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Wet Cooking Ephedrine

Fri, 14 Aug 2009 19:38:47 +0000

湿做饭 麻黄碱

That’s what that means. Please see my post entitled “PharmSoc Japan-Meth (1893)”, and click on Yakugaku for a complete reprint of the very first article on wet-cooking ephedrine into methamphetamine using hydriodic acid. It is written in these characters, with some chemistry equations. If you want to translate any of it into English and put it into the “Comments” section, that’d be great.


We’re going to need flour. Lots and lots of flour. –“Shreck”

Pseudoephedrine Acetate

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 20:55:17 +0000

Just a reprint. What do I think? Well, I would like the titled material to be analogous to chloroephedrine, but this is just a salt of the amine using acetic as the acid, a result of the isolation process from pills. Much of it is in traffic in Mexico; apparently the superlabs also purchase material which at one time was in pills. The second article is about a seizure.

Meth Synthesis W/ephedrine, HI, Red Phosphorus
by Cousin Singe
NOTICE: TO ALL CONCERNED Certain text files and messages contained on this site deal with activities and devices which would be in violation of various Federal, State, and local laws if actually carried out or constructed. The webmasters of this site do not advocate the breaking of any law. Our text files and message bases are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you contact your local law enforcement officials before undertaking any project based upon any information obtained from this or any other web site. We do not guarantee that any of the information contained on this system is correct, workable, or factual. We are not responsible for, nor do we assume any liability for, damages resulting from the use of any information on this site.

All you people who want an easy meth systhesis – They don’t exist! You have to know some chemistry. Learn some (yes it takes some discipline) or be doomed to fail.

So, again, this information is posted for information purposes only. I accept no responsibility for anyone actually using this. If you do you will be subject to state and federal laws and will be subject to fines and/or imprisonment. If you are stupid enough to actually manufacture meth you WILL probably go to prison. This is the 90’s.

So to make meth from ephedrine- Using l- or pseudo ephedrine place 1000 gms of ephedrine, 250gms of red phosphorus, and 1000ml of hydriotic acid in a suitable round bottom flask. Fit the flask with a reflux condenser and reflux the mixture for 48hrs at 120 degrees C. Add a 10% solution of sodium hydroxide until the Ph is 14. You should get an oil layer and a water layer. Separate the oil layer in a separatory funnel and put it a flask with 3 volumes of water. Rig the flask for distillation and distill the oil water mixture until the oil is mostly gone (except for highly colored globs of oil.) In the reciever flask there should be two layers, an upper oil layer and a lower water layer. Separate the oil layer and mix it with 10% hydrochloric acid until the Ph is 7.6. evaporate the water and it will crystallize into methamphetamine hcl.


“We have observed that mixtures containing red phosphorus, iodine and either concentrated HCl or glacial acetic acid do convert ephedrine to methamphetamine; however, when the phosphorus is omitted, methamphetamine is not formed. Ephedrine was reacted with red phosphorus and iodine in refluxing water, varying the ratios of red phosphorus and iodine; when red phosphorus and iodine are in excess of ephedrine in a 1:3.8:7.2 molar ratio (ephedrine:red phosphorus:iodine) methamphetamine is formed and the ephedrine is consumed in 8 hours.”

Anyone have any thoughts, experience with the typical E-RP-HA when the usually separate step of creating the hydriotic acid is omitted and the three chemicals are just reacted in refluxing water. It seems like that is what is being described (along with acid substitution).



1. 30ml bottle tincture iodine containing 2% iodine, sodium iodide 2.4%, alcohol 47%, rest H20

2. 5 Sinustop Herbal Decongestant tablets containing 60mg crystaline pseudoephedrine HCl each mixed with some herbal ingrediants. Or 300mg of ephedrine obtained thru some other method.

3. 5 road flares.

4. Bottle of drain cleaner containg conc. H2SO4

5. Bottle white distilled vinegar

6. Red devil Lye containing sodium hydroxide

7. Spray can of brake cleaner containing 1,1,1 trichloroethylene or 1,1,1 trichloroethane


A. Purifying pseudoephedrine:

1. Take the 5 decongestant capsules, empty their contents into a small funnel with a coffee filter. Pour 50ml of cold water through the filter, and collect the liquid in a small jar.

2. Add a 1/4tsp of lye to the collected liquid. You should immediately smell the odor of ephedrine.

3. Put the resultant solution in another small jar, and add 50ml of brake cleaner, then close the lid and shake vigorously. Let stand so that the layers seperate.

4. Using a turkey baster, suck up the bottom brake cleaner layer out of the jar and put it into a small bowl.

5. Add 50ml of vinegar and heat the resultant mixure over low heat in a frying pan with 1/2 inch of water. Thus a water bath. Do not use a gas stove, since the brake cleaner vapors will produce toxic phosgene if there is contact with a flame. Instead use a hot plate or electric stove at low heat only.

6. Heat the bowl in the water bath until no more liquid is left. At the bottom will be a solid layer of a pseudoephedrine acetate.

B. Preparing the red phosphorus:

1. Scrape the red phosphorus off of the caps of the 5 flares and store for later use. You should get about 0.1g per flare.

C. Preparing the iodine/HI solution:

1. Pour the entire bottle of the iodine tincture into a small ceramic bowl. Heat on the above type water bath until no more alcohol is left. Let cool, put in a small polyethylene jar, and add 0.1ml of the H2SO4 drain cleaner. Thats about 1/4inch of liquid in the end of an eye dropper. This converts the sodium iodide to HI. You now have a solution of iodine and HI. 2. Add the red phosphorus, and heat bottle in a water bath until the purple iodine color goes away.

D. The reaction:

1. Add the pseudoephedrine acetate to the solution of HI/I and phosphorus, and heat on a water bath for 24 hours.

E: Extraction:

1. Cool the reaction solution and add 1/2tsp of lye. Take the solution and perform steps A3-A6. 2. You will end up with methamphetamine acetate that you can scrape from the bowl.

Congradulations! You have circumvented all of law enforcement and have greatly contributed to the end of the “drug war”. (or contributed to the outlaw of all flares, iodine tincture, vignegar, drain cleaners, and auto store chemicals and coffee filters as will happen in the next year)

Best regards, Cousin Singe


FAQ fodder…

If methamphetamine looks waxy or oily, it is probably contaminated with the HI salt of meth, an oily by-product of the red-phosphorous/HI reduction of ephedrine–the most prevalent method of clandestine manufacture.

The HI salt is soluble in acetone, while the HCL salt is only very slightly soluble. The HI salt could be washed out, basified, and then precipitated with HCl gas to give methamphetmine HCL.

When completely dry, methamphetamine HCL is soluble in chloroform, while ephedrine HCL is not. This would provide a convenient method of separation.

[Reference: Skinner, Harry F., “Methamphetamine Synthesis Via Hydriotic Acid/Red Phosphorous Reduction Of Ephedrine,” Forensic Science International, Vol 48, 1990, pp. 123-134]

M1A2 Abrams-United States

M1A2 Abrams United States

T-90S Russia

T-90S Russia

Type 99 China

Type 99 China

Mexico meth raid yields $205 million in U.S. cash
Authorities say it’s the largest drug money haul in history and reflects a vast global trade. Gang said to supply U.S.
By Hector Tobar and Carlos Martinez Times Staff Writers

March 17, 2007
MEXICO CITY – Authorities confiscated more than $200 million in U.S. currency from methamphetamine producers in one of this city’s ritziest neighborhoods, they said Friday, calling it the largest drug cash seizure in history.

The seizure reflected the vast scope of an illegal drug trade linking Asia, Mexico and the United States, officials said. Two of the seven people arrested Thursday at a faux Mediterranean villa in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood were Chinese nationals.

The group was part of a larger drug-trafficking organization that imports “precursor chemicals” from companies in India and China for processing into methamphetamine in Mexican “super labs,” authorities said. The methamphetamine is eventually sold in the United States.

The raid resulted from an investigation that began in December, when authorities seized 19 tons of pseudoephedrine, a cold medicine that is a key ingredient in the production of methamphetamine, at a Mexican port on the Pacific Coast.

A legally registered Mexican company, listed by a trade association as the country’s third-largest importer of pseudoephedrine, was implicated, officials said.

Mexican drug-trafficking organizations have become increasingly important in the U.S. methamphetamine trade, because the U.S. has imposed tougher controls on the sale of the chemicals used to produce the highly addictive drug.

President Felipe Calderon hailed the seizure as a major development in his government’s war on drug traffickers, who have ravaged several Mexican cities and towns.

“We are working in a decisive manner to save our country and to keep Mexico safe and clean,” Calderon told an audience in Tijuana. “I don’t even want to imagine how many young people this gang poisoned with its drugs. But I can assure you, they will do it no longer.”

Mexican officials said the cash seized was mostly in U.S. $100 bills and weighed at least 4,500 pounds.

“Kudos for the Mexicans,” said Donald C. Semesky, financial operations chief for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. “They’re very serious in this effort, and we commend them.”

U.S. officials said that, if confirmed, the cash seizure would be several times larger than any other made from drug traffickers. A spokesman for the Mexican attorney general’s office said that experts were still analyzing the $205.6 million in cash to check for counterfeits but that the bills appeared to be legitimate.

Officials with the attorney general’s organized crime unit used a moving truck, guarded by a 25 patrol-car caravan, to take the money to its headquarters.

Authorities said the traffickers were led by a naturalized Mexican citizen of Chinese descent who appeared to have left the country.

Several machines for manufacturing pills were found at the site, but the group did not produce drugs there. The mansion appeared to serve as a financial operations center and cash storage facility.

Exclusive neighborhood

The neighborhood is home to some of the capital’s wealthiest residents and many members of the diplomatic corps. The back of the property is contiguous with a racquetball court at the Ukrainian ambassador’s residence. The Israeli Embassy is a few blocks away.

Most neighbors and the many maids and security guards who work in the area declined to comment on the raid. The few who did said they had no knowledge of illicit activity.

“The problem is that all of these houses are veritable fortresses,” said one of the neighborhood’s security guards, who asked not to be named. “You never know what goes on inside. The doors open automatically. The owners all have chauffeurs. People go in and out, and you never see anything.”

A driver-bodyguard arrested at the house had told neighbors he was a retired lieutenant colonel in the Mexican army. Neighbors said he walked a German shepherd along the tree-lined streets.

Authorities said the chain of events that brought police to the mansion began in December, when they discovered a shipping container filled with barrels of pseudoephedrine on a storage lot at customs offices in Lazaro Cardenas, a port city about 175 miles northwest of Acapulco.

The chemicals had been manufactured in China and shipped to Mexico on a British-flagged vessel that was bound for Long Beach. The seizure led authorities to a chemical company, Unimed Pharm Chem, based in the city of Toluca, about 40 miles west of Mexico City. The company reported legally importing 32 tons of pseudoephedrine in 2004.

“The resulting investigation showed that this company illegally imported … pseudoephedrine acetate from India,” the attorney general’s office said in a statement. “These chemicals are used to illegally produce methamphetamines.”

Mexican Atty Gen. Eduardo Medina Mora said in a radio interview that one of the Chinese exporters involved in shipping the chemicals to Mexico is an illicit “shadow” company not registered with Chinese authorities.

Last year, Mexican authorities raided what they termed the largest methamphetamine lab in the Western Hemisphere at an industrial park in Guadalajara. The factory had 11 custom-designed pressure cookers capable of producing 400 pounds of the drug each day, about 20 times the production of a typical California lab.

Saturday, August 16, 2008 Guadalajara

Saturday, August 16, 2008 Guadalajara

U.S. officials estimate that 80% of the methamphetamine sold on U.S. streets is produced by Mexican criminal organizations.

For these drug cartels, whose business mushroomed when they became the middlemen in the shipment of Colombian cocaine to the United States, methamphetamine is a lucrative side business worth billions of dollars, analysts say.

Officials at the DEA’s Office of Financial Operations estimated that 90% of the money transferred from the United States to Latin American suppliers of drugs leaves the U.S. as cash. Drug traffickers transfer $8 billion to $24 billion to Mexico each year, according to authorities.

$100 bills preferred

Most of the cash is carried across the U.S.-Mexico border by car or on foot as $10 and $20 bills and later converted to $100 bills, officials say.

Semesky said $100 bills are the preferred method for making large payments between drug organizations, because they are less bulky. With $20 bills, $1 million weighs 110 pounds.

“They don’t want to build a storage location for 20s,” the DEA’s Semesky said of the drug traffickers. “You’re talking about decreasing that bulk at least five times.”

Before Friday, the largest reported amount of cash seized by Mexican authorities was $7 million, which was found inside electric appliances at Mexico City’s international airport in 2005. The appliances were headed for Colombia.

Mexican officials said they worked past midnight Thursday to count the seized bills, which were hidden inside locked metal shelves, suitcases and closets. It was five times the amount that was seized in all of 2006 by Mexican authorities in anti-narcotic and money-laundering operations.

To provide a sense of the scale of the money involved, Mexican media compared the amount seized to various items in the 2007 federal budget.

The $205.6 million was more than the funding allocated to pensions for the handicapped by Mexico’s social security agency. It exceeded the amount of public funds provided to Mexico’s political parties for campaign spending and also surpassed the budget of the Mexican Senate.

“It’s a lot of money, and we didn’t know a thing,” said one security guard assigned to a nearby property. “We work outside and can’t even imagine what goes on inside these houses.”


Wed, 12 Aug 2009 20:14:37 +0000

(murmur) … just want to post this.


Line 11 is “psychic prediction”. That means that in between the time I first posted “Just How to Make Meth” this morning and a while ago, when I went back to edit it with [these brackets], someone apparently saw it, read it, then re-entered these words knowing that that action would make an anonymous “comment” on some objectionable content.

The content might be objectionable in terms of the other times I have modified content, which was when I “named names”. In fact, it is just barely conceivable that the average person’s opinions condescend to “allow” others to express their rights if those people do not abuse the privilege. The phrase “psychic prediction” appeared juxtaposed to my telling the police what to do. Not only my rights are involved here. We should expect that addressing the drug problem involves risk to the staus quo. If you do not threaten the status quo there is no purpose to any discussion of the drug problem. This blog is not just about the drug problem. Now it is about the science of consciousness, the science of chemistry, psychic phenomena, and the issue of mental health as it relates to terrorist acts. It is my belief that in the intersection of these areas is where the greatest change to the current paradigm of medicine, the sciences, and justice will take place in the coming decades. You won’t recognize it. Computer artificial intelligence is another topic covered here.

I had to edit my post because I just cannot leave it alone when new information reaches me. It is too much of a coincidence. I could probably let it be if very old information were to come to my attention.

Dr. Roger Penrose is a friend of Dr. Stephen Hawking. Dr. David Susskind opposes Hawking on his view of black holes. The person of unquestioned high intelligence whom I was just reading about is Dr. Murray Gell-Mann. I was also reading about Dr. Theodore Kazinsky. This list will never be complete without the name of Dr. Stephen Chu. Actually, this list will never be complete. My other list got longer by one:


WordPress is working on a new home page; they have added a phrase: the best of (x number of) bloggers. How pretentious. I am controversial. You have no way of identifying me as the best, but I am.

Google is highlighting the Perseid meteor shower, the way they do with their logo, but, it is television which rocked the world. People are sitting in front of the tube for hours at a time. In the age of radio they could do housework while they listened to it. It would take a while to see a shooting star, but that is what is going on.

Penrose may not be able to make a contribution to science in this area, because the theory of quantum gravity and all that will look pretty bleak in a short time, and psychic phnomena are resistant. They are metaphysics for a reason, that being directly opposed to a mechanistic explanation. It does not matter how good you are, the tools to do the work on are just not there. In chemistry we have a word, “to synthetize”. Yes, it is “to synthesize” if you are referring to what it is you are going to make, but the former if it is what you are going to use. Also, “atheism” and “atheist” and “scientist” and “rascist” and “fascist” must have something in common, excepting atheism. And “scientism” must exist due to that. But, look at my title. That is a word which is simply out of the question to define. I got it from getting high for months and taking what I had written and rewriting it in little columns. My eye fell across those ten letters. Now you think it is a word; it is not. There is not even a word to describe words like this, because, I said I got high. Roger Penrose cannot say that. What they all say instead was that in the 1980s Werner Erhard used to invite scientists to his mansion in San Fransisco. Part of the scientific endeavor is to keep the edge over us on the fact they did coke. I can freely interact with ideas moving swiftly between what it is to be schizophrenic, addicted, criminal, and well-versed in the art.

Otherwise, it is my project and that of all educators under the banner of phenomenology to believe that exceptional humans can perform miracles and these I have listed showed incredible ability in school, mostly on vast memory, a huge database of knowledge. They read a lot, etc. In fact, words which are close in there will prevent the use of these almost-words. They are hidden. Concepts are likewise hidden. It is the nature of the occult, which means ‘hidden’. I used to call them cliches, and Wiki has the best list. Now I am calling them aphorisms, but that is not right. They are quotations of the voices I hear in my head. Oh, they mean somethin. You cant just take them and use them as if you have a list of unused words; in fact, language had to be carefully invented by monks. They are our Founding Fathers.

A Founding Father of the Founding Fathers of the United States was Rev. Increase Mather. His son was Cotton Mather. He gets a bye due to his status, but I feel that his unspoken wishes were not in conflict with hanging innocent people; that was going on at the time (1692). Here is what he wrote:

Some I hear have taken up a notion, that the Book newly publifhed by my Son, is contradictory to this of mine. ‘Tis strange that fuch Imaginations fhould enter into the minds of men. I perufed and approved of that Book before it was Printed. And nothing but my Relation to him prevented me from Recommending it to the World. But my felf and my Son agreed with the Humble Advice which twelve Minifters concurringly prefented before his Excellency and Council, refpecting the prefent difficulties, which let the World judge whether there be anything in its diffentory from what is attefted by either of us. It was in the words following.

You are reading, and if you want to read something good, it is to be found in “Best of Craigslist”. I was reading that yesterday, and the Urban Dictionary, and Coontacts on Niggermania. I know I was reading for entertainment. I came to CL from a link provided by something itself silly, like a news story I was using to get the facts about something dead, used to be human.

Today, bing-bing-bing, the powers that be are arresting someone over more postings, this time on CL, this time here in Dago, and this time over threats made against children. Here’s what he wrote:

“The two elementary schools in Coronado that are going to be attacked in October (Village Elementary and Silver Strand Elementary) both have a lot of military children. I guess the people that are going to attack these two schools realize killing these military children is easy. I’m pretty sure these children will probably suffer before they die in a pool of blood.”

Internet Threat
Internet Threat

Internet Threat

A previous post said;

“I am being used in a mind control experiment (by the Military). Somebody recommended that I used my Suburban to run over kids when they are at school, so I might get the help I need. “Does anybody have any thoughts about this, and do you think if I do this, I might get some help?”

Pictures of four different San Diego area elementary schools were included in the post.

The complaint also stated that San Diego Police warned Rodgers not to post threats on the Internet and officers took him to County Mental Health for evaluation. He was released eight days later and allegedly posted more threats.

Ah, good. That was so much easier than the first one. I put part of the paragraph into a pattern I use, like I did to get the title. Then the same letters look like this:

I.L .T D . . A . . C . .. R . T . .R. E .E. .N.T
W O E C H O N A D I N G E D I T H. H I L. I

I have always wondered whether there were not some clues in the letters used to compose the sentences expressing thoughts, such that they could be used as a lie detector or used to pinpoint a mental state; especially to tell when you are high if you are in touch with a higher power of some kind. See? I’ve slipped into the God thing. I noticed the symmetry of the letters running down. You could see it good with a grid. This guy is schizophrenic. His name is Paul Douglas Rodgers. The rock singer Paul Rogers does a song, “Shooting Star”, and this is the meteor shower time of year. See, the unknown guy always knows about the famous one with the same name. What can you think about that?

“Just How to Make Meth”

Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:01:06 +0000

These words are being composed in San Diego. I have been here for two months without going back and forth to Las Vegas.

I put quotation marks in the title because I do not agree with what I have written there. I have most everything else here in a screen shot. As many of the individuals whom I love say it, “I’m not agree with you.” That is ungrammatical, and I have just finished watching a movie with some incredible acting in it. The most familiar actor was Frank Vincent. he is usually a gangster (“Casino”), but, here he’s a school principle. Just a minute; I’ll get the title. Would you like me to fix you a shot while I’m up? Okay, alright.

“City Teacher”, it’s called. The front of the DVD case is plastered with awards, in general they look like olive branches.

I know someone has sent me a message to blog about how to make meth without diluting the whole cache down and making it hard to use for things like quickly putting your finger on how many units of water to use to shoot dope (it’s ten to fifteen cents). Believe me, I appreciate it, what you are going through and so on and so forth. However, number one, I imagine you people who would use the information in this blog as nothing but trash. Number two, in the interest of harm reduction, some persons who are so high that if they do not get some help they will die shortly do take precedent over how to make meth, as we must keep in mind the challenging nature of the methamphetamine experience which we are presumably turning a profit off of by investing our time and our money.

Before I go on, I’ll upload this:

ZZ Top

That brings up the case of Cameron Douglas, an extremely high-profile meth dealer caught most recently. I will go ahead and make a psychic prediction to the Feds or to New York State, whoever has him: You will not even entertain the notion of jailing this man for any ten years, thirty years, or life. I see a sentence of from three to five years for this. Don’t fuck with the film colony or you will be laughed out of Hollywood. Are we clear? We got Cam’s back, and Cam will clean up.

[Okay, there’s that psychic effect kicking in. It is now newstime, and there is news with a “Douglas” to it. It is the middle name of a suspect federally arrested for posting threatening communications on the Internet. It happened before today, but we are not getting any enlightenment by looking for another word besides psychic; I didn’t know about it. This blog post is not a threat; it is a prediction. I am sure they (the feds) don’t like it when people weigh in on charges they have made, but the fact is the length of time threatened for CMD to serve is bogus. He will never do that and I am just being realistic here. The new guy’s initials are PDR. He is the type of actor in the program of the clinically insane variety. Roger Penrose (another roger; the new suspect’s last name is RODGERS, first name of PAUL) is a famous physicist with a theory of consciousness; my theory doesn’t put it in any one mind. These theories are controversial. New list of all words needing new definitions in a new theory of consciousness:


A component of each word is the same, when normally randomness in the universe makes them different. Whoops! I have another archaic word for difference (Mather). Yes, it should finally make computers and man equivalent. The theory of AI is inhibited by an inability to think like humans, and if humans are special, the universe is deeper. The schizophrenics seem to be subject to responding against their will to psychic influence. Imagine people like me, not currently suffering from a major mental illness, able to project bad vibes while not getting swept up in a complete loss of awareness of our own condition, which is me and what is an idea. It is called being “oriented with respect to set, setting and expectation.” Oh yeah, I believe impossible things, but it doesn’t stick against all reason as if my life depended upon it. If you take the meth, unexpectedly you will become paranoid and then when you come down you will probably deny how wack you became (since you did not share it ‘n you sat there glad nobody seemed to know what you were thinking – – it might have run to homicide)].

Homicide on 777!

[This comment added 8-14-09, 8:30 p.m. PST: I knew I had seen “777” before when, just a minute ago, I went ahead and clicked on Google’s doodle for today since Oersted is a physicist/chemist, and this is a chemistry blog. He was born August 14, 1777. I’m psychic. Some days I feel more psychic, or paranoid, than I do on others. I’ll give the day I wrote this a 2, and today a 3, on a scale of 1-3. I always feel somewhat psychic, unless I have a stroke. I’ve never had one; I’m just saying. The oersted’s the name given to the unit of magnetic induction in the cgs system, and cgs or mks are commoner in physics, one’s more laboratory size, one is outdoors. Dude notices an electric current in a wire deflects a compass needle and so ties electricity and magnetism together.] 1234

[The word is ‘diffentory’. I am going to have to write another post. See, the whole thing is difficulty after difficulty. First, if the Internet means/objectives holds (as opposed to causes/effects ), you have to use the Internet. When you do that, you can admit the influence through a longer time. Since this word is used in 1692, yes, if I have seen it I can document that. But, here’s the definition: A kind of still.

A kind of Still?!! Increase can’t be talking about ‘a kind of still’. Now, with the minds or mind of everything impinging on any one mind (mind), god-DAMMIT! I mean mine – – then time is not what it used to be, either. This is not just now, and genius working with this is going to be disinfecting the laboratory as you go, like using a time machine. The immediate thing is to recognize that if you do not get the grammar right, you are going to end up arguing about God. Here’s the linky-thing to Increase:

That is not to Wiki on Increase Mather. That is to an actual page using the word DIFFENTORY, which he wrote. He was the intellectual. I do not wish to compare apples to oranges, and old words we do not use anymore may conceal vital clues about how to operate on the occult. I can extend my list, but they have to be the same part of speech or it is not a very good list.


Now, I am going to terminate this discourse while still being at a year, if it were the word count, that you or I would have no hope of understanding what in hell they were saying. If the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. wants to send me a cryptographic message, hey, I apologize. I am too dense to make heads or tails out of them. 6:45 p.m., Wednesday, August 12, 2009]

2006 Recipe #2

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 21:41:49 +0000

methods of methamphetamine manufacture

Sunday, March 26, 2006
Recipe #2
This is the aluminum amalgam method. Here, phenyl 2-propanone (benzyl methyl ketone) is reductively aminated with methylamine. It is an older method than ephedrine/HI/red phosphorous, which supplanted it c. 1985. SWIM tried it and got hardly any product, about 5 grams, but it was good product. The product is racemic, a racemic modification, meaning that the substance in question is modified from practically ever being pure by being contaminated with its mirror image, each enantiomer of the two possible mirror images being present in a 50-50 mixture. This is caused by the lack of asymmetry of the starting material. A ketone with a double bond to oxygen is reduced to two single bonds, one to a proton, the other to a methylamine moiety. The double bond can react on either side just as well as the other.

In the late Seventies P2P became impossible to buy and needs to be made itself. Same story with methylamine. This method assumes that this has already been done. The form that SWIM had them in was methylamine HCl crystals, and the yellow, fragrant liquid P2P. The P2P was used as is, but should have been distilled first. You would set up distillation with a thermometer and only collect the fraction which boiled at the correct temperature. Also, if P2P steam distills, all the water present would have to be absorbed by a drying agent (a solid like MgSO4) put into the bottle of P2P and the P2P decanted off.

SWIM had a larger flask than the amount of P2P, so he built up the volume with ethanol. I don’t believe water presents a problem in this reaction. The reaction starts with a lot of aluminum foil cut into one-inch squares, enough to fill the flask half-full. A pea-sized piece of “corrosive sublimate”, HgCl2, mercuric bichloride, is dissolved in water and all the Al foil in the flask is wet with it. The foil starts sizzling and dissolving, and the reaction is performed before it all dissolves away. Al amalgam, the reducing agent, is an alloy of Al and Hg. the flask is set up for reflux and the heat turned on and refluxed until all the Al foil visible is gone, in around an hour. The workup is complicated by the presence of hydrated Al salts, which are like mud. The reaction mixture is based over with caustic soda and the insoluble Al salts drop out, too. The mixture is extracted with diethyl ether. I guess it could be steam-distilled. Then it is carried out like in my other post, recipe #1, “How to Make Methamphetamine”. This method smells so much it is easy to get caught. In fact, P2P or its precursor, phenylacetic acid, if spilled, will never come out and always smell, and this smell is characteristic to anyone who knows it. It will even smell in storage.

posted by SEB @ 8:59 PM

Reprint Off Old Blog I Had in 2006

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 21:35:27 +0000

I found this by being told by some guy something. I was posting highly unpopular entries in Atheist Nexus and a guy said, “I know you are interested in bad math and numerology (from) Google Groups History.”

Well, I had lost my first blog long ago and I felt that the blog hosts had something against meth cooks and got rid of it, but, you know how that stuff goes on a computer. They didn’t get rid of it and I found it! I cared a lot more the first time and the second time I just went through the motions. This one might be better:

How to Make Methamphetamine

The name ‘methamphetamine’ comes from truncating the names of parts added on to the named prototype, “phenylethylamine”, a class found in plants which acts in the body similar to the body’s natural neurotransmitters, the catecholamines. Specifically, it is (N-) METHyl Alpha-Methyl PHenyl EThyl AMINE. It is a drug subject to abuse. The US government wishes to combat its use and has attempted anti- First Amendment legislation, the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act, which failed in 2001.
Sunday, March 26, 2006
Recipe #1
180 gm. ephedrine HCl
25 gm. red phosphorous
1 pt. hydriodic acid, 57%

Place HI in a single-neck, one-liter rb boiling flask with a 24/40 female joint, dissolve ephedrine, add phosphorous, fit 200-mm. Liebig condenser to the neck. Place gas scrubber on top of condenser, secure cooling water lines to condenser and away from hot flask, raise temp. to boiling, reflux for 20 hours. Let cool, take out c. 1 ml. with a dispo pipette, place in test tube, add 50% NaOH (beware of splash from rxn, wear goggles), sniff to verify completion of reduction. ALT-place top layer from test tube (w/o phosphorous) in a large watch glass and add one drop of conc. HCl. See what the pH is by mixing with the closed end of a melting-point capillary tube and just touch that to a pH strip which measures 6.5 to 10. The correct color should be a tan and not a yellow (too acid), or a blue (too basic). It is better to get to tan (pH 7) from above (blue) than from below. Experiment until you get a ml. or so neutralized (pH 7). Once neutral, it should crystallize within the hour. Scrape those crystals onto fine filter paper folded into an ordinary funnel sitting in an erlenmeyer flask. Squirt 1/2 ml. dry, cold acetone from a special bottle (one which has the tip heated in a flame and pulled out very narrow and cut off with scissors (before it ever has acetone in it)), onto the crystals and let the acetone wash the liquid down, then let the filter paper dry without taking it out of the funnel while wet (five minutes), then test this material as finished product. If it is product (if it crystallizes it should be), work the rest of the reaction mixture up. First, separate from phosphorous by filtering using an aspirator vacuum and a buchner funnel with a filter paper diam. of maybe 6cm. The paper must cover the holes and must sit flat in the bottom of the funnel. A fritted-glass funnel is a more expensive alternative to this. Place the clear yellow reaction mixture in a two-liter flask just like your one-liter flask, or use the 1-L and do half at a time, since you must double the volume by adding the excess of cold 50% NaOH. This basing-over operation evolves heat and can splash you with caustic. Therefore, gloves and goggles are required. When enough caustic has been added (a little bit at a time, waiting for the heat to subside before adding more), a layer of methamphetamine base will float on top. The bottom layer is aqueous. Rig this flask for downward distillation with a second 200-mm Liebig condenser, a still head at the top, and a drip-tip adapter at the bottom of the two condensers in series. This should empty into a separatory funnel with the bottom stopcock closed. This should be all closed up (buy the equipment with all matching joints and wrap the male ends with plumber’s teflon tape). I don’t think this counts as heating a closed system because the cooling water jacket is counteracting the heater and you need to make that efficient. Nothing says you can’t assemble the equipment in all phases here and test it out by boiling water. What you are looking for is clear-on-clear oil-on-water half-and-half drops coming down the condenser. Once that stops and it is all water, this part is about done. Tap out the water layer and pour off the oil layer out of the top of the sep. funnel into several glass-stoppered erlenmeyer flasks, each less than half-full. Backing up to the oil recovery step, this is steam distillation. Live steam can be put into the workup flask, in which case it will need to be a double-necked rb flask, or the same heating system as for the reaction can be utilized again (and should be anyway even with added steam) to drive over the product. The steam boiler is expensive. SWIM just happened to have one he got for $100. It goes for $1500 ( a long time ago) and is called Hot Shot. At the junction where the steam is going into the flask, an inexpensive part is a cork. Never use rubber stoppers in any part of this cooking thing or the final product will taste like it. the steam is caused to go under the surface of the liquid. Of course, never allow any steam generator to cool and suck back reaction mixtures into itself. You can’t just relieve pressure on the system by opening it (loosening a joint), it occurs to me, rather, you must lift the steam delivery tube clear of the liquid before the steam generator cools. Steam generators made out of glassware can be assembled, and the delivery tube is often formed into a spiral up close to the generator end and that is superheated with a Fisher burner (a wide version of the pipelike end of a Bunsen burner). Left to go:
1. How to gas using salt and sulfuric acid.
2. What a gas scrubber is.
3. How to replace all the ingredients with pills, matchbooks, and tincture of iodine.
3a. How to then use iodine crystals in place of HI.
4. How to secure hoses to nipples and supply water to condensers.
5. How to clamp glassware, tightening from the inside out.
6. What kind of aspirator water pump to use, but, I can’t find it.
7. How to store phosphorous, that is, leaving it wet but putting it in glass, not putting wet phosphorous back in the metal can.
8. How to operate a pipette bulb, because they are rubber and meth oil must not touch them.
9. Don’t let cooling water hoses touch the hot glass ( I may have said that).
10. Never to hang up a fragrance item in a closed space with meth oil to kill the smell, as the essence will end up in the meth.
11. Never to trust HI given to you on the black market. if you get some, look for it to be stored in plastic jugs and to give off white fumes. In that case do not use it. If it is really HF, it will react with phosphorous to suddenly heat up and eat through the bottom of the flask and heater. HI should give off purple fumes and/or turn a piece of paper dark just held over the mouth. HF burns may be fatal after a few hours and immediate medical attention may not even help.
12. What kinds of heaters to use, and mainly, avoiding heaters which suddenly turn off and then on at full power. The proper kind is in series with a variable resistor, called a Variac, a $200 item.
13. The use of boiling stones to avoid “bumping”, made out of teflon, or just to drop some broken glass into the bottom of the flask, but not as a last-minute thought. Only do it while the flask is cool. If you uncork the hot flask and drop in a boiling stone, it will immediately boil over.
Criticism more than welcome.
14. How to do a mole-concept analysis of the strength (molar excess) of the reagent (HI) to the substrate(ephedrine).
15. I am not going to get into titration of HI samples to determine percentage, but, freshly prepared, constant-boiling HI (aq) is 57%.
16. Do not believe the 1981 article by Frank in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. This article names carbon disulfide, the most flammable of the common solvents, as an ingredient. It must have been purposely put into the article to cause explosions and is some kind of disinformation. Dr. Frank is a DEA chemist, so, hip-hip hooray for him. For, he’s a jolly good fellow.

Sodium thiosulfate is a titrant for iodine, it destroys the iodide anion which is present in the special halogen acid, HI. That is special by virtue of its probable ability to deliver a hydride anion to the substrate. Note: metal hydride reducing agents do not reduce the benzylic hydroxyl group of ephedrine, and running a quick PCl5 /chloroform replacement of the hydroxyl with chloride, while that gives a quantitative yield of intermediate chloro-ephedrine, cannot produce meth using LiAlH4 in dry ether in a subsequent step. At least not whenever SWIM did it.

17. The production of aspartame may offer ton quantities of a starting material for methamphetamine, and I sincerely hope that the chemistry of the world is not geared toward the eventual production of meth through diversion of the by-product d-phenylalanine.

18. D-pseudoephedrine the isomer of ephedrine, works. D-ephedrine does not work, but, produces the inactive (-)- methamphetamine. More on enantiomers to come.

I do not believe any of the considerations herein may be ignored, with the exception noted elsewhere (the “elsewhere’s” include Rhodium) that no pH strips are required, but, I think you have to gas the oil and have crystals drop out of a freon-based or some otherwise type of mother liquor in which case, yes, any crystals formed and recovered are automatically neutral.

I wrote this in good faith. Dedicated to Senator Feinstein.

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enantiomers are nonsuperimposable mirror image isomers. The structure’s the same. The only difference is in the biological activity. There is a way to tell, called a polariscope, which measures the handedness and degrees of optical rotation, but I think you can see it when little flat fans of meth HCl crystallize. The light reflecting off the domain seems to rotate as you tilt the surface.
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Miles from Nowhere

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 14:06:48 +0000

President John F Kennedy
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th US President (1961-63)


In the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, the world was taken to the brink of nuclear war by a President who mixed mood-modulating steroids [for his Addison’s disease] and amphetamines. Kennedy also took meperidine (Demerol), methadone (Dolophine), methylphenidate (Ritalin), meprobamate (Miltown), chlordiazepoxide (Librium), miscellaneous barbiturates and thyroid hormone – though not all at the same time. A 1972 New York Times report quotes a doctor treating Kennedy who allegedly warned him about amphetamine use: “no President with his finger on the red button has any business taking stuff like that.”

Note from your blogger: Note the word, “amphetamines”, above. Do not be fooled. The use of the word is to obfuscate, similar to Bill Clinton saying that he smoked marijuana and never inhaled. The “various amphetamines” which exist notwithstanding, an addict is not going to really use anything but methamphetamine; thus, all junkies are alike, not different. This one tried to end the world and to think, that he who came the closest to ending the world was on methamphetamine. Oh, yeah. We are in Iraq for the oil, see? Kennedy has a famous speech in which he threatens nuclear war, and that’s when he signs his death warrant. before that, he owned the Guiness Book of World’s Records record for the fastest speaker. Hmm, I wonder why?

Dying is for some other life form. We are put to death. Some things you learn from study, and others you determine by inspection.

I am working on a new thing in which an ESP ague infects the language in the following sense: Is fucks a four-letter word? Yes or No. Okay, waiting is not spelled wating. there’s no such word wating, there’s no such a word, reknown. when you were thinking of how to spell the word, you had to avoid confusion by making it different from wasting, so that ppl could miserably but compliantly wait for extended periods without being absolutely certain they were wasting their time. A scam like this only continues as long as a renowned celebrity has not sat upon the language like something equivalent in intelligence to the cockroach. I refer now to Gordon Sumner, aka “Sting”. The more clairvoyant you are, the less you know him. “Weigh Sting”, he might think, and he goes, “143.” Obesity itself is his fault. There is a cross-circuitry in the aether. Because, without a meaning, syllabic confluences distort until they do gather a meaning. Old English was his name being a snitch to the King. Ys meant this; yt meant that. Wa becoming way with ys and ting to a thing sticks him in there and there is no way to test it with him gone. That’s why JFK is gone. We can test it. Sting’s coming up on his 58th birthday this month. How many ppl have gotten fat on his watch? You know what he says? “When the world is running down, make the best of what’s still around.”


picture of mathemetical genius Paul Erdös
Jewish Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdös

Paul Erdös (1913-1996), “the man who loved only numbers”, was one of the most brilliant and prolific mathematicians of the twentieth century. Erdös spent much of his restless life on psychostimulants. As he once remarked, “A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.”

But Erdös liked stronger medicine too. After his mother’s death in 1971, Erdös became quite depressed. His physician prescribed amphetamines. Erdös took Benzedrine or Ritalin almost every day for the last twenty five years of his life. Sometimes he took both.

Long-term use of amphetamines often exacerbates depression. When used chronically, too, amphetamines usually induce stereotyped thought and behaviour rather than creativity. But Paul Erdös seems to be an exception. He felt living on speed helped him to create maths. At an age when most mathematicians have long since burnt out, his output was certainly prodigious.

Strong dopaminergic drugs also tend to provoke or exacerbate obsessive-compulsive behaviour. Here their effect on Erdös may be more typical. Erdös hated to be touched; and he washed his hands some 50 times a day.

Colleagues worried that Erdös might have become addicted. In 1979, he accepted a $500 bet from his friend Ronald Graham. Graham challenged Erdös to abstain from speed for 30 days. Erdös met the challenge, but his output sank dramatically. Erdös felt the progress of mathematics had been held up by a stupid wager.

In an article by Paul Hoffman published in November 1987, Atlantic Monthly profiled Erdös and discussed his Benzedrine habit. Erdös liked the article, “…except for one thing…You shouldn’t have mentioned the stuff about Benzedrine. It’s not that you got it wrong. It’s just that I don’t want kids who are thinking about going into mathematics to think that they have to take drugs to succeed.”

My name is Stephen. I did not write a lot of the copy here; I did not do my homework in school. I was busy; I still have things going on. I must keep an eye upon my interests. Just assume that if I didn’t draw the pictures I didn’t write the words.