This wants to look like, “white canary”. Oh, I can see where it has a pusillanimous feature of a little songbird. So, if you scream out, “Wikenary!”, it will not rally the troops? I think it will. No one has to know you are saying “canary”.

Ine your Niece!

This is “ine” (I’m, contraction of I am), your, with a rolling ‘r’, and niece. The louder you scream it, the more it comes back as, “On your knees!”, but, it is even scarier-sounding. “Ine” is fd in methamphetamine and gasoline.


This is all I want. I do not want two alternate words ‘flammable’ and ‘inflammable’ meaning the same thing. Who could blame anyone who thought they were opposites? It sounds French. That is all we need.

Nicholas is super-cute. They kind of look at me strange around there, dropping their forks and stopping the chewing, on account of me saying, “He’s wild”. I can see the wheels going around. They want to destroy me. They ought to just talk about my mother, because that is who it is doing the poisoning, all of them. “But Steve, I did not say anything against you.” May I point out that you live there? You know which side your bread is buttered on. You cannot be proud of what you are. If you wonder about a tyrant and his enjoyment of imposing tyranny, like Stalin, you have to figure lying about what you have done is second only to committing mass murder itself. I do not know for sure. I think I got a clue, “That is only one of the hats the dude wears”.

“The wolf can’t blow the house down if it is blix”.

“A shopping cow, and a video game. A shopping ka”. The very people I am writing about are on the phone. I told my Aunt Wilma to leave my birthday card I sent her around so my Dad could see it, and she did it. She should not have done that. I gave her a $350 ring, with a Type One One-Dollar gold piece in it, from 1853.

I have the internet, but my former take on 1853 was that this year was a peak year of gold production from California, so there were a lot of them. I Googled it anyway; there were a lot of events. Taken together, they reveal what happens in a peak year of cash flow. I looked at my birthday. “First passenger rail opens in India, from Bori Bunder, Bombay, to Thane.” Bunder is word 416; my birthday’s 4/16. That was 99 years earlier. A recent peak year of madness cash flow style was, say, 2005.

On the subject of Mussolini, it was the lack of teeth, or it always has been to me, the death’s head look of toothless people. The main one like that, in the celebrity world, because celebrities is how niggers tell other niggers the color of a nigger they are describing. Was it a color like ebony, a cafe au lait, a high yellow, a Lena Horne, what have you. I want to ask them if they are Watusi, if tall, but no one wants to engage a nasty little bloodthirsty pygmy in conversation. The best example is Joan Cusack. I do not know how I left her out the first time. The way her teeth stick out is like she can take them right out and scare you with them. She’s John Cusack’s sister. That’s why she’s in movies. I can do without him. I can do without my Farrah Fawcett hemmorhoid, but it comes with the territory. Maybe everybody has one. You all certainly would not say so. You probably would say that at the time, you would have passed on the haircut. No you would not have. Get a clue: Mass murderers kill hundreds of thousands at a clip. You ask them, “Are you through now? I mean, really.” No, they are not through. You have to stop them, not put them on trial.

Darfur conflict death toll dramatically down, UN says. This reads as if the death toll is just per week. No. The total is 300,000. No wonder it is getting harder to find ones to kill. You killed them all already.

Pontiac-the-Indian-Nations-and-the-British-Empire 9780803287372 set into wikenary[8/11/2013]


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