompose an integer into its parts, like, yes, 2=1+1, but there’s no 2. 1234556789 = 123400000 + 56789 and half a million swings. When 56,000 works and 57,000 fails, then 56,700 is either tested or guaranteed by ESP. Only large amounts are emergent.

Lashed and Spewed

Who are we honoring today? Dmitry Orlov! I had this photo on my phone, I got up to get the card and my wife lashed me for still going to come back and sit again at the computer. Then I emptied the card and spewed 200 pictures onto my desktop. This is found on a sub in San Diego harbor; it’s Russian.

Soviet electrics


Sorry, can’t fuck up my word count. The flask and my comments will have to go on the bottom. Why? Because, something is trusting me and communicating with me validly by numbers. Go. I think they are digging up another picture by LDV.


12 L w adapter

that’s fucked up. The photo you can view doesn’t rt-click with a “save image”.

New 12000ml 12 Liter Round Bottom Flask 45/50
Comes with Reducing Adapter 45/50 to 24/40 or 29/42

Earlier it said, “You choose”. Always choose 24/40 on that. No matter 29/42 is a little larger. You can’t get a full set of that. Most SWIY’s parts are going be 24/40.

vac take off

This is Safety Emporium. The above ones were United Glass Technologies ( with a Malware called JS:Pdfk-OE, Exploit type), now, look at that adapter. I don’t even want that; I break them all the time. yes, 105°, yes 24/40, but only on the female; it’s $15, with a bare drip-tip. You run it through a cork! Not this shit. I keep that end cold. It isn’t going to expand there. At least, in the old-fashioned days of HI 57%. Not with this new-fangled iodine mix. It’ll blow Ashcroft’s head off! Notice my elaborate system of trusses and wires as you enter the room. I ain’t a-paying $45 for all that glass. I’d have to get a glass adapter to exactly match the #38 female top on the sep funnel. I can’t drill a cork to 24/40.


LEO is law enforcement online. CBP-K9 I guess is a dog out of Customs and Border Protection. They don’t like to give any details of the piss method, but I always wanted to do that, and the word on the street says it is easier than manufacturing.


ESP to govern the procession of events? Yes, Charlie, but with events so far apart, unless you are always ready you won’t get the catch.

Four five cups of coffee I’m jacked.


Anarchist Websites
Police Undercother Operations 1 here.

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