Does Meth Make You Psychic?

There are psychics, so, instead of the question I put in the title, we could ask, “Does meth make you a psychic?” No, meth makes you a drug addict.

Is one of the side effects of meth use to increase psychic awareness, apart from its career opportunities? Well, its effects include extended wakefulness and appetite suppression, but it also gives the user a euphoric feeling, and these are demonstrable effects from the first use. With long-term use other effects emerge, including mental disease. Is mental disease associated with psychic power? Well, I am writing about how to make the meth. Meth in this regard is just one of millions of compounds which can be made, and they are all made the same way. The way they are able to be made is by following a whole set of rules and career choices and political ways and means. It is this “scientific method” which is humorous or ironic to me when I pretend that I am conducting experiments according to cold, logical seeking after the truth. It better describes my intention to say that I seek revenge. After all, I was imprisoned and all I wanted was to do the ups I want to do.

The scientific method has hypothesis, experiments, results, and conclusion, or something like that. It has observation. You make observations. Hopefully, I have placed enough facts in the reader’s path that it seemed like I must be psychic. That was my intent. It is not really scientific, but, I am confronting a perceived problem of the mainstream scientific establishment being unaware of the greatest threat to survival of our species on this planet. I wish to wake them up. After all, I am writing here. I have already been thinking for literally decades, and messing with Internet for years, getting banned and losing posts forever, and now I am seeing them existing. This is good. The world today has bitten off more than it can chew. It cannot have everything it says it wants. It can’t have food, freedom, population, environment, security, energy, . . .no way. The questioner above has “asked” whether meth makes me psychic. Are you suggesting I take meth? I do not. What you will find is that meth-taking will force you to sacrifice everything you thought, we all think, is advantageous to life in society. Meth is inimical to social life, in this or any conceivable society. Taking meth can destroy vital links, it is my belief, that hold us all in our place. We don’t go floating off the planet; it doesn’t stop the gravity, in the main. It just causes a pilot to push a wrong button, a bridge-tender to lower the drawbridge on top of a ship, a seam to fail holding earthquakes and volcanoes from destroying cities, and that’s not the meth the pilot took. It is the meth I took and then observed as the pilot made a mistake. That’s not scientific cause-and-effect in any scenario. Psychic ESP is complicated and complicates all scientific knowledge. Experiments become impossible to exclude extraneous effects. I don’t take meth. Did I say that? Well, if I’m psychic, did taking meth ten or fifteen years ago persist until now? I don’t feel it. No, that is wrong. I kinda still do.

I logged on today, it is early, 8:02 a.m., on a basis of, with reference to my last post, I went in and checked my posts prior to the crash of the police car which killed the Zr. That was last night, so I had this: Officer James Manor, of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, killed May 7, 2009, badge number 10027, well, his badge number was the formula weight of hydriodic acid, taking out the zeroes. My post of May 6, 2009, stated that formula weight as 127.91. That number was in there. Now we must go to the fiction genre to paint up a bad guy, me, and a good guy, him, and much of that is done already. Our task is thus easy. We have Manor, the former football hero, the night before, kissing his child and putting her to bed, while I in my evil and cracked laboratory, are typing out formula weights of evil chemicals and cackling fiendishly. I hit on his badge number. The number glows pinkish in the glare of the monitor. It has been activated. In some nebulous realm, an incubus reads from a list of the damned to see who he has been called out to harvest their soul. Manor puts his clipboard with his pack of cigarettes he’s been sneaking, into his patrol car. He slides in, moving his gun to get situated. He leaves the seat belt off. The gun gets in the way. The call comes in: a domestic. Manor growls. He doesn’t like a brutal man beating up on a weak child. He sees a traffic light change in the distance. Traffic is light. He can make better time without the lights and siren. He is in the lead. His fellow officers are watching him, admiring his driving prowess just as the fans used to do in the old days on the gridiron. He presses down on the accelerator pedal. He hears a satisfying doo-woop sound from the intake. His badge glints in the street lights he is passing, faster and faster, it says 1 . . 27. Calvin darling turns his red truck in Manor’s path, way up ahead. Manor swerves. His speedometer reads 91 as he contacts darling’s truck, flipping it over. The number is fulfilled as we go into slow motion. The top of Manor’s vehicle is sheared off, killing him on a decapitation. It will be closed casket all the way. His patrol car is rendered useless. No one will ever drive it again, out of respect. His young wife, however, needs comforting, and has a fat settlement from insurance. The unknown recedes once again, to fool petty man in his vain attempts to fuck with me.

7 Responses to “Does Meth Make You Psychic?”

  1. psychic reading - mypsychicadvice, the free encyclopedia Says:

    […] More: […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yes it does make litle bit but at the end its hell

  3. Prodigy Son of 38 minutes after 1700 Says:

    The year 1952
    Only FOUR days prior of the international smokers holiday
    A genius is born. Stega?
    Apologies on the stage 4 cancer.
    A city known for 72 degrees year round only further excites the son.
    This son is lost in translation. Needs cure. What ails him? Lack of information. Needs more than a citation. Needs direct contact with the aliens writing text. So many signs noticed. So many questions arose from signs. SOS? Save this ship?
    He knows know other zone than that from the 86th parallel.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Wow, you mucked her, make it well. Lenny, I apologize. No kind of cancers in the breadth of Zener are bennies’ surround. Right now is I gave it up, for the wartiness is a rip, man. How often I got away with it is relevant only to passing it on to the next generation, so to speak. And, we’re so tall, they would hand me that medical marijuana no longer will cause schizophrenia if the medic will log the diet. Notice if Howie got it more tactical. Around mas, forgetting 2014. What a queer. Your bunny size, my authority. It stuck on favors and they agree it’s you. Pole dancers, right hands. Carrot feed.

  4. Prodigy Son of 38 minutes after 1700 Says:

    Carot’s received. The bunny stays lost in the field no matter which way it runs.
    Mucked indeed. Will continue search for truth. Hopefully one day a message will be received which provides enlightenment.

  5. Prodigy Son of 38 minutes after 1700 Says:

    As in TeaShades? No. Maybe. Some enlightenment has followed?

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