Yes, This Blog Is Nonfiction

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Story appeared in the METRO section
I.D. number: OCR20846
Number of words: 62
Man held after lab is found
March 15, 1987

Byline: The Register
The Orange County Register

An Orange man was arrested after police officers responding to a domestic dispute found what they called a methamphetamine laboratory in his garage. Stephen Billinghurst, 34, an unemployed lab technician, was taken into custody Friday night on suspicion of possessing chemicals to make methamphetamines and booked into Orange County Jail on $10,000 bail, Orange Sgt. John Higley said Saturday.

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from OC Register archives

story appeared in the METRO section

I. D. number OCR20846

number of words: 62

your search for billinghurst AND date (1987) returned 1 of 1 articles

Man held after lab is found
March 15, 1987

Byline: The Register

An Orange man was arrested after police officers responding to a domestic dispute found what they called a methamphetamine laboratory in his garage. Stephen billinghurst, 34, an unemployed lab technician, was taken into custody Friday night on suspicion of possessing chemicals to make methamphetamines and booked into Orange County Jail on $10,000 bail, Orange Sgt. John Higley said Saturday.

That’s the story. I have to admit that I am trying to convince my readers that I am telling the truth all throughout this blog suddenly this morning. I am telling the truth, every word, from the start.

I got this comment from “blenienbype”:

I’m new to this blog. Apologize for asking this though, but to OP…Do you know if this can be true; It came off (a URL).

blenienbype apparently sells ringtones 1
the post he comments on is called “Schoolers” 2
the phrase “if this can be true” does not say what “this”
is, so, I guess it’s the blog 3
I think OP means “other people”, but, I don’t think
there’s any way for you to talk to other people on here.
Well, that’s wrong. You leave a comment, someone answers it, yes. It can work. But, your comment went to spam, so, I approved it. If anyone cares to answer this gentleman, please go ahead.

I started numbering things above since fact-checkers check facts. Check the article cited above. I mean, if I tell you to look something up, recall that you cannot be reading this electronic resource unless you also have the capacity to immediately navigate around the internet. It is not an insult to expect you to push the damn button.

What am I on? Four? Okay, here’s how this works. A reader wants to know how to make meth out of household products, but, this blog is already entitled, “How to Make Methamphetamine”, so, regular content within the confines of that description is what I was already going to post. It doesn’t change anything for you to ask me. It makes it take longer and it creates a dialog. Plus, there is the thing of you not being able to see why anyone would post this information. In fact, there’s that word “apologize”. Why are you apologizing? This is knowing.

Now I am on my first edit of this post. I had to correct some typos, but I also went through the experience of posting, and I was doing something we scientists call a “demonstration”. If you go through a book of lab experiments, they may be called demonstrations, investigations, or experiments, and numbered accordingly. I also conducted an experiment, which failed.

I use the phrase, “how it works” above. This is not only a connection to Alcoholics Anonymous, and to blogging, and to experimentation, it is a direct connection to determining the truth. How could Other People reading this blog be of the slightest help to you on the subject of?

“Those are bad shoes.”
“Which shoes?”
“the blue shoes.”
“Why are they bad?”
“They won’t go on.”

Nicholas, if I had some cocaine right now it wouldn’t be about pan, leche, and a banana, or, a muffin instead, or toothbrushing with stars (I told him they were bullets. No, they are using stars to put bullets on the tube like in Microsoft Word. Who’s right? They have stars inside the toothpaste which come out onto the brush, too. They’re mint), or putting on socks, or putting things away. It would be about being a foster child. This is only a blog! I can quit anytime I want.

“I want to __ somethin’ else.”
“You want to do something else?”
“I want to eat something else.”
“Unpeel that banana (which is right, peel or unpeel?).”
“I want it with jelly. Banana and jelly.”
“_ _ _ _ ”

Can this be real? Can this be done? If it’s Sunday, are you religious?

It takes us 500 years since Francis Bacon, no, Roger Bacon, who knocks down the Walls of Jericho of religion.

As for me, when someone searched using the term, “What if you fuck up making meth?”, to find your blog, I say, “Oh, you’ll catch on fire.” But, it wasn’t that anyone was about to catch on fire. What happens is that I say something, and then I read what happens, but what happens happens before I say it, so, the language that is in use has the wrong tense. The people still catch on fire, of course. That little story’s in Georgia; it’ll be two days before my post date of a post, “What if SWIY fucks up making meth.” Look ’em all up.

People catch on fire due to the meth, not due to me. I say that because, after all, it took 500 years for a reason. The reason was that the public was convinced to go out and burn people at the stake. My name is Stephen. Bring it.

Let’s know what we are doing. The chemicals required will be water and natural gas. The equipment will be a common gas stove, fd in the kitchen, with a piezoelectric igniter (look me up on my spelling, all throughout the blog. I should get above 98), and a glass vessel to test.

I think a common custard dish is Pyrex. I know a water glass will never take the heat. My broken custard dish, well, the diameter is big enough to fit over the lid of a jar of peanuts, about 3″. Three inches is one quarter of a foot, 0.25′.

The bottom of the custard dish doesn’t say anything.

Place a layer of water one-half inch deep in the dish, and place the dish on the stove. Light the stove. Does the water boil, or does the dish break first?

I don’t have another dish. Oh, wait. I have an erlenmeyer flask. Could this be true? Is this actually being “written” prior to the test?

This flask is 125 mL. I have a brush for it. I will now risk the flask, even though there is no wire gauze to place between the stove thingies and the flask. Oh, wait. Some damn chemist made the flask just perfect to hold the corner over the flame and keep the fingers out, so, if you bet on the glass breaking you lose. I’ll do it anyway. I couldn’t do it with a custard dish even if I still had one, since the fingers, you know, burn.

9:49 start
9:49 steam comes out
9:50 water sizzles against hot glass; condensation forms in neck of flask. I quit.

Ringtone spammers operate by getting your information “to deliver the free ringtone”, it stays free for some amount of time, measurable, then begins to bill your regular cellphone bill. It is a scam. The billing continues for several months.

All corporations, such as Fry’s Electronics, require a receipt to issue a refund. However, with today’s technology, if we pay with a credit card, that should not be necessary.

The type of glass that Pyrex is is called “borosilicate glass”. If you are looking for something cheaper, it should be called, “flint glass”. Something which is not a shape which holds liquid, such as a funnel, will most likely not be borosilicate glass. A separatory funnel will be borosilicate glass. However, a torch applied to glassware with joints and stopcocks might well cause it to break. Borosilicate glass was invented to protect street lamps against hailstones. If glassware is quartz, it is better than borosilicate. It is used in the factories which manufacture CPUs. Flint glass test tubes are something else entirely from the giant reactors capable of manufacturing 75 kg of methamphetamine at a time. Those should be a product of the Pfaudler Corporation, and consist of glass bonded to steel (which gives a purple tinge inside when you look with a flashlight). The process is patented. A parent category (word) for “patented” is “proprietary”. Dr. Diels and Dr. Alder kept their process from the world for a year or two on the famous diene/dienophile two-bond concerted synthetic rearrangement which bears their names, basically just by saying so in the paper. Chemistry (this is a chemistry blog), has a longstanding relationship with the truth. Diazomethane (the chemical decomposes explosively upon contact with a sharp edge, part again (the prototype chemical of this type is nitrogen trichloride), part again (I think there is still some work to be done on Be, but, since Li is under depletion, that too. And, Ta will kill all the gorillas just to make cell phones, but, you have to be in San Diego, you know, because of the zoo), so, by believing in God, we never believe any person’s words themselves, because he’s a witch), has been of interest to chemists for a long time, since, for example, amphetamines are transformed into the corresponding methamphetamine by that, so, there is special glass with a clear, melted surface (not ground to a haze), available from Aldrich.

I suppose I should count myself lucky that you are not asking me how to make inks and paper for counterfeiting American currency.

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