How to make Meth Out of Household Products

Many household products can be used in the synthesis of methamphetamine.  That is not entirely correct, as the synthesis of methamphetamine, like the synthesis of anything, requires that a reaction be run.  Reactions are tempermental and the best bet is to keep SWIY’s powder dry.   Water is the mannitol of the household product industry, a la Procter and Gamble.  If the meth were to be found as an ingredient in a product, SWIM might be able to recover it using common household products.  The idea that it is provides the source for the information that SWIY can do this; that’s a bad idea.  Therefore, AFOAF tends to use more professional precursors and reagents whenever attempting to get things to react.  No matter how it is made, once the reaction is done SWIY can have a workup technique ready to go with replacement of some of the high-priced and difficult-to-get chems by  common household products.  To make a long story short, Red Devil lye is 100% NaOH, so it substitutes for that.  Drano has a long list of anti-corrosion compounds in it, SWIY must not use it.  Aluminum foil is 100% aluminum, so it is okay, and that is a reactant in Recipe #2.  This recipe btw is also used to make X from MDP2P.  SWIM has tried to get diethyl ether from starter fluid.  It gets all over the place and SWIY ends up with an extremely volatile substance in a plastic bag, and not a lot of it.  If SWIY goes to the store at this point SWIY will smell approximately 25 times as strong as the average cigarette smoker passing by, and different, more like a doctor’s office.  Using kitchen glass in a lab will burn SWIY, and the burn center will not use household medical equipment to save SWIY.  All household devices may be manufactured using lab equipment such that the principles involved may be studied.  They were done that way when developed.  SWIY can see what happens when it happens.  Do you see what happens to the gasoline in a car?

Table salt is not used.  It is a nice product.  If SWIY decides to add NaOH to upward-adjust the pH of an attempted neutalization instead of meth oil, when the household acid he has selected is, say, muriatic acid instead of lab grade HCl, he will get excess table salt he did not have before, not meth.  If SWIY gets a neutral solution he needs to boil down at atmospheric pressure, the solution will just get greener and greener, without any meth HCl crystallizing out.  If SWIY needs product to stretch to a given weight and adds, say, TSP, he will get product that really burns his customers’ noses.

“The synthesis of methamphetamine” is replaced by the language, “the clandestine manufacture” of same.  In this way SWIM can discuss

1. Reaction

2. Isolation of liquid base

3. Neutralization of base, changing a liquid to a solid

4.  Recrystallization to a constant melting point

Reaction also entails sampling an aliquot of solution to carry through the workup to see if the reaction is done, or the use of chromatography to follow spots of reactant and product by separating them on a solid support.  By all means make all this stuff.  It is just a hobby, and done all the time at the Science Fair, hopefully avoiding illegal reactants and products.

That’s why I say, “How to Make Methamphetamine”.  I believe the First Amendment protects my speech, and I think I have been pretty darn accurate chemically speaking.


P.S.  At Underwriter’s Laboratories a researcher tries out a turkey baster on gravy.  SWIY uses it and it goes “Goo-glook!” dropping 100mL of potential product on the carpet.  When SWIY looks at the tip, it has been changed from a hard plastic to a stringy glue.  SWIM guesses it was either the hot glass or the dissolving power of the ether that changed it.  Dear UL: Pls test the nylon turkey baster with rubber bulb in an oven at 475 F before releasing it to an unsuspecting public, VTY, SWIM

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