Things Needed to Make Methampetamine

I don’t usually go with things needed. That said, I have thought about a nice minimalist collection, because everyone has his breaking point and no one should be allowed into a laboratory. Once they pay the rent, they think they can come and go as they please, but you are going to forego the magstripe card access machine, aren’t you?

So people are standing around, breathing down your neck really. “I got that sold as soon as you finish with it, you know.”

You want the people out? Don’t tell them where it is, don’t tell them it exists, and swap out your entire crew if they do know. Feed them all to the police and start up someplace nobody knows about.

Yeah, they got a breaking point, neglecting the fact that apart from not having to wear a diaper yet, being learned, being between diaper years fore and aft, from Alzheimer’s from doing speed, and they ask what appears to be reasonable questions. “What do you need to do it?”
“Yeah, what equipment and chemicals do you require of us?”
” Now, you just go over there and be quiet. I’ll tell you what I require. You a Marine?”
“You got pugil sticks? Well I got a dugil stick. Dude, you’ll stick to the ceiling once I turn on the electromagnet concealed there. Because, I’m about to drive a spike right through your head!”

Here’s what you do. Thumb through a catalog. You will see apparatus, and you can tell what it all does, or find out what it does, and buy the kind that fits your price range. I have a VWR, 2003. Or is it Fisher?

Now, if you just answer what you do need, without addressing what is too hot to buy, you will send somebody into a set-up. But, I have never known the speed freak who was willing to step up and demand items in an order to be filled. Hey, guys. The sky won’t fall down just because you buy some stuff. Drive on over. Nobody else is going to do it. It’s like quitting smoking.

So, what kind of stuff is this? Answer: It is the most minor little stuff ever found in a laboratory. Once you manage to make a little speed, and you sell it, you do not even say, “There’s plenty more where that came from.” There probably won’t be. You probably broke something. You used something up. Mostly, if you have designated a space as a lab, there are far more items not to have in there. They will have to go so you don’t just grab them. Nothing that you have not personally selected to employ will probably do the job.

Build supports for things, benches and fume hoods, and fire control. Have a large container of water set up high. Bucket of sand. Outdoors solvent cabinet, metal.

I want a catalog of medical laboratory equipment. A dead cat goes in a battery jar, smell of formaldehyde. Walk around the house, see how far away you can smell it. I’m going to be a doctor someday. I’m not staying here in this dead-end burg all my life. I got a science fair project, that’s what. I know my bugs and my plants and I reel off scientific taxonomy until you are bored with it and go away.

I am into hacking now. I seriously want a new, cheap computer I can attack with the other computers in my house. That’s where it starts, doesn’t it? You get that going and then connect your trojan or your worm right up to the outside world, I bet.



The smaller one in the middle’s a 22 and the outside ones are fifties. Twelve is the same as five gallons.


The middle one’s a 12, and the outside ones are 22s. Now I can’t be wrong.


12 liters is not five gallons. It is 3.785 liters per gallon. Five gallons is really about 19 liters, so it’s the 22 that’s five gallons.


Oh, look. Another simo. The Mexican border had a shooting just when I posted this. San Ysidro was shut down for hours. “Alien smuggling”. I’m 13 miles north. The vans wouldn’t stop and Customs opened fire.


Four people were wounded Tuesday when federal agents opened fire on suspected human smugglers inside three crowded vehicles that entered the San Ysidro Port of Entry out of Baja California, authorities said.

The shooting at the U.S.-Mexico line in southern San Diego occurred shortly before 3:30 p.m. Minutes later, Customs and Immigration personnel had a number of suspects in custody, San Diego Police Department spokeswoman Monica Munoz said.

Medics treated several victims at the scene and took at least one to a Hillcrest trauma center, according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department. Their conditions were not immediately available.

It was unclear what prompted the volley of gunfire. The vehicles, one of them a van that had been reported stolen in San Diego, were entering the United States when the shots rang out, Munoz said.

The occupants of the vehicles were suspected of being involved in human smuggling, according to Lauren Mack, a public information officer for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE personnel took about 50 suspected illegal border-crossers into custody following the shooting, Mack told NBC 7/39.

Several federal agents apparently opened fire on the vehicles, Munoz said. The shooting will be investigated by the SDPD Homicide Unit, as is the case in all officer-involved shootings that occur in San Diego.

The border port remained open to through traffic following the shooting.
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    There’s an advertisement on my blog. This blog isn’t big enough for the both of us.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    get a job, lowlife

  4. Anonymous Says:

    get a job, lowlife moron, evil human

  5. John Laww Says:

    Dont worry, paramedics will be there to put rag on your burning face when you have an accident, but it wont be nice when they pull it off with your skin.

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