Break Cleaner to Clean Pseudoephedrine

It’s called “brake”. Furthermore, whenever I Googled “perverted ways my mom treated me as a child”, …no. Wait, it was “brake cleaner” in the Images. It turned up a picture of somebody spraying brake cleaner on a gun. That led to a site from Georgia on very innocent hunters spray-painting their guns in camo in order to hide and kill, mainly. They also spelled like that. But, you guys spell that way to seem dumb, right? You’re really with the FBI. I want to spell all fucked-up, too. However, I have tried it and when I read it later I always go, “Why the hell did I do that?”

Brake cleaner by 3M is methyl acetate and acetone. It makes sense that it’d be uncontaminated with additives. That’d get on the brakes. So, if that logic appeals to you, fine.

I never did it that way. I kept working on the speed-making process until there was no more flammable solvents involved. I had a steam generator.

Sussman electric laboratory steam generator

Sussman electric laboratory steam generator

I loved this thing. I bought it at auction in North Hollywood, in a particularly “speed”-oriented lab auction. I also got several large triple-neck flasks, like a 22. The Laboratory Enforcement Team loved busting me with that, but I had never gotten the mantle for it.

I know the steam generator is not the item of choice for cleaning suzy, it is here because it needs to be in this blog, for the purpose of reducing injuries from burns. You won’t be so stupid as to burn yourself with steam, hopefully. Use acetone to kill yourself.

They did not make pills which needed to be cleaned of gunk, at first. They never made pills at all, so the first time they made pills, like a D&R International company, on the back of several magazines, there was a way to pick out the ones which were almost pure ephedrine HCl, and the calculation showing a cost of $400.00 per pound was easily arrived at. $400 a pound or a kilo or whatever it was since the former price for bulk was definitely $400 a kilo.

So, with the pills made to have the ephedrine extracted, a method was developed which did not stick you, the cook, with a problem you did not ask for. “Surely they are not requiring me to go to extraordinary measures to do this, are they?” But, the breaks you get are badly needed in order to avoid the cleaning steps which always involve application of flammable solvents. How not to reintroduce them?

The chemistry of it is that if you can get crude solid, you redissolve that solid in the proper solvent hot, and add a second solvent dropwise. The second solvent used in drops can be flammable, but dichloromethane is a bad solvent and also nonflammable. bad in this case is good. It just means only a little suzy dissolves. With all the suzy dissolved in a good solvent which also evaporates quickly, adjust the ratio of the two solvents by adding the second solvent until the suzy decides it won’t all dissolve in there. Let it recrystallize and the crystals will continue to grow past the point thatthe solvent would have held it all were there no crystals. Do not let the poor solvent evaporate from the mixture changing the ratio back to one in which more of the suzy would dissolve, by replenishing it. Good luck, and possibly you won’t have to wash the crystals once you scoop them out.

The actual discussion of today’s new pill-extracting methods naming the binders and current pillmaker technology designed to defeat extraction is located elsewhere on the Internet.

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