The Call

Sb = CaCO3, fd Lake Geo. NB, Can.  Seaman Coll.

This is Sb. It was said to be a world-class specimen, but I wasn’t going to post it right here, right now. The white stuff is some calcium something. I met a geologist today, now that I think about it; named Barry Keller. He lives on Nahant in Mission Beach.

I was looking for my first way of posting a numerical amount with a degree sign, but it must not have saved to the right file extension, and it is more trouble to cancel the image upload function than it is to simply post garbage.

What is this, “The Call”? That’s from “White Rabbit”. It is mnemonic, leading to an inversion of psychic demonstrations. I am going to post a card with the password to this blog on it, but it will require interpretation. Then I can say that many of the emotionally laden passages might have been put in without my knowledge. They’re emotionally laden if they cause the Federales to brace me. That is my definition. We will see whether I can reverse the psychic guessing game. Now this is something I already know.

The news is always saying what has been stolen or destroyed, or who has been killed. I could just imagine them getting up in arms over me; they always have come on-air saying what huge drug bust has been uncovered. You never know what is behind all the excitement. You better just do what they want you to do. You can tell who they are because they seem very earnest and they wear a suit and tie on teevee. They aren’t being walked out in handcuffs, (period, my correction)

living with the wild pigs
“Come Original”
[8/12/MONDAY/2013 comes from the down]
word 388 was apt and up
Dave Halberstram

I like the parents’ objection to the President talking to children in a classroom. They say like he is brainwashing the kids; like the school should not hold up the education process for “fifteen or twenty minutes”. Yeah, I agree. Give the President ten, but that’s it. And, they say they should receive “advance warning” of what the President is planning on saying to their kids before they get “bombarded” by his “speech”. My mind reels. I could do that.

Hey, I don’t want my kindergarten student to endure niggers coming into the classroom!

I know I can get away with that.

One Response to “The Call”

  1. Coldtype Says:

    “What do you say to the proposition that it will all work out? What do YOU say whenever THEY say that jobs are coming back, that the economy is being restarted?”-SB

    That there’s a bridge they’ve offered to sell me at a good price in Brooklyn.

    Long time no hear from good fellow but I couldn’t resist the “WTF” tweak. Be well.

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