The Easiest Way to Make Meth

One easy way which has appeared somewhere, I forget where I saw it, was the extraction from Vick’s Inhalers, and it cannot work. Meth comes in two “nonsuperimposable mirror images (enantiomers)”. Only one of these gets you high. If you have a mixture of the two, called a racemic modification, or, the racemate of the compound (when speaking of compounds with a single molecular formula, but if you put one certain carbon atom of the formula (called an assymetric carbon or a chiral center) at the center of a cross and everything it is attached to going out in four directions there are two ways to do that, the distinction between these two ways being impossible to see if you just windmill them out all in one plane–meaning, you need to have one going away from you and the other three coming towards you to see it), then it’ll get you high. Vick’s Inhalers only contain the wrong enantiomer, called by them, “l-desoxyephedrine”. That confused me for a time; it is equivalent to “dehydroxylated d-ephedrine”. The racemate is produced by any method going through the intermediate benzyl methyl ketone, but none of those are easy. They smell too much and are multi-step.

The easiest way would be to stockpile chloroephedrine made by the method of Emde, then catalytically reduce some using a Parr bomb, filter out the catalyst without it catching fire, steam distill the amine, and cork up the free amine (‘snot’), which can be smoked as is or offed to someone who wants to make an effort to cystallize it.

I wouldn’t really put a cork in it. Get six 125-mL erlenmeyer flasks with ground-glass stopper and a roll of 1/2-inch TFE tape. Wrap the stopper in one thickness, stretching it to make it adhere to the glass, pipette in the amine, insert stopper and twist to close, gently like a married man, not like a single man, and wrap the outside with the tape; store upright.

Some awesome vessels such as Schlenk ware, pear-shaped flasks, and septum-inlet vials are available for much nastier chems than amines, from Kontes, Ace Glass of Vineland, New Jersey, or Aldrich in someplace like Milwaukee. They include the ability to store chems under argon. However, nobody makes a fill-it-yourself glass-lined aluminum valved pressure bottle.

The Ethyl Corporation makes aluminum alkyls. These cpds catch fire when exposed to air, so there is some equipment for handling them.

You are going to get tired of keeping amine. Until you crystallize it and seal it up in hundreds of coin bags, you are going to lose a lot to evaporation.

I Googled the coin bags just now. “US State” would have them for $3.49 for 100, but the ziplock part is ghastly; would leak. You take the right coin bag (glassine, open top), put in the nickel, fold it with everything in a postage-stamp size area, then slip it inside a Bible with only the fold sticking out. Pass a lit match a centimeter under it, and it’ll heat-seal.

The only thing wrong with ingesting the free base instread of the hydrochloride salt is that the salt is the final product for the reason that forming crystals creates a cleaner product. Crystallization may be 10,000 times more efficient in purification than is distillation. We can calculate ahead of time on a distillation column the degree of separation (separation and purification are considered together) by calculating the number of “theoretical plates”, that is, the number of times a liquid is driven up as the vapor and condenses higher up the column, each time of doing so causing the liquid with the lower boiling point to increase its fraction of the total. Packing materials are chosen. Sometimes these can separate enantiomers. Columns are vertical and have an overall efficiency. They could go from the Basement to Level Two. At the top is a thermometer; this is where you do need one of those. Ha-ha. I said, “One of those”. Usually, you all will be referring to a syringe as “one of those”, or a “chingadera”. You inevitably get so paranoid on speed that you don’t even finish the word, “dope”; it comes out, “dough”. Down the other side of a distillation setup the condenser is angled. The fractions are collected without stopping the flow, so, you collect them in a “cow”. Or, you change receivers. If you mount a burned cork on a drip-tip you can squeak flasks on and off it, and the layer of char provides grip. They don’t fall, theoretically.

What is in the go-fast made the easy way? We imagine floor sweepings and fish skeletons. Observe the clarity of the liquid in the syringe you are about to shoot. You might need to filter. There should be a syringe filter with zero loss. Millipore should make it. Rather than strict laboratory supply houses, medical laboratory supply houses should have a range of useful items for the junkie. They invented addiction. They wanted something that wouldn’t harm you unless you stopped taking it. Notice how you keep buying it, although I don’t see how anyone could do that and still subscribe to internet and have access to his cellular telephone.

In the shooting (makes a pantomime of shooting), we have a term, cotton fever. This is employed in order to conceal the truth on a sudden bout of chills and fever lasting 24 hours. “What’s the matter with that junkie? It looks like he’s going to keel over and die, finally.” “Oh, he’s got cotton fever, you see. A thread of cotton got sucked up out of the spoon and he injected it. Now it is lodged in his heart. Tsk, tsk.” I believe what actually happens is more along the lines of an abortive geeze mission. You can’t find a vein, but you have already registered, so there is blood in the syringe. Or else, like in my case, I just pushed the plunger in until my head was ringing too loud, pulled out, bled like a stuck pig (I was learning on 20-gauges), sucked up some water and squirted it in a clean, dry bottle set aside for the purpose. I did a lot of coke at once. The first time is basically the only time for the full experience. I did it the same way every time. I put it all in the spoon, drawed up 20 units, put the water to it, dissolved it by stirring with the plastic end of the plunger (I never take syringes apart. Shwarzeneggar lets everybody buy ’em now. You ought to use a new one every time. Send me pictures of your arm after twenty years of shooting), held that sideways, put a drop of water on my finger, touched it to the plastic and let that wash it off into the spoon. Then I loaded 30 units, or, I pulled up until the cotton turned white. That worked until my dealer went on vacation and his roommate gave me a little extra since I was a good guy. That time when I shot it I overdosed, so I got up and tried to reach the doorknob, but the whole room turned 45 degrees to the left. That’s why you need room in the water glass so the needle doesn’t bump the bottom. You can attempt moving, but it is out of tolerance. A person always worries their needle’s going to clog. It is better to hand it off to somebody. Never squirt full strength out of a needle. water’s incompressible; it’ll flare the tip. It might be good to use a magnifier to check for barbs, or, you might be too blind. You pull the needle out rapidly so you don’t hook the vein and pull it out like a piece of spaghetti, but, you don’t stick it in that fast.

I woke up the next day and took my bottle of blood and dope and tried to get something out of it, but I had waited too long. The bacteria got to it. You want to get high so badly it is funny to watch. If you get a syringe with fluid in it, it is heading for your arm of its own volition. You can’t get high. Hope springs eternal. The blood gels for awhile, but the bacteria must have something in them to liquify it again for you. That’s when I caught the cotton fever.

17 Responses to “The Easiest Way to Make Meth”

  1. paul8bee Says:

    Hey thanks for the post. You know your stuff alright.
    I’m the guy who had the liquid nitrogen stolen. No big deal. I hope you did not think I owned the tank. No. I just use it. I collect my pay by the hour. If the tank is gone I still get paid.

    But your posts are really based upon experience. No one could make up this stuff. You speak with authority.

    “that time when I shot it I overdosed, ”

    It seems that in NA Overdose is a big topic. How about Lethal dose. Overdose is a hangover. I just got too much dope in my diet. I have to cut back.

    I overdosed many times on beer , food , and just plain greed.
    I still exist.

    But the one that I remember the best, and the overdose that you might say, ‘shaped my future’ was my OD in 1978
    I was only 19, mushrooms grew in my back yard.
    In less than a month I had eaten every sch room that I had picked.
    My OD I remember well. Lying on my bed. Peter Frampton was playing “Do you feel like I do”. on the radio. I thought he was live. He was there in my room, responding to my thoughts.
    Then there was a bright light, and I left my body. It was as real as anything could be. I must have eaten a couple of bread bags full of psylociban mushrooms by that point. I could not get enough. when I came too, I was cold, and the only part of my body that worked was my arms. I could not move, I was cold.
    I became afraid. I knew I was not ready to go.
    The other one where I do not think I OD’ed but was pretty messed up, was when I ended up in my heart. I was there just going from beat to beat. Each beat was pushing more schooms through my system. I was there wondering If I had eaten too many, and If it would ever run out. It was a bleak period.
    These things happened many years ago. and I have not spoke of them. In AA Alcohol is the demon. In NA needles are the problem. No help for the person who is just a glutton.

  2. Tony Warot. Cambridge. UK Says:

    Whats happened to speed since 2000? has something been omitted from the formula?

  3. mod-moudi Says:

    אחי אם אתה יכול להוסיף אותי בפייסבוק…. כי אני צריך לדבר איתך בעניים רציני.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I don’t know about 2000.But back in the 80’s when coke was big someone around here started making something we called crank.Not out of high school long…one of my best friends got hooked up with it. He worked while his little brother sold it. the best I remember it was white an hard. It was a lot cleaner then any meth I see these days. an it would keep u going when u needed too, a a lot cheaper then coke an lasted 10 times longer. I drank almost a half gallon of whiskey one night playing cards an never got real drunk while on this crank. One night I put a small rock of it on the mirrow an slid it under the couch. The next morning it had liquidfied. learn then to wrap it up in plastic. A body shop a few counties down was raided for making this crank. people tried an tried to replica it but never could.I/ve never had a stimulant as good an clean as this was. an I use to buy diet pills from doctors but none of them came close to this so called crank. Never seen any meth as good an clean as this was either. Wish I could find the recipe for this crank. it would put these meth dealers out. Thinking of the good old days. Kentuckian

      • sbillinghurst Says:

        That dope the product of a reductive amination of P2P. They might’ve used HCl gas with a freon phase of the meth free base, which gives a tighter filter cake. There are many variations of color and crystallinity. They’re memorable and can be characteristic of the source.

        Nowadays is the era before each chemical is rooted out of its traditional growing grounds. Nostalgia is all that would recommend “crank”. Our country needs fresh pseudo and ephedrine. So, that’s what I was telling you & that’s that for ye update.

      • Chris Says:

        Back then it was a Red Phosphorus or P2P (phenyl2 propanone) old school prope dope and bikers made the best product. The term “crank” came from the fact that bikers transported the meth in the crankcase of their bikes. Back in the day cooks took pride in their labs and proper equipment. Its pretty much a lost art nowadays with shake and bake being the predominant method. Let me tell you that this lithium/anhydrous ammonia method or whatever else they’re using doesn’t come close to the nearly pharmaceutical grade product produced decades ago.

      • Mi jo Says:

        I still use p2p .make my own and reflux 72 hrs at a certain temp etc.almost always my ole lady will cum in her pants if she shoots it.which i dont .serious sex euphoria and yes reflects on the maker.i have friends who cook too we allknow exactly who made what it spesks clearly of the persons
        Magic is involved only very experience backyard gorillacooks know this and see it

  4. מוד..מודי Says:

    אחי אני צריך לדבר איתך בעניין רציני תוסיף אותי לפייסבוק… moudi balchi דחוףףף

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      There still aren’t any FB users with that name, which is not a surprise since this is all translated. Besides, the last three people who have done this, ie said they needed to talk, or we needed to talk, were only interested in exploiting me. It was a collosal waste of my time. So, why don’t you describe what kind of chemistry you are interested in doing, in english please.

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Driving my exes Scion today, I notice the steering wheel volume control seems to animate the process. If they time the volume surge with the correct lag, they can make every song sound like a coke rush.

  6. Vik Says:

    The anxiety of being a people pleaser on dope is really how i’d freak out while using any stimulant. Immediately turning full attention to your neighbor in crime even if your functionability isn’t par with being self reliable. “What’s? How’s? followed by Should we’s and, Are you gonna’s?” With absolutely no follow through capability. Space Cadet.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    ship ha;ppens anwe move own this our pansd comew ge nmyu u bitchras

  8. derma promedics anti-wrinkle cream Says:

    derma promedics anti-wrinkle cream

    The Easiest Way to Make Meth | How to Make Methamphetamine

  9. karl grove Says:

    recipe for basic amphet?

  10. karl grove Says:

    amphetamine sulphate i mean, or powder amphet actually , i guess thats easier thanthe base stuff. im learning chemistry and using this for research i think its incredible how easy it is to make this “high” when people risk there lvies sticking codoms down there throat with heroin or cocaine in!!!

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