Meth Hot Shots

A “hot shot” is an assassination carried out against someone willing to inject drugs. I don’t wish to discuss that.

People talk about doing other people, but it stands to reason that they know as much about that as most people do whose rap about manufacturing

meth muriatic pull

is like that. A “pull”? She mixed it up in muriatic and did a pull. Then she followed it up with a second pull. Don’t even do a pull.

But, I have heard some really disgusting things—no more than anyone—just consider that when I decided to pull a cook, twenty years of schooling went before. It is not the acts that matter. By the time you do something, it is going to be so much overkill that it happening won’t be in doubt. Now you live with it.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. A guy told me him and his friends hated a guy who could be counted on to mooch hits, and I know what he meant, he might have meant me (now that I think about it); but he scraped that white stuff off a battery. Well, actually, he put that action on some anonymous third party. Now, there is white stuff on battery terminals, PbSO4, and you do scrape that off with a penknife if you want your car to start, but I am pretty sure it doesn’t happen, or he leaves out some details. I just like the knife and the spoon and the white and the inject. And the lead poisoning and the walking dead of a guy who was already on skid row, that is priceless, see? We don’t want to fuck with you? Oh.

Well, I do not enjoy observing, either, people doing things out of the bathroom. I have to watch somebody with a syringe who is waving it around and holding the barrel and pushing the plunger in and out dry; they might stick me. Once that comes out it goes somewhere good, and nowhere is good. I wished we had little prongs on the bookshelf to stick syringes upright that held them like they have for brooms. So they wouldn’t touch the ground. But the area is famous for junkies (I am speaking of Mission Beach), so they get tiresome, and homicidal maniacs circulate, too. I would like to stand by and administer the coup de grace if a guy sniffed it or tasted it or decides it doesn’t dissolve right. I didn’t like this one kid who wanted to kill me, to make his bones, but it could have been that once I treated him contemptuously he decided then and there to kill me. He’d hang around in the alley, Strandway, after I let Tim move in, because they were friends, below the window, Jay, Jerry, Lee, Malcolm (I’ll never get these names right. I even plan on writing fake names some day), and when he got in the apartment he kept saying “Where’s my issue? I want my issue. I’m waiting for my issue.”, over and over. There is a kind of kid just hated, and their face looks like a rat. I estimate every baby is cute, but some must not get all the way grown before they just make you revolt inside and you start climbing the couch when they sit down. This other guy whose name I do not recall had his face go into repose and it was a little suspicious, but he had told me he was in an accident, that’s true. I didn’t think of the face as almost killing you; more like a leg. LeeJoy, LeeRoy, boy’s names with ‘M’.

Well, on to the poison. I am not into poison, or judges, or even the economy; there are too many opportunities to get sidetracked. This is one blog. Nothing is as interesting as how to make meth. Do that right and you can make anything. But, of the poisonings where we stand is one by polonium, and we could easily not even have one; one by secret botulism-type Bulgarian umbrella shot—Google ‘umbrella assassination in england’, a more recent arsenic-type called thallium on a japanese student, the ubiquity of cyanide, most notably a chemist who poisons everybody at work using a coffeepot (“drinking the kool-Aid” means following the Jim Jones Guyana massacre of 900 souls (1970s sometime)), and the fact Robert Miskinis started putting out some of the world’s best chemical catalogs which carried poisons and also anasthetics such as tetracaine useful as an active cut for cocaine. But, San Diego is one of the world’s premier locales for esoteric chemical knowledge. One of those poisons was brucine, but it is found in a hitman movie with Charles Bronson and Jan-Michael Vincent. That would mitigate against it being perfect. The Book of World Records has some poisons.

I like knowing how people die for the reason of extra scientific knowledge of how they tick.
Carbon monoxide’s a poison. If you had enough you’d be making methanol. Just add water. Ha ha ha ha ha ha—no.
CO + 2H2 —-> CH3OH.

Methanol makes you blind (and CO binds irreversibly with hemoglobin. You turn red—there’s oxygen all around but none can reach the cells), and osmium tetroxide makes you blind. Osmium means, “stinks”. It smells bad while it kills you. Titanium tetrachloride makes thick clouds of white smoke which taste like metal. I don’t like the taste of straight metal. Some artificial sweeteners go to that—saccharin.

arc flash accident video

Who dies? well if you are not shooting drugs all the time, nobody can just kill you with what’s in the needle.

We fuckin’ die on the job all the time, but you don’t go down there evaluating your chances as “not good”, as “Oh, he’ll die eventually.” We don’t work it like that. You never get to eventual. You get removed. You don’t even stand underneath somebody. You don’t let someone falling off the edge drag you over. You have what it takes to do the job safely. You are getting paid by the hour. Go get it.


“Narcotics officer down, requesting one, repeat, one grain narcotics in a dispo insulin syringe.”

Niacin is one of five vitamins associated with a pandemic deficiency disease: these are niacin (pellagra), vitamin C (scurvy), thiamin (beriberi), vitamin D (rickets), and vitamin A deficiency, a syndrome which has no common name but is one of the most common symptomatic deficiencies worldwide.

There was some speed going around with a marked heat effect; they called it “the flash”. We were all experiencing the same thing so it was funny since to do it all parts of you flush hot, including your crotch. It looks like it was niacin.


2 Responses to “Meth Hot Shots”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am contemplating on giving myself a hot shot of raw heroin. Idk if that is the correct term but I was wondering how much I should use and if it is gonna hurt. Then again, nothing can compare to the pain I’m already feeling.

    • Anonymous Says:

      i say do not do that. move forward with your life. love yourself. its not your fault for things that have happened in the past, so move forward. there are better days to come, this feeling you have will surely pass. bright day ahead. forward.

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