This is a walkthrough for you concentrating on the difficulty.

HI, 57% has been made so illegal that the iodine crystals are what everyone has gone to. I do not know whether ppl can get the same yields. I tried it and I had a hell of a time with the iodine hitting the water and making a bunch of gas. The joints won’t stay connected. If this valuable gas is leaking out instead of reacting with the suzy to make product, then you have to estimate the extra you will need. I got a miserable low yield. I still don’t know why; I don’t really care. I don’t use. But, nobody knows how much dope you get out of it, they just pay a certain price for product. I don’t know how much ppl can get. I suspect the main supply comes from Mexico, and if the batch size is large, the headspace is larger and can accomodate the pressure buildup, or else they get HI, 57%.

Whenever you have these sources, you have to figure that what you want is just part of an ionic compound. I am referring to KI. Notice that the difference btween KI and HI is that K+ ion. That counterion is going to load up the solution so it is not like distilled water, it is like water all full of salt. I don’t want my chemicals reacting in a bunch of junk. I wish it didn’t matter, but the yield does depend upon you giving them every reason to come out good, just like getting the maximum horsepower from an engine.

So, some ppl “searched” on these terms:

women giving head and hitting the meth pip
how to make meth come out stronger
making meth out of ammonium nitrate
how to make methamphetamine walkthrough

1. I have to warn you that she is going to say, “I want to sit on it.” Don’t you let her. That’s a scag, man. Head is fine; you can’t catch AIDS from head.

2. I have honestly tried to find out if ice is a stronger meth. I don’t think so. If the HA made meth in the OC in 1996 and shipped it to Hawaii in motorcycle parts, they were just getting what we all get. Dextrorotatory meth is probably as strong as it gets. I could get embarrased on this, but some of you would take anything just to try it. I am a dissident. I would attend trials and listen to the forensic chemist’s analysis. I mean, see, it doesn’t matter that X came out. I don’t need to try it. Besides, I think my liver is just barely functioning and can no longer detoxify drugs and still keep me alive.

3. The “ammonium” is the NH4+ cation; the “nitrate” is the NO2- anion, . . .hm. Is that right? Anyway, let’s say that ammonia, NH3, gas, is combined with nitrous acid, HNO2, no. I just looked it up. Ammonium nitrate is NH4NO3. That book should be good for something. So, nitrate, NO3, or nitrite, NO2, either way just has a single negative charge. Something like rust, Fe2O3, has 2 Fe+++ to every three O- -. 2 x 3 = 3 x 2, and it’s balanced. The nitrogen is found in differing oxidation states, or valences, in the different anions nitrite and nitrate. When you speak and you get it wrong (I just don’t think anybody reading this blog is going to be able to make any good shit), you can’t expect someone to read your mind and know that you are really trying to make dope. There exists a gas, NO2, just a “nitrogen dioxide”. Say it. If you go into a chemical establishment and say you want some nitrogen dioxide, ee-ho-lay, Holmes, there is going to be trouble. “Do you want that in a tank, sir?” Right, and then you say, “No, in a bottle.” They are going to call the fuzz.

Actually, back in the day we had places set up especially to sell us the stuff. Intertech Trading, I loved them. You never can tell when they’ve been taken over by the DEA, so don’t take my word for it they haven’t been turned. The lady had to remind me what my fake name was, “Robert Creighton”, I believe, because I forgot it. You just know you are not going to forget your name.

Anyhow, with this book here, and after this I am going shopping, I’ll get you your molecular weights. This is the mole concept. There are 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd power molecules per mole. That’s a number. same thing with atoms. If you have that many gold atoms, it is going to weigh 197 grams; says so right on the chart. If you have that many water molecules, H2O is 1 x 1 + 1 x 1 + 16 = 18, right off the chart, it is going to weigh 18 grams. So, you get 18 grams weighed out, tare something first, there is a button right on the balance, pour water or piss out of a boot (Sorry. The instructions are on the heel.), . . .but it isn’t water you want. I think fags are going to be able to make better dope, to be honest. You want HI. Stand up for your rights. HI is 127.91, formula weight. Let’s say you get the 47%. This book says this concentrated acid is supplied at 47-47.5%. Then you weigh it, you don’t just pour it into a graduated cylinder. Okay, let’s say you do pour it in that. Then you don’t have to weigh it. But you need to know the density in that case. It says 1.5 specific gravity-a dimensionless quantity arrived at by dividing the density by the density of water, g/ml cancel, dimensionless. Every liter is going to weigh 1500 g, containing a little less than 750 g (get a calculator), because it is not 50%, it is 47%, then your 127.91, roughly 150, goes into 750 5 times. You have five golden moles. Say you want to go with a molar excess of HI of 2 1/2 times, since you don’t know if you will get the gaps in the glassware closed in time, what with all the poison gas hitting and scalding you in the face. Then you take your formula weight suzy, I’ll look in the E’s, I don’t like to look in the P’s, ephedrine hydrochloride (see that counterion?), 201.70, it is the same for pseudoephedrine; that’s about 200 per mole. I can do two, so I weigh out 400g nice crystalline white powder. Or, if you are bold, keep on shovelling it in. It may all dissolve hot, but what if on the back end it hardens into a brick when it cools down? Then do you have a flask large enough to steam distill from? ‘Cause you’re going to have to add water, son. Don’t forget you have to add NaOH, 50% while cool.

Okay, goddammit, I see something a source of confusion: you look on the chart, boom. Iodine is #53, I, 126.9045, right-hand side, halfway down. Notice that is almost the same number I already said, 127.91. The deal is going to be a straight, “I is the form used in the reaction, as HI, so that is what I am going to calc with.” Don’t go too deep into it. No need for gunplay. Yes, iodine crystals are the diatomic, pure black to purple iridescent, heavy, stinky, pungent material you don’t wrap in paper to steal. Some kid did that and fell down and pissed, and he got an ulcer next to his wienie. My Mom had to save his life. She’s a nurse. What’s that, Mom? You can get AIDS from head? uh-huh. Okay, men. Using a latex glove cut up the middle, we create a dental dam before receiving head. Thank you, gays! They’re diatomic, but the chart only says one, “I”. The chart doesn’t cover what form you are going to download. You better get it to dissociate in there and end up as HI or it won’t follow the reaction mechanism we have envisioned for it. I don’t have any huge mistakes in here. I can defend my mistakes. Not one single person has said a word. I find it hard to believe some spammer is “seriously thinking about this subject”. That’s just how spammers word their spam to catch bloggers. They have this thing where they are not scientific. They don’t argue any point. They let whoever “owns” the site modify reality at his pleasure. Well, I am not going to tolerate this for long. I’m about done. You could mine.

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