Hypophosphorous acid 2.0

H3PO2 was my most popular post. They must like how I spell it. A lot of information was passed in my previous post, “Postwar”, and so, much of it was superfluous. Also, it was half italics, and the posts underneath were all italicized. I had to reverse a DOS command to get it fixed. That’s how dumb I am. I mean, there are pictures of a guy blowing his hand off in, “The Anarchist’s Cookbook”. If it was laboratories, I could pass for a worker. If it is computers, not. Computers do not deliver any material things, though. They will continue to be vital in industry, as long as there is industry, which should be about five years. So, I knows me drugs, I knows me explosives, and so do a lot of others. When there were no computers, but there were scientists, the scientists made it explicit exactly how these computers would work. When not bossing peons around, the physicists made the first batches of speed in their atomic-bomb laboratories, and elsewhere. No one knew how they could be so smart, and why they were so eccentric. They let them be. As the books were written detailing all phases of science, to hide the good stuff among great volumes of “work”, when the topic would get close to speed, the human beings doing the writing could not help but hint at the possibilities without saying so explicitly. Then, as now, using dope would mean getting fired. Still, it comes along that in Org Syn, it’ll say, “This provides a general method for the preparation of secondary amines”. Meth is a secondary amine. Notice they did not say, “First you grab some pipettes and jam them in your pants leg and try to make it out of the room.” It is just very cool. “This will result in a very high yield of the desired 4,5-diester boca rattan mononucleosis fried hockey boogienophilic Raddison Hotel-Lane. Can I fix you a shot?” “Sure”. “Now this will feel like a beesting.”
I left out before that although people are crated up in droves on the planet and have no actual talent, it is a fiction, they only act as if talent exists, and they have plenty of it, in the clothes they wear, the glasses holding the drinks they drink, the way they shoot their cuffs, their golf swing, etc. (except my generation was retarded, maybe by the gamma rays. Christopher Reeve became quadriplegic in 1995 and lived that way ten years).
The H3PO2 is not made by you, not to my knowledge. Notice that gold is hoarded, but phosphorous is not hoarded. It is like old dynamite, sweating nitroglycerine. I mean, all these things are each one idiosyncratic. There is no hard-and-fast rule. Does your planet allow for a liquid phase of water? I had to ask. Does $1,000 worth of gasoline turn into gum? Did you try it? Did you wait twenty years? H3PO2 seems better to me to have bought and buried a long time ago than elemental phosphorous. I have no doubt all these things would have been storable. Why didn’t we stash some? I don’t know. Nobody knows.
The genius who expostulated that H3po2 would substitute for P did it when it wouldn’t do much good. If P is an ingredient for it, why make it when P is the one in the original formula? The whole idea was based on the outmoded concept that chemicals can be diverted from legitimate commerce. All the drug makers in legitimate commerce are gone by virtue of our prevailing political conservatism. The use for H3PO2 is in electroless nickel. I had plenty of it once. I didn’t make speed at the time. It was 1978, in Escondido, at Palomar Plating. The owner had a chemist, and she charged him for every formula she developed, and he fired her. I went in there and he said, “I want electroless nickel, and Sta-Buff charges $30/ gallon for it. Can you make it?” I ordered the stuff, including sodium hypophosphite. Well, now you can’t. If you want to know how it’s made, you look in Reagents, by Feiser and Feiser. If you want to know who sells it all around the world, you look in Chem Sources. You don’t waste my time on the internet. I hit a prime number, fuck you, 691, at “internet”. Er, Olive God (aw, god–>all of god–>olive god), ‘save draff’? Well, it said I was good. It hit light? It read light. It red light? naw, there’s no, “It red light”, you stupid Mexican. It blue light. Hemmingway blew his head off because he wasn’t happy with how the story read when he read it back. It’s in the suicide note. My first Feiser was where I should have stuck. I can’t upload my sources until tommorrow, and the connection sucks in Vegas. I have to do a Colombian yet. what a day. This year they’re all five. “I said ‘no”, he says. They beat my generation. So I upload everything in a scanfest and comment on them as I post them, I guess. Wants to make H3PO2. Dudecycle, meth manufacturing is for academic purposes, it is not really possible, you squirrel, you Poindexter. Did you even hear of “hypo”? Hand me that hypo so’s I can go geeze? No. Hypo is sodium thiosulfate. It’ll take out purple iodine stains. It’ll destroy any leftover iodine, in anything xs I2 would chew up. Starch from a potato, iodine, tincture of, and hypo is a good experiment. Iodine in a war is a disinfectant. Straighten out that gauze.

26 Responses to “Hypophosphorous acid 2.0”

  1. MisterNinety10 Says:

    I’d disagree but for fucks’ sake why? Happened upon this, as everything seems to happen. Best minute so far today.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      You can disagree. I welcome criticism. Go for it. I have no way of knowing what part within, “H3PO2” you disagreed with; I’d love to know. Oh, BTW, to substitute for iodine, we have just got ready to put forth (you first), iodine teat dip, and iodoform, CI3.

  2. K Miller Says:

    Enjoy everything I anit on your level guys but it makes fucking good reading and the humour its out there, anyway Sodium Phosphate equal amounts of hcl and h2o heat till Na chloride precipitates and you end up with density of about 11.5 I beleive that this gives you H3PO2

    • sbillinghurst Says:


      inorganic syntheses

      Thank you for your comment, K. Miller. There were only 100 comments, now there are 101. With such a small number, I can spend some time on it.

      There is a long-recognized need for reliable preparations, so, Organic Syntheses was published. H3PO2 is not organic. It does not have a carbon atom. Another publication appears, Inorganic Syntheses. I tried to put some links there, but that’s because I was answering K. Miller with his proposed synthesis in his comment.

      It does not work like that. Needs exist because of problems, and the presence of the internet has made these problems worse. Anybody can write anything.

      I can say thanks to you for any comment, but, I can’t say thank you for a fake prep, unless politeness is everything. I am not going to be able to verify that an NaCl ppt from NaPO4 + HCl + H2O leaves the desired material. Can I discount it? Well, yeah. Notice that the P is highly oxidized. “4” tells you that. Sure and the correct elements are present in the starting material and product, but the oxidation state is different.

      In fact, I have done this many times, and a strong acid just creates another strong acid, in this case phosphoric acid, not hypophosphorous.

  3. Space Bomb Chef Says:

    The synthesis I’ve been using when when I run out of Dextrostat and Adderall is a very easy synthesis that just yields about .7g of around 85-90 pure glass-which suffices since I’m done start to finish includ. Cleanup and drying in about 3 hrs.So, my synthesis HAS TO use a phosphorus salt or crystal- so, Do you have a quick synthesis to convert H3PO2 gas into into an HCL salt or freebase? Thanks and awesome alternate idea to RP

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      I don’t know why people would think that if you do the right steps it yields product. The field is in intellectual property. You are not communicating. You say “H3PO2”, but if that formula is there, how about putting the name down too, so we don’t go around in circles. You say it’s a gas. It’s a low-melting solid. H3PO3, phosphorous acid, is a solid. H3PO2, hypophosphorous acid, melts at 80 F, and decomposes when it boils.

      PH3 is toxic to keeling over dead, not burning your lungs out. That gas is probably equivalent to P. Gases are handled by manifolds and Schlenk ware.

      What did you say, freebase? Of an ACID? Yeah, you did. Am I supposed to be jealous of your 3-hour synth? I wouldn’t even take that. It ruined my life.

      I’m joking. My life is so fine.

  4. jacobensis Says:

    im an organic chemist- you guys need to be realy carefull. please dont try any chemistry- at all.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      My chemistry degree is from UCSD, 1984. I shall do all the chemistry I want to, and, you are as ignorant as fuck, starting with not offering a shred of proof that you are well-versed in the art, but managing to misspell “careful”, one of the few words you use in a sentence that would get you in harm’s way in an English class over sixth grade.

  5. Alz Says:

    Brilliant ! You would make a great extra(if your not already in the ‘industry’) in a monty python type movie….great timing in dry humour,but please be ‘carefulllll’……..keep up the good work….always look on the bright side of life ; )

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      I serve everything on the menu all mixed up in a bucket.
      Note: As long as there’s a post, I hope the hypofofo question is answered negatively. I think DEA says, I agree, it releases a lot more phosphine. Since we’d look silly all fossy, it’s probably ludicrous to get poisoned this way, voluntarily. The particular warrior aspect of the specialization demands we shove back if there’s no real reason to risk it. This product is dangerous compared to boiling red phosphorus in hydriodic acid, IMO.

  6. Terry Uprichard Says:

    10 years main stream honouring people that can back their knowledge in and out of prison and you guys are either that scattered its time for a breather or answer some basic questions with basic answers.Any assistance my end -done Tez..cool bandandas .straight tattooing interesting bloke …I can read a bible from ten miles out and class it A1 bullshit.p2p man nbk hunter..Honour All ideas Tattoos are hard trade….
    .. Terry..Australia
    all replies hounored with art or great gratitude

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      “I define these terms…somehow.” On my say-so, the luminaire Terry Uprichard has special extended boundaries to no extent revocable in these Great United States. In time, everyone will sell tattoos in strong on the second layer of skin below the internet.

  7. Atomizer Says:

    Hi, love the write up, thank you very much – is Na2S2O3 (sodium thiosulfate) a direct replacement for Hypophosphorous acid? Or have I got the “Hypo” mixed up with Hypophosphorous acid?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      No, the oxidation curves for sulfur and phosphorus show where that crosses this equilibrium off-the free energy isn spontaneous rabbitin’.

      Heck, Vladdy sent us one.

  8. Dr EsKaTaRi_bLu Says:

    Sbillinghurst, I enjoy your diction rather well my friend but are you interested in facts?

    I make my own hyophosphorous acid by using the super phosphate fertilizer and hydrogen peroxide. My ratio is 1kg of super phosphate fertilizer to 125mls of hydrogen peroxide plus a liter of h20.

    This makes 1.125 liters of hyophosphorous acid. I use 125mls of hyophosphorous acid to 15 grams of elemental iodine balls and 15 grams of pseudoephidrine hcl that has been previously basified with naoh +h20 and extracted with dimethyl benzene and then dropped out of the solvent via h20 and hydrochloric acid to yeild the pure pseudoephidrine hcl powder.

    I react the contents in glassware with a reflux condenser attached over a magnetic hotplate for 1h 45 minutes, after which I cease heat and I remove the round bottom flask and I take 100ml of meoh and I wash it through to remove any remaining iodine as to not allow it to become an impurity. I then add 125mls of dimethyl benzene and swirl it around the collect the dextro methyl amphetamine free base . I decant the solvent to a 500ml glass reagent flask, I take out a 10mlsyringe and i grab my 37% hyhydrochloric acid, and a small cup of pure h20, and my litmus strips. I stuck up 5mls -10mls ( I try to use as little h20 as possible because evaporation of h20 is a slow painful process as you would know) I then sucking up 1ml of hcl acid, of course this will create a solution that is ph1 , so I shake it through the syringe to mix it will, I then squirt out 4 mls if I sucked up 5 or 9 if I sucked up 10 mls, I proceed now to sucking up a further 4 or 9 mls depending on the saturation of free base in the solvent.. I shake syringe again to mix contents I test ph on litmus straps, I keep diluting the mixture of hcl and h20 until I get a reading on the litmus strip of ph5 which tests yellow or a very yellowish green. I have found ph5 is an optimal pH to drop out the dextrose methyl amphetamine in one extraction , and it also makes it a lot easier for the purification step where I reduce the ph even further the ph 7 to get it closer to the ph of our blood which is pH 7.2 , I’ve seen idiot cooks drop it out at ph1 and smoke the Fuckin place out with hydrochloric gas so thick u couldn’t see the Pyrex dish lol and then they proceed to iv 100mg of ph1 gear, Ahh hello acidosis? Ah hello stroke , dumb degenerate fools..

    sometimes I will prefer to smoke out the dextrose methyl amphetamine from the solvent by using sea salt and sulphuric acid mixed together in a glass vessel with a pump stopper attached and a hose, this creates hydrochlorine gas and a few puffs through the solvent with the hose producing the gas will precipitate the hydrochloride salt, I like this way of doing it because it’s quick and also precipitates it at a nice ph around 6-7 . But I have pains with sodium bisulfate impurity it creates lol I like my compound to be as pure as possible so I usually always take my time and drop it out with hcl and h20.

    I used to perform the metal alkali reduction with liah4 and nh3 liquidgas but that is a very smelly process and I dislike the ammonium chloride impurity that ends up in the water after solvent extraction, sure u can boil the water to remove the ammonium compound but it is just annoying.

    I dislike the red phosphorous and iodine reaction because it makes the racemic steroisomer and the racemic version is shit house I do not like it at all I prefer and love the hyophosphorous acid synthesis because it creates the dextrotory isomer only! And also yields the purest end product, dextro methyl amphetamine as you know is the strongest of the two and also the best . I end up with a compound of 95% purity I do no attempt to purify higher as that is needless and next to impossible. The chirality of the molecule is essential to get correct.

    I end up with crystal clear translucent crystallization like glass. You can see through it. I use as is, I do not add adultertants.

    An iv dose of 35mgs is sufficient to have me sitting down and drawing phenthylamine and indole molecules in my research books and returning to my neurophyscopathology research and the like.

    As you stated it as a tool for acedmic study for those with a brain who need to get the maximum return out of their intelligence capacity. I do not use it for the feeling I use it for thinking and research and sit in my lab for days alone lost amongst my research.

    I do not sell it to junkies and drug dealers they can go fuck themselves. This high purity compound would have a lot of individuals in drug induced physcotic states pretty quickly because they just wouldn’t be able to handle it. They are used to 30% purity adulterated with msm or ethy methyl ketone or isopropyl benzamene lol… have a party with that fools, enjoy adding crap to your body u do not need.

    You sound like a very intelligent esoteric mind my friend I think we would be fast friends and learn a lot from each other.

    ♡♡ sincerely Dr EsKaTaRi Shambahala blu

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Yeah, can’t beat tha’ (facts, parts. You know many). I can’t see the rest of your post; I’m trying to get home. send me an email if you make:
      sbillinghurst@gmail.com. The mid-part answer is, I enjoy life with no complicated warrants, etc. You will have a comparitory addict’s view of the overall USA mix of drugs in clandestine labs. mama mia well, it’s Frank’s Journal of Forensic Sciences 1981 on it, then Tim Leary’s, then we ship the political chaos, see, to Danish or Swedish lab doorsteps and scads of groupies will cause them to run huddle and produce video. Odd soup!

  9. sbillinghurst Says:

    Yes, I am a Robin to your Batman. I’ll head over and see if you’ve had a chance to email me. I’d be much more careful. I’m being cavalier since you look narrow, guy’s eyes are tempting slits. All red. Man, look out. Spanish omellette.

  10. Dr EsKaTaRi_bLu Says:

    🙂 I’m on the level my freind

  11. Dr EsKaTaRi_bLu Says:

    Well said

  12. Jake Speedwell Says:

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when the good Dr and Sir Sbillinghurst converse….. :p

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      sbillinghurst is wasted. I can’t find my way home. It’s one of my July’s normal behaviors. Wolf copies his nigger dragged his wolf ass out of synch. It was in the attack upon Hue it was proven. So, is way, way bullaway At home, bullshit. In country, normal to release brakes and , Sheriff let trains go without looking.

  13. eskatari blu Says:

    Hahaha Jake speedwall, indeed it would be a conversing of epic proportions.

    Kind regards Dr EsKaTaRi bLu

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Dr ESKA TARI BLU you were saying you like your product pure.can you explain the reason you don’t use steam distillation
    to isolate clean and recover the freebase you can lower the freebase into the water layer with hcl and then evaporate to get
    the hydrochloride you don’t need to use a solvent when you use
    steam learn your craft properly then when you do a write up you
    will not sound like a neep.how come you don’t distill you HI

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous, all of this is basic organic chemistry at best anyway. Dont act like you are amazing for suggesting a minor, simple alteration to what was already an incredibly simple reaction. You fucking neep.

  16. Teresa Says:

    Hi I was just curious if u keep the flask in an ice bath and then add the iodine and the hypo together will it still react and work to produce amphetamine

  17. sbillinghurst Says:

    All my experience comes from red phosporus, and hydriodic acid. Some bullshit can happen to us such that hydrofluoric acid is represented as the other, and it sits on there dissolving the glass. Otherwise, this is the reaction that should be going on in the pot. I know how hard it is to overcook, but what is the minimum cook time? An expert testified it took half the time if it was heated. I always heated in for profiting by reflux mixing, by boiling. It takes at least two hours at reflux, and the course of the reaction can be followed with the help of taking an aliquot and working it up.

    I switched to ephedrine in pills, and got a lot less product. Only pure things react. What’s the maximum loading of ephedrine or pseudephedrine? It’s at least a kilo per gallon, maybe 3 1/2 kg.

    The MSDS on hypophosphoric acid as releasing phosphine gas, a poison, I don’t have the clue, but perhaps a reactant, like iodine with this OTHER stuff called hypo, sodium thiosulfate — it destroys iodine. In the odor of the house, surround, um. Never be so far along in the hockey cup that you redistill HI, eh?

    This post is here, but I would look at how Uncle Fester messed up with that hypophosphorus headache.

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