Slow Meth Crackback in Pipe

How good is meth crackback time an indicator of dope quality? Meth crackback is only possible with the pure dextrorotatory isomer ((alpha)S)-N,(alpha)-dimethylbenzeneethanamine, not prope dope, which is too hygroscopic. I bet today’s crack pipes are little stems and the lighters are narrow tubes, so, what might be happening is SWIY is keeping the stem sideways and the pool of liquid dope takes longer to crack up since less of it is in contact with the cooler glass; SWIY can’t tip it to watch the stuff run down under its typical viscocity, or whatever. I don’t see how the influence of the observer quantum mechanically or relativity can be ignored when SWIY has just taken a huge toke and is busy praying to God that He has to get everything overhead out of the way for 200 light years because if SWIM stops now he’ll keel over, and how can SWIY keel over unconscious when SWIY is only increasing in consciousness, expanding like the ultraviolet shell of Hardtack Oak? SWIY is stepping through the door, answering the unspoken question, “Who Are You?”, saying, “I’m me and I’m, . . .”, “I’m me and I’m, . . .”, . . . SWIM has undergone what we like to call “Liftoff” before, where the closed eyes are seeing the visual purple pigment pump in and disappear in a cloud at the back of the eye. The one thing’s time dilation is an unreliable measure when SWIY’s biological clock is stripping its gears. I came down and read that Supernova 1987A went off in 30 Doradus, in the Large Magellenic Cloud. That is a nearby small galaxy that the Milky Way is ingesting. Recent results suggest that the Milky Way is a barred spiral, designated by SB in the astronomical literature (my initials are SB). It is not exactly as the aliens claimed in 3rd Rock from the Sun. We are the aliens. Our world has been transported to another galaxy. Couldn’t SWIY tell?

4 Responses to “Slow Meth Crackback in Pipe”

  1. Says:

    Exactly what seriously stimulated u to post “Slow Meth Crackback in Pipe How
    to Make Methamphetamine”? I reallycertainly appreciated the post!

    Many thanks -Amy

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      The fact I’d never seen a guy quite so affected, nor how to appear you’ve totally lost it, other than to keep repeating, “Crack…back“, over and over; I wanted not to forget. How scary it is to see someone pantomiming shooting up large amounts.

  2. Zai Says:

    Big words but you are a fuckn cooked unit my friend, love the big words but fuck mate …you are cooked!

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Yaw’f! Granny’s all right for a nap. Yeah, she’s all right for high-rolling (the downloader?) that mole on her chin. You think? They got ’em all, how Sally’s ’em all, punk. Old Granny. Sell Polk. You don’t got operator. Do write ’em.

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