How to Make High-Grade Meth

The term “high grade” is used with ore. “High-graders” are mine workers who pocket anything valuable. The mine in San Diego is to the north in Pala.

Any meth in hand can be made high-grade through recrystallization, explained in organic lab books.
Steps in a Crystallization
A. Dissolving
B. Inducing crystallization
C. Collecting
D. Drying

I put cresol red as an indicatior before. I now think it was phenol red I used. The pH range on c.r. is 8.8 to 7.2, on p.r. it is 8.0 to 6.6. Either one would work. Neutral is 7.0. Get a tile and put drops on it; mix in the microscopically minimum amt of sample using the closed end of a melting-pont capillary tube. Do not return sample to batch. Add more conc. HCl a drop at a time, if you go over, add more meth oil. Do not add any other base.

Gassing meth oil dissolved up to a larger volume with diethyl ether makes xls which are automatically neutral.

Do not neutralize meth oil with conc. HCl and shoot it without going through the xl’n step.

12 Responses to “How to Make High-Grade Meth”

  1. smart Says:

    how do i gass meth oil?

  2. chris nunya Says:

    i make high grade meth and i glass it up and its 98% pure per a purity test i make the highest grade in a super lab 250 pounds a week i supply the whole of vic and i use chemist trained in bachelors degree of the art of chemistry its taken me along time to get to were i am and lots of money i broke even in a year now i am the biggest dealer in the south of aus its called red glass no mercy colour clear red like i said 98%pure

    • -sbillinghurst Says:

      Mate, regardless. I’m thrilled just to be speaking to someone from Australia. I love everything about the place, especially the wildlife. South’s cold, you are in wine country atmosphere, like San Francisco. I’m at 33 degrees. Tasmania must be spectacular, like Oregon.
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    • Anonymous Says:

      Mr Nunya, you supply the whole of vic you say? Big call there Nunya because I believe that to be a far fetched statement so why would you think of announcing it on here?

  3. Crystal Clear Says:

    Chris Nunya, you sound like walter white from breaking bad (no offense). 250 lb a week is amazing! Even more amazing is being able to get rid of that much in a week. Obviously your going the Phenylacetone ———> Methamphetamine route via Reductive amination, using Al/Hg and Methylamine? Do you go the Phenylacetic acid route or Allylbenzene or another way?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      This is not anybody’s site but mine. I weigh 250, you see. It said, Nunya, right? Then take it as a sign ´ö`

      Each precursor appears to be being discussed as if the person wants to make it. The arrow’s in the wrong direction. Her’s the deal: I am above Obama. Indians on reservations are below the Bureau of Indian Affairs, where indians not currently deserving or serving sennences may apply for a fishing license between one and five. Next!

      “White” is fictional, the White House is a more salient, umm, object, made of at least ice and fog, but not the kind you mean.

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      Someone is responsible, but, in a big way since it is a lot of dope, folks. They have to close deals, with armies, not border protection, backing them. Now, in my area of expertise, American Happy Avenger, we actually pin armies and level cities, but, we’re not monkeying around beat senseless wagged by the goddamned tail!

      Don’t have a spaz attack, Steve. Think of the neighborhood. Look at these bark beetles. Think of the splitting wood. Think of Russian cheese yielding before the knife. Ooh, with lots of Tiger butter (Russian everything is salty)!

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  5. the truth Says:

    no…no chris is going the 2.5 150% tested FULL OF SHIT ROUTE. dude if u where doing big like that u wouldn’t b on here talking about it. and if anyone believes any thang he say is just as dumb. he gets on here when hes tweaking

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