Why Does Meth Make Your Face Break Out?

Meth causes a form of psychosis known as formification, from “formic acid”, the venom of the common ant (although there are none such, the smaller black one being the Argentine ant, and the other one being red. The operative zoological term is “non-native species”); meant to imply users see bugs crawling on their skin. The eyes do something, dilate, and they stay dilated (cops have a size comparison card). Because of this, or for some other reason, such as this little spatial pattern-guessing brain structure, or the cerebral cortex in general, perhaps the death of those neurons, causes the focus to give out, each eye to wander separately, hallucinations to fill in the blur, stuff like that. Stereotypical behaviour, including repetitive scratching, and the seeking-after activity occupying most of the user’s time, combined with blackouts, will result in you picking holes in your face. That’s why it makes your face break out.

The mafia from Montreal found me at the beach in 1979 to let me deal speed. After some time, I noticed that my tan went from brown to orange. I stopped caring about a great tan, I suppose. Soon after I began shooting (I started with coke), I noticed the lymph node in one armpit was palpable. I went to a doctor and told him. I never went back to that doctor. I think you can get sewn up after fights and never pay the doctor. Hell, I’ve done it. Anyhow, you should have a shooting doctor as well as a family doctor.

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