Uncle Fester’s PDF

I might have read this.  I read Fester’s output somewhere in which an electrochemical method was described, and those are interesting.  Theoretically, something which required expensive chemicals is accomplished by the electricity in a wall socket.

I want to write, how to make speed, quick, go-fast, on a line, this line, for checking search results from the inside, to manipulate them, yes.

The interesting things have to do with the potential in a one-two race to stay, . . . (number one).  I tried to use the number sign and this draft was erased, just before that sign.  Oh, well.  So, SWIY wants to “perfect” ways to make speed.

“Your mother who neglected you owes a million dollars tax

And your father’s still perfecting ways of making sealing wax.”

“Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown”-Rolling Stones

I am reading, The Total Synthesis of Natural Products located in the QD 240s of university libraries, and what seems important at the time this book was written was the formation of assymetric centers.  That is, when a carbon-carbon bond is formed which can occur in two possible stereochemical configurations, SWIY picks one.  Meth has one such chiral center.  That is why it is made from ephedrine and not P2P, if SWIM is looking for improvements.  However, were one to develop a stereospecific or stereoselective process, then the molecule could be well-made from smaller fragments.  Thus, we will be going into combinatorics, a newer chemical science which runs thousands of reactions at a time.  I do not know if what I have in mind is strictly combinatorics, but the idea of little tiny reactors using nanomoles of reactants is very appealing.  It might not even have to be illegal, if it only makes less product than it takes to get high.  My “combinatorics” starts from doing the permutations of every combination of just a few atoms, to see what exists.  Many of the small molecules polymerize, if they are reactive.  Methylamine is really the only alternative.  Hydrazine is I doubt a gas, and I suspect carcinogenic.  Nongas items are bound to be found as contaminants.

Anyhow, the paragraph I read (I go to sleep quickly.  I do not advocate drug use.  I am just not sure how to bring sub-45 year ages together with the nonuse of drugs), said that chelation could bring two reactants together in the proper orientation.  Chelate comes from the word “claw”.  Clathrate is the more common term today, having to do with accellerated global warming from methane clathrates, or was it methane hydrates?  Clathrate comes from the word “cage”.  Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is the classic chelating agent for nickel, used to extend electroless nickel bath life.  It is called EDTA.

“Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach, as I want you to be.

As a trend, as a friend, as an old memoria.”

“Come As You Are”-Nirvana

I want to post on speed songs, I want to post on california’s ten per cent unemplyment rate.  But, on speed songs, we don’t know (whoops, I have to write that as , . . .) I don’t know, nobody knows.  It’ll be the death of a sol.  “Us all” is one of the stupidest-sounding noises that I know I am really tired if I use it.  What it is we do not know is whether what was a dynamite speed song for one person sounds like really groovy music to get loaded by for another person.  I can name three that really do it for me, because they were being played everywhere at the time.  If you happended to be getting high, it was on.  Christopher Cross, “The Candles Can Do Miracles”, a song where she goes, “Can you tell me, why I work so hard for you (To get you money)”, and Sade, “Smooth Operator”.

What Led Zeppelin means is what you were doing when it first came out, stuff like that.  You can look it up, you can listen to it, but it can’t come out twice.  It is the same with the rest of them.  Likewise, I can tell you how I made speed, but I was forced into it and given a decent opportunity, a hole a mile wide.

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