Water Pipe to Smoke Meth

This belongs to ‘Sit-Back-and-Chill, so, what? I stole it? No. Once I put it as my avatar, I stole it. What’s up with that? You don’t mind stealing scientific papers but you get poutraged when I take off a doper? See how you are? Anyway, the website’s drugs-forum.net.

cats don't do this

cats don't do this

So, I wand asee if it still moved, or it killed it. I guess I don’t know about computers. If i knew, I’d make ’em make me money. Same thing with drugs. If I was in the government, …I’m just don’t want to be in gel.


Well what makes you fiend more, words or pictures? This is no poll. If you want it bad enough, I’ll know that. I’m psychic.

little ansterdam

My spoon has a little film of residue at the edge. evaporation. It’s been a long time since i had a shot. excuse me while I tie off this arm. I am finding a vein. There it is. Now register and boot it. Oh.

Amsterdam design studios is a glass pipe manufacturer. They are as good as Coors. You can’t get too down on Amsterdam, as New York was Amsterdam. New New York. york. figure it out.crack_meth$20pipe

$3 Au


I don’t have a hookah picture. I know it exists, just like a pipe for meth exists, but at one time I denied it. Coke can’t be smoked in a time until it’s freebased. I smoked it that way, each way, is all. I never made those pipes. I would come by one somehow. They grow on trees. The water get the meth? No, but try and be a dealer or something. We need ounces to smoke.meth$20crystals

I know you don’t use Chore Boy to smoke meth. Get your own picture of rock. Be less of a pain in the ass! I like Sade. “Ooh, he’s a smooth operator.” pronounced “Shah-day”. Other is pronounced “Shard”.

choreboy-1"Hokey smoke!"




post apple scientific TFE


That is bullshit. The cap over the plunger is white.



No, don’t take it out of there. Take it out of here:

kirkland water

Or, take it out of here:

intake holding

I respect you. And, if you are rushing out and you think you are going to die, just close your eyes and say, “Steve, I am where you were at before”, and I will come to you and you will be calm and it will be alright.

If you do use the toilet, be super careful. Do up, make up a shot for a homey, put the rig in a sandwich and send it right off down the tier.

6 Responses to “Water Pipe to Smoke Meth”

  1. Other Says:

    I don’t know how I found your blog but I love it.

  2. am i psychic Says:

    am i psychic…

    […]Water Pipe to Smoke Meth « How to Make Methamphetamine[…]…

  3. Brendon Says:

    Seriously can one make meth at home..

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Yes, and they can have up to as many watts as a marijuana grow house, the water drain can remove the smells (from making dextro-methamphetamine), and just some slight “missledom” effects of catastrophic fires. Mount a solvent replacement booth. It can be done “green”, that is, by experts. You weren’t sayin’ the avergae person at home. I make all kinds of things. I’m a manufacturer, not the public with their wants and desires to possess and sell. You also didn’t say about how much a gram do metals cost. I wish to ultimately question gold mining itself. It doesn’t serve any purpose.

  4. myxglassxdreams Says:

    Still my favourite blog after all these years
    Hows it going brother

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