Books on Making Meth

BTW, they aren’t called “methamphetamines”. The amphetamines are the class, and methamphetamine is a member of the class. There are two enantiomers, or, mirror-image isomers, of methamphetamine, so, there are two distinct structures within the same structure, and we use a special drawing system to represent them differently on a piece of paper. Paper is two-dimensional, and we represent the third dimension as in and out of the paper. It takes three dimensions to represent all four bonds to a central tetrahedral atom. A tetrahedron is a shape with four triangle-shaped(trigonal) faces resembling a pyramid. The Egyptian pyramids, however, have five faces including the bottom. There are four trigonal faces and a square base. Some chemicals have this geometry. Without the apical atom the geometry is called square planar. Organic chemistry, however, is a giant branch dealing only with carbon and its compounds. Carbon is tetravalent. It bonds to four things. It bonds to more other elements than any other element, I believe.
An example of the books is the Merck Index. References are not books, they are articles. Patents will also do. There is a part of every handbook devoted to spelling out the full name of each journal, but the references are in shorthand. “JACS”, for example, is The Journal of the American Chemical Society. The journal name is underlined. Underlined for writers translates as italics. Journal name, volume number, page number. Anybody can find it. If you have an author index, look for Gordon H. Alles, Emde, Ogata. In the Merck Index under methamphetamine, find the reference to a synthesis method I have been calling Recipe #3, using phenylalanine. Later in the 21st Century it will be in use. I might change the word “Recipe” to “Domeup (Do Me Up)” in my posts. It crossed my mind not to take word meanings just handed to me by others, but to make up my own, since I am getting senile. In chemistry papers, however, words have painstakingly regulated and traceable meanings. The IUPAC, or, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, makes the rules. The literature goes back hundreds of years, so, many names contain meaning and there will already be a name on the books, having been there awhile. We have systematic and common names, we have prefixes and suffixes, and we have a single-word name with all of the structural parts in it. The reference work with the most ambitious cataloging of organic chemicals is Beilstein’s handbuch de Organische Chemie, or something like that. If I go look anything up, I won’t just answer these newbie questions. This is off the top of my head. Beilstein has a synthesis, the Merck Index has a synthesis, but they aren’t the method used. Nobody needs books and books putting down every possible synthesis. You just asked the question in the obvious form. The question, “How do you make meth out of household chemicals”, is really, “How do you make a small amount of meth for personal use?” Isn’t it? Well, consider that meth has been made continuously in California for about fifty years. The “industry” is mature. It has actually moved to Mexico by this time. You can’t compete with dope from there, in price. The interesting question to me is, “How can anyone make a business out of something which makes the users so crazy they are practically disabled?”

What I kept in mind as I went 20 years before the internet and the blogosphere made this blog possible was the political climate that made writing about the meth impossible.  Somewhere in that period I saw a painting of Custer’s Last Stand, by an Indian.  I think he waited 73 years to depict that battle.  He knew he’d just be killed if he tried it sooner.  It has twenty or so little scenes like that of a soldier getting tomahawked, with the drops of blood flying, in an Indian heiroglyphic style.  This painting is located in a Museum of the Southwest, in Pasadena, CA.

I have not collected lab equipment since I last went to prison in 1996.  My new life is as a construction worker.  Oftentimes I learn techniques field workers use which would have made me a better drug trafficker.  We take care of our equipment, we have a work ethic, and a can-do attitude.  We’re still here, we’re not whupped before we even start.  When it’s done, put everything up.  Now who knows?  Nobody.  You do this thing by yourself.  But, nooooo.  You take this mind-altering drug.  You want to know what it’s like to go to jail.  Sancho is going to take care of business for you with your old lady while you are down.

12 Responses to “Books on Making Meth”

  1. Ryan lee gray eminems writer Says:

    Its so easy too cook ask me I’ll tel you how to cook meth from easy and available products with shmoke steps all I as for is a donation of a girl or money

  2. mike Says:

    can i do the cook method without red phosphorous and iodine crystals? what can be substatued in place of these?

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Mike I guess he was, fuck there’s his question yes suunsine ha, you can. But iodine and grassless P can sit on the sink. Junkies making an shoo-ooting it. I almost up chuck zero five erasers steam

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