Someone searches, “how to make meth out of benzaldehyde”. I’m going to do that, probably calling it and another, out of benzyl chloride, recipes #6 and 7, but I also needf a method for allyl chloride, but that is mainly a P2P method, and i have a P2P page from Org Syn, but I didn’t bring it, and I’ll see if there is anything to up[load on this computer. I am stalling. I have no tiume. thx for asking. Could be psychic. I was thinming about it. I tried once befoer but a website attacked me, so I am going back in with some anti-virus protectoion.

Heliotropin is also named piperonal and it smells like heaven, sort of a vanilla derivative. I had a pound. It’s gone. All the private labs are being confiscated by DEA. They ought to start saving them. This stuff makes ecstasy. It is a benzaldehyde, methylenedioxybenzaldehyde.

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