“String” Methamphetamine

I liked this lead. Thanks to the reader. This was to a website called Science Direct, a scholarly article on drug policy, realating to drug production myths, and saying not to ignore partial truths.
“Cold cook” methods I imagine applies to producing meth without heat. The use of heat is twofold. Boiling produces agitation and that mixes everything, resulting in intimate contact. Reactions require collisions at sufficient speed to break bonds or something. The other thing is endothermicity, as if the reaction requires heat to keep going. I do not want to pretend that there are not aspects of chemistry which I do not understand, but I have at least asked the question before. Number one, what exact reaction are we talking about? Is it a substitution, if so bimolecular or unimolecular, is it nucleophilic or electrophilic, is it free radical, is it carbanion, carbonium ion, elimination, rearrangement, . . . is it controlled by reactants or products, is it acid/base, is it a reduction, is it organometallic, is it catalytic, what is the limiting reagent, does the first thing happen instantly then it sits around waiting for step two, does it run backward as well as forward, is it kinetic or thermodynamic, does solvent affect it, does it split out water you should remove, in other words, do the mass balance on reactants and products for the given reaction, read up on the mechanism (which is based on rate data), push the arrows representing electrons around, and bla, bla bla.
Suppose it took twice as long at half the temperature. That would be fair. Like I say, I don’t fucking understand. I never get this shit. Most reactions can’t be endothermic, they have to be exothermic. Mix an acid and a base together and it gives off heat. If there’s an acid in it, . . . (well, I was going to say it must be acid/base, but HI is called for because the iodine anion’s size has exceeded the diameter for holding electrons, they are coming and going, the H is not so much protonic as it is hydride, and that is the secret. Phosphorous is regenerating HI. The rates involve quantities known as concentrations. The concentration of product is initially zero and it goes up. The rate of disappearance of reactant is in the equation, too. Concentration tells you not to put anything in there that doesn’t react, since it will drive the concentration of everything else down, but, in real chemistry they shotgun it and get several products, manipulating the relative concentration of each by things like what the unreacted molecule is likely to hit, a reagent or a reacted one of itself, or another one of itself.
Electrochemically, current density is varied to get the optimum of short conversion time with minimal reactant burned; talking about heat is like talking about concentration. Conclusion: you are looking for what you want to read, so you read things into it. We are not trying to eliminate pieces of lab equipment per se. That’s not the goal. A cold-cook method is not saying to scrupulously keep it cold with ice, and the reaction is going to get real hot, so how cold is cold? It is just not heated, right? In a place that is not on the planet Venus, neither on Mars’ polar region, but somewhere in between, in other words nevermind getting busted, nevermind getting killed, come as you are, it is easy and free and fun. Did you want to grow up to be a junky?
I want to take apart a microwave oven, see? The part of that that sends out the energy could be made to do so at some chemicals. The benefit is that absorbing microwave energy will cause the solution to reach a much higher temperature before it boils. All liquids boil at a characteristic bp. This keeps the temp from climbing any further. You did know that. The regular ovens have shielding so your government cheese melts and you stay safe. The safety measures, when defeated, must be replaced by their equivalent. I don’t know how many times a liquid began creeping in my direction and I had to look for something clean to catch it in. Or, how a fitting would give way, be repaired, and a new fitting give way, all on the fly, with hours to go. Sequestration and capture of vapors is to be replaced with what? Screwing the lid on tight-not!

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