Tish, When You Speak French

100th post. 77th day. Almost 4 posts every 3 days.

When you speak French
It drives me wild
And I love it
When you blow me at the same time!


Monarch butterfly An unsung western hero...If Jesus saves he better save himself

Monarch butterfly An unsung western hero…If Jesus saves he better save himself

monarch-butterfly CALIFON busy with his money gig

monarch-butterfly CALIFON busy with his money gig

tiger_swallowtail _butterfly  A father high in heaven smiled down upon your son

A father high in heaven smiled down upon your son

You are “the” clandestine chemist, self-described.
Go to, “the clandestine chemist’s notebook”, to see this.

It is quite long. There may be laboriously detailed instructions of some use, if you are actually doing this.

Prior to surfing into that, I was looking for “the shake-and-bake method”.

I sent Zero an E-mail. I don’t think E-mail addresses are of much use in this kind of thing.

To the reader: It seems that this blog will be surfed into well into the future. Oh, “accessed”. It is the most useful now, now being found everywhere, it’s 4/11.
35411 is even found as part of Zero’s text’s URL. Let’s see. The significance of those is bound to diminish.

Tinfoil hat

I have begun talking about psychic events. These are, in reality, rubbish. Skeptic is a magazine devoted to debunking superstition, so, watch out, or, we’ll whack you with it.

Reader, as you read this blog, you may feel smug in the knowledge that you, too, may make meth. Certainly,…well, I was going to say there weren’t comments, but, there have been. Anyway, I believe that what crosses the individual’s brain are the signals that tell him not to tip his hand, not to let ppl know that he may be interested in making meth, so he can still do it someday. LOL. Okay, go for it.

I am not only older than the current crop of cooks, I was in the place at the time that it was happening. I remember a cook getting shot after being hunted for days by the police here in San Diego. It were uncool to booby-trap da lab. People have been killed before you were born, not just, “Oh, people are older.” In fact, the older ones basically have Alzheimer’s. A cook is a zombie after 50 to 60 years of age, in all probability. It must be something about the chemicals, maybe to do with the other drugs that are attempt/synthesized. Zero names with abandon. I am not indicting Zero.

I say this not to preach. I am forward-looking. The internet is new. All the old things, social things from which it is derived, have the most incredible myths surrounding them. Myths are unhealthy. For example, Voltaire’s probably a Frenchman; sounds French to me. He writes, it is the 1500’s. He is still very well known. He writes a book, Candide. It has a protagonist, name of Pangloss. It just so happens Pangloss is up against some common knowledge of the times: “This is the best of all possible worlds”. Voltaire’s exposition is damning. There must be a thousand things in that book. There is only the world before Voltaire, and a changed world we now inhabit.

That is what I think happens there. In the clandestine chemistry world, I am not someone who never made drugs; I have been convicted on that one. I write whatever I want. Remember the mainstream chemistry while being careful, or, is that too hard for you? What’s capillary action? What’s a siphon? Do you know how the heat setting on a cheap hotplate is just a dial painted on there? It goes full blast! I do not subscribe to the myth that if “they” threaten me it won’t take just because I’ve already endured that punishment. What agent confers immunity? Am I immune? No, see, that’s a myth, a subtle unspoken one here, in my world, now. Threats are not generally spoken out by people. Threats existing in the world today, and always, can be of a new type, perhaps of environmental catastrophe. I can’t believe half the frog species on the planet might go. I know frogs. I am interested in frogs. My cat likes frog, he’s a frogahopaholic. He’s in fropahogaholica. You want to go to the boxing club, Q?

The Persistence of Vision

I want to keep writing about psychic phenomena. I don’t want to study and learn about it. It teaches us by itself. But, in what direction is it leading? None; you’re high. That’s the operant conditioning kicking in. If I said ‘siphon’ before, I meant siphon. I didn’t mean, ‘any siphonlike device’, or, ‘anything that reminds me of a siphon’. Every device is a siphonlike device. How are you going to build a siphon you can control? With a pinch clamp! Do you have a hand-operated pump? Get rid of it! Are you going to get up and torque on it until you break something? My familiar just left. Where are we? Well, I wanted to explain how things never psychically indicate to you precisely when to take action. The memory molecule PKMzeta (zeta’s a greek letter) must be present for memories to continue. Now face West. See, those are whole cakes. Those are things. Psychotic messaging involving the condition of things should never trigger you, a device with an action inside it, to act. Things are not living in their own private Idaho; you are. They will wear you out like how many grains of sand can act in a sandpaper, in a sandwich, in a San Mateo, as I want you to be.

Antioch’s Orinda

That says for Antioch to surrender immediately. Since Antioch is an old name (it appears in Monty Python’s Holy Grail), it might be of some familiarity to Alexander the Great, or, be in books. I think in terms of the true knowledge being something to whicker in from the planet passing through a gas cloud containing it that I forget that any object can be measured. LOL. It can’t be measured for how long until somebody smashes it! Nevertheless, is it the work of the lonely genius (or, beaner, as I call them) which advances civilization, or, is a people capable of advancing itself without intellectual leadership? Cast an eye on the run-of-the-mill scientist (or, moviemaker, as I call them).

Beatles Tuna Salad

Cuban Healing


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