Meth Recipe #5 Birch 22309

Birch was the chemist, so, a Birch reduction isthe dissolving metal in liquid ammonia reactions.  “Birch conditions” in general will alert you to expect liquid ammonia, just as “anhydrous conditions”  means not to let any water in by means of drying everything.  I wish I wrote like a chemistry author.  I had thought of a chemistry word which would make me sound smart, but I forgot what it was.  I want to read some articles until I learn all the words.  They have articles everyone is supposed to have read, such as when there’s a breakthrough.  It is the art more than just meth.  Occasionally I will realize if I put the word meth in the title more hits will hit on it.  Famous chemists can’t do this.  The best articles aren’t at the beginning of the alphabet, and even famous chemists are still writing long after they put out that great article.  “Review” articles review the current literature and should summarize everything.  The major articles are called “leading references”.  The topic is organic synthesis.  Let me try Googling that.

Naw, this is not working.  I am not entertaining the two new searches of my site, “fast and easy ways to make meth”, or, “uncle fester pdf”, since it is not too much to ask you to use other sources besides the internet.  One of us is going to have to go to the library.  But, I have been doing just that.  There is something wrong with it in the sense that SWIM teaches a guy to make meth, then he’ll have meth for life, or something.  The cooks are an army with adaptability; SWIY has to think like a chemist more than somewhat.  I can’t even teach.  Please just copy the articles and don’t razor them out.  The part to understand is the section at the end of the article on “Experimental”.

Dr. Birch’s reduction is being used where tweaks are stealing anhydrous ammonia from farms.  It is pictured in a video where cops perform it in hazmat suits.  That is the thing:  I see ppl all the time doing things that SWIY wouldn’t last five minutes doing unprotected.  I want it in here because this is a collection of everything.  Meth, BTW, has something going for it which makes sure that it will never be made as fast and easy as 1-phenyl-1-amino propane.  Amphetamine is 1-phenyl-2-amino propane.  The middle carbon of propane is the one SWIY has to aminate.  It is called isopropylamine, like isopropyl alcohol, the one with a hydroxyl group on the middle carbon.  These structural features are being discussed as a “formal” thing that has to happen, not a synthesis as such.  The only other propanol (propyl alcohol) is called n-propanol.  Get to butanol and you get a branched member, too.  Then you get a few options where to stick the alcohol.

Organic synthesis is really called “synthetic organic chemistry”.  If you say Org Syn you are talking about the journal.  One really good book is Vogel’s Textbook of Practical Organic Chemistry.  It is in high demand and hard to find.  They send it around from the Main.  Boy, is it going to be razored.  It has drawings of glassware setups.  Well, so does Org Syn.

The other thing is lithium.  They get it out of batteries.  It is done under something, but not water.  Lithium explodes in water, all alkali metals do.  They are the most metallic metals.  Lithium is the least explosive, cesium the most, out of the nonradioactive ones.  The ones next to them are alkaline earths.  Beryllium I doubt does anything, but the dust from it is poisonous.  Calcium will slowly evolve hydrogen, that is what I say, but your sample may be different.  An alloy of sodium and potassium explodes when you cut it, or whatever.  They still cut it.  Professor Bill Evans at UCI has a lab and they burn down some of the building.  He does things like that.  They have ways to eliminate water, better ways.  Other places market things that make heating flammable solvents unnecessary, ion exchange resins I guess.  A glove bag is a cheap alternative to a glove box.  This is what you do, not accept the high standard demand for equipment.  These keep oxygen out.  Fast and easy can be, “Well, I have to get steam, so I find a boiler.  Now, do I go for 110, 220, or 480 V?”  I say 220.  I say, some people have grown too big for their SPATS!-ak-ak-ak-ak (“Some Like it Hot”).  The steam is key to not making fires.  I have real hopes for it.  Things are not always steamy, like a personal carpet steamer.  Imagine trying to save a little stream of steam.  The chemicals do not forgive.  Well, there is hope.  If you just heat something with water in it, you are going to working up to what is called the internal generation of steam.  I can’t vouch for that.  On SWIY’s glassware, you need to tighten the clamps from closest to the center and proceeding outward.  You need not to overtighten a chain clamp against glass, too.  Sorry, Bill.

On the vacuum pump, if you want one, then get one.  I do not think SWIY needs one.  The aspirator is problematic.  None of these things is specific to the Birch, btw.  Someone knows how to handle liquid ammonia, I am sure.  All the farmers I know tend to get itchy trigger fingers when it comes to trespassers.  Actually, Birch was thinking, “This’ll be great”.  You are allowed to come up with legitimate improvements, and people are supposed to sell you all the ammonia you want, no questions asked.  It is known to be cheap, ever since Haber-Bosche.  I really was rather suspicious that the pigs weren’t using the right process.  Go figure.  The cheapest alkali metal is sodium.  I like a lot of it as long as it is cheap.  It isn’t used here.  I think it is too strong.  The thing to reduce is ephedrine, I know that.

I liked to call companies and ask for a sample.  I got some allyl choride before.  It goes to make P2P.  The question is, “Can I form a carbon-carbon bond and also attach the amino group?”  Legitimate question, and it should be a methylamino group.  Starting from the ring, this portion of the molecule has the opportunity of being added in the form of benzaldehyde or styrene.  there must be a reactive handle on the end, in the former case -CHO, and in the latter case -C=C.  I am going to go.  It is getting dark.  It is so beautiful in Vegas.  This is one of the two weeks at 65 degrees they enjoy here.  Another one’s coming in November.

5 Responses to “Meth Recipe #5 Birch 22309”

  1. Indica Bob Says:

    I like turtles, yay…

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Me too, Bob, and, there’s a new teevee show “Crocodiles of the World is the UK’s first and only crocodile conservation and education centre, and is home to over 30 crocodiles, which represent 11 of the 23 existent crocodilian species, making it the largest collection of crocodiles in the UK.”
      The guy’s name is Shaun. Not to change the subject.

  2. ozzy Says:

    what is SWIM and SWIY

  3. Phd. jake Says:

    you people have lost you ever loving mind!!!! are you tweeking or what? you are so all over the board i`d hate to be around you.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      It looks like you’re around. What would be your contribution if you were around? I don’t suppose teh PhD was for instructing snipers.

      I’m a private investigator. I’m looking for a car dended in front.

      Mainly, the black hearted individuals who bring you your illegal drugs are the second large anonymous group besides the Internet group Anonymous. The adaptation of this technology to make literal many old ways people perform acts or commit blunders is interesting to me since it is going on now. I don’t personally enjoy the company of persons. If I don’t know your name, I’ll give you one.

      The Supreme Court handed the US Congress its head when Congress tried to slip in an unconstitutional law in 2000, sponsored by the wretched, anti-Wikileaks Diane Feinstein. They tried to make this exact blog illegal. So, I want it to conform as much as possible to what they hated. You see, since I am vehemently anti-anti-free speech? I say what I want. And, we’re not tweaks, we’re convicts (we do what we want).

      I also write a stilted, quasi-legalese style, trying to get the Internet to convey witchcraft. Whom do you seek to bet with, if ya think you can win?

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